Can you recycle Christmas crackers? Easy Guide

Christmas crackers can be recycled if they are made of cardboard.  Make sure they are not foil coated or covered in lots of glitter. Crackers are a cardboard product so can go in your mixed recycling bin.  Make sure you remove any plastic toys or ribbon still attached before sending it to be recycled.

How to recycle Christmas crackers

The best way to recycle Christmas cracker is to make sure that any additional plastic or ribbon has been removed.  Make sure all of the small plastic toys have been taken out of the Christmas cracker and any ribbon used to hold the ends has also been taken off.  Then, the remaining cardboard can be placed in your recycling bin.

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers

I have suggested using small gifts on the table for friends and family instead of Christmas crackers however if you are really keen make sure you choose Christmas crackers that are made of a plain cardboard material.  Making sure they aren’t decorated with plastics, glitter or foil means that the cardboard can be recycled.

When choosing your Christmas crackers also think about the gifts inside.  If they come with a plastic hat and plastic toys, that is more plastic rubbish eventually going into landfill.

Choose Christmas crackers with paper hats or interesting gifts that will last. Or even better, chose those that only come with a small joke paper and fill them yourself with an edible gift like chocolate or dried fruit, or a small useful gift like a Christmas decoration.

What to put inside your own Christmas crackers

  • Dried fruit
  • Chocolates
  • Crayons
  • Trivia cards
  • A Christmas decoration
  • A small cookie cutter

Other ways to keep your Christmas eco friendly

Wrap your presents with eco wrapping paper and twine.  This bakers twine on Amazon is made from natural cotton and looks perfectly festive.

Finish your wrapping with this brown craft paper.  A great choice for eco friendly wrapping. You can decorate it yourself or leave it natural.

Instead of Christmas crackers you could stuff small Christmas sacks with gifts, treats or whatever you fancy.  A great reusable alternative to Christmas crackers.

For bigger gifts or for Christmas sacks that can be used year after year you could try these cute cotton sacks.  There are heaps of designs to choose from. As kids we always put our Christmas sack under the tree and found it in the morning with our gifts.  It’s a cute idea for kids of all ages.

Make your own eco friendly Christmas crackers

Making your own crackers can be a great way to ensure you only use recyclable products. You can choose what gift you put inside (something edible is a great idea) and you know that they won’t end up in landfill.