Full Joco Cup review – 100% Plastic Free

If you are looking for a new eco friendly coffee cup to replace those throwaway takeaway cups then Joco is a great choice.  Joco cups are designed in Australia and Artisan blown in China. That means they actually get skilled workers to blow each individual glass cup.

This article will give you everything you need to know about the plastic free Joco cup.

Making the swap to Joco Cups

After starting my eco friendly journey I have discovered that disposable coffee cups are gradually starting to fill the planet.  With billions thrown out each year it is definitely time we consider an alternative.

If you are like me and you want to know all about your eco cup before you make a purchase then you have come to the right place.  I will be writing a series of reviews of the best coffee cups on the market right now including the Joco, KeepCup, Frank Green and other unique choices.

We have had a Joco cup in our house for a while now, with both my husband and myself using it.  Let me tell you more about the Joco and our experience with the eco friendly coffee cup. 

Materials that make up Joco cups

These cups are 100% plastic free.  What they actually are made out of is glass, and more specifically, borosilicate glass.  This particular type of glass is used in all kinds of products because it holds its heat and it is resistant to thermal shock (which is basically breaking when the glass suddenly gets very hot or very cold).

Borosilicate glass is light, but is relatively break resistant and is non-porous so it won’t absorb smells or stains from your coffee. The other great things is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like Lead or BPA.

The cup has a silicone sleeve which protects your hands from the heat of the coffee and it also comes in heaps of colours. Choosing the colour for yourself means it will help you to tell your cup apart when you are waiting for the barista to make your takeaway coffee. I always know when my coffee is ready so I can grab and go.

Why you should choose a glass cup

If you are a coffee connoisseur then you know that you don’t want anything getting in the way of the taste of your brew.  If you are like me and go to the effort to seek out good coffee, you don’t want it ruined by any aftertaste from a takeaway cup.  

The good thing about glass is that it won’t give off any taste.  You will be able to experience the full deliciousness of your coffee without any  plasticy funky taste. Glass is a reusable product, in that it is highly recyclable, it is long lasting and cleans up well.  You won’t get any staining on the glass from previous cups of coffee so you know when you go to use it again, you can see how clean it is.

Where Joco cups are based

Joco have distributors across a wide range of countries, from Europe, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia.  

Do Joco Cups get too hot to hold?

In my experience the Joco cups don’t get too hot to hold.  Because they come with a large silicone sleeve i haven’t had any problems with  heat transfer. As far as too cold, well I don’t really use mine for cold drinks but the silicone sleeve should protect you from any cold chills. Maybe pack a scarf just in case.

Joco Cups are dishwasher safe

The good thing about these cups is that they are dishwasher safe.  When you arrive home you can just take the lid and sleeve off and put the cup and silicone parts in the top part of your dishwasher.

We have put our Joco cup through the dishwasher many times and there is no sign of additional wear from this process.  I think with anything however you probably will get longer out of the cup if you give it a handwash.

We try to hand wash ours when we can, but with kids running around the house, I admit we do end up letting the dishwasher do it for us most of the time.

Joco Cups are microwave safe

Joco Cups are microwave safe which, if you are like me and sometimes let a coffee go cold you can throw it in the microwave and warm it back up.  Just remove the lid and place it in. It does seem to heat up quickly so be careful when you remove it.

Joco Cup Lids

The  lid of the Joco Cup is made from silicone, the same material that the sleeve is made from.  I find it quite nice to drink from and the coffee flows well. The only thing to note is that you can’t close the lid off completely, as the small hole for drinking is open.  

However we have used ours in the car and haven’t had any spills. I just would make sure not overfill it.

Travelling with a Joco Cup

We have taken our Joco to heaps of cafes and it is great to travel with.  We are always chasing our 2 little kids around somewhere so having the cup with a good lid is essential.  My husband and I both think this cup stacks up with portability, however if you only have small cup holders in your car, you might struggle to fit the larger size in them comfortably.

Joco Cup sizes

Check out my cup size comparison here for a full summary but the most popular sizes are the:

  • 12oz Coffee Cup (a large takeaway cup)
  • 8oz Coffee Cup (a regular takeaway cup)
  • 16oz Coffee Cup

If you are an espresso or piccolo drinker then you can get the 4oz on their website and there is also a 6oz cup if you go for a ¾ latte.  

Great things about Joco Cups

In my experience the Joco Cup has stood up well to the busy life of a family rushing around with 2 kids from cafe to playground, to swimming  lessons and preschool.

If you are prone to spilling just watch out because the mouth hole doesn’t close over completely but we haven’t had any problems.

The glass is great because there is no plasticy taste and it hasn’t stained from the many coffees we drink out of it.

If you are in the market for a new eco coffee cup and you are keen on a Joco then you will be making a great choice.  I am in the process of reviewing a range of other eco coffee cup choices so stay tuned for more reviews.

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