Eat Environmentally Friendly: 5 Easy ways to eat to save the planet

Learn simple tips to eat environmentally friendly like buying fruit in season, buy in bulk, drink water and choose healthy carbs.

5 Easy ways to save money and eat healthy

There are lots of diets and opinions about the best way to save money and eat healthy. Sometimes it can be a challenge. Eating healthy can often seem like you need to be expensive foods that are hard to get.  Here are some simple ways to eat healthy and at the same time save money.

Buy fruit in season

When you look through your supermarket, the fruit and vegetables that are in season are usually sitting in big baskets, right at the front of the store. This is your first clue to what might be in season. These foods and sent in bulk to supermarkets and there is plenty to go around. Farmers will have a huge amount of produce on hand which makes the price lower when things are growing well. They will usually be tastier too as they have been naturally ripened and picked at their prime.

Buy bulk foods and package them up yourself

Lots of foods cost more when they are pre-packaged. Nuts, crackers, dried fruit and popcorn all can be bought in small packs.  Not only do they cost more, but they create more waste when bought this way. Try buying a large bag or packet and split them up yourself.

Drink water, save money and waste

Knowing that water has no calories and is great for our body is a great way to save money and drink healthy. When tap water is safe to drink, it is the best (and cheapest) drink you can get. Buying drinks can be a fun treat, Kombucha is my personal favorite but if you want to save money and stay healthy, you can’t go past water.

Eat healthy carbs

Most people fear carbs in a healthy diet, but they can be the healthiest, best value for money foods you can eat. Wholegrain bread, oats, rice and pasta are fantastic for your body and are great value. Give your body healthy energy by eating more wholegrain carbs. It will save you money too.

Swap fruit bars for fruit

This goes for all pre-prepared products.  A fruit bar will cost more than a fresh piece of fruit. If you can get fresh food, go for it. Save your money and spend it on something to help you stay active, like a new surfboard (the next thing that I hope to buy for myself).

Saving money and eating healthy can sometime seem like a challenge. Even if you do have a steady income, grocery shopping can be the one place that you can save.  Having more money at the end of each week is good for everyone. That way you can spend more on your family (or yourself).

There are lots of tips on the internet on ways to save money on food, and small ways that can add up to a big saving.  The 5 tips that are described above are a good start.  I know that many people like to shop around, visit different supermarkets to chase bargains.  Half-price sales can be a great way to save and stock up on pantry items.  Flours, pasta, rice and pasta sauce are all healthy foods you can stock up on when there is a sale.

Supermarket shopping tips to save money

When it comes to shopping in supermarkets for healthy foods, the best tip I can give is to shop on the outside.  What that means is to look at the foods that are kept on the outer ring of the supermarket and keep out of the center (for the most part).

On the outside of the supermarket is the fresh meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables.  With a few exceptions, including bread, flour and rice, the outside shelves of the supermarket form the 5-core food-groups. These can either be unpackaged like fruit and vegetables, or supermarket packaged (in the case of meat and fish).  Foods that don’t come in packaging and are not heavily marketed have in-built savings. 

Feeding a large family can be tough on a budget but following these 5 tips can help you on your way. Choosing the supermarket that offers the best bulk deals is also a good idea.  Buying items in bigger packets, like wraps, dried fruit, nuts (if you are not allergic) and cereal all offer good value.  

Some of my favorite times are slowly wandering down supermarket isles looking for a good deal.  Yoghurt that doesn’t have added sugar, is natural like Greek or strained can be best.  Buy this in 1kg packs and scoop it into a bowl or small container for an easy and healthy snack.  Adding some in-season fruit, like strawberries makes a yummy, healthy snack.

Another great idea to save money on snacks and lunch is to make more that you need at dinner and package it up.  The supermarkets in Australia have been giving away free glass containers.  These are a great way to package up lunches for your workday, in a way that is also eco-friendly. Whether you eat your leftovers at work or home. 

So, remember when you are aiming to save money and eat healthy, avoid overly packaged foods, buy fruit and vegetables that are in-season, shop on the ‘outside’ of your supermarket and remember to save and eat leftovers for lunch.  These are some great ways to save money.