Do Daddy Long Legs Jump? (Top Spider Answers)

Daddy long legs are spiders that can be rather frightening if you’re not used to them, but one thing you should know about them is that they move very little.

Daddy Long Legs spiders are unable to jump. Instead, they move only when they have to and no more, so you certainly never have to worry about them jumping on you!

Daddy Long Legs Do Not Jump

Daddy long legs do not jump, but for the most part they don’t move that much either. They spend most of their day moving from their hiding spot to another location that’s out in the open, where they stay put for much of the day.

When they’re ready, daddy long legs spiders go back to their hiding space and there they stay until it’s time to do this all over again. While their long skinny legs can be intimidating to humans, they’re really harmless because the only thing they’re used for is to fight other male daddy long legs when both are competing for the same female.

Daddy long legs spiders are also called harvestmen, and they aren’t exactly spiders. They are actually arachnids that are closely related to scorpions.

They are generally harmless and leave humans alone, which could be part of the reason they’re not the most active animals in the world.

Why Do Daddy Long Legs Spiders Bounce?

While daddy long legs do not move around a lot, they still have specific actions they perform whenever necessary. For instance, these spiders will “bounce” when they feel they are being hunted and they are trying to escape.

They will “bounce” their bodies so the predator has a hard time figuring out exactly where they are. This is especially effective when daddy long legs spiders are in the middle of a group of other Daddy Long Legs spiders because all the predator will see is a lot of bouncing up and down!

Check out this video of bouncing daddy long legs spiders.

Do Daddy Longs Legs Fly?

Throughout the world, there are more than 6,000 species of daddy long legs spiders, and while some do fly, others do not. The Pholcidae, which is a family of spiders, do not fly.

These are also called cellar spiders. The family of spiders known as the Tipulidae, however, do fly. People sometimes call them cellar spiders as well, along with names such as mosquito hawks.

If you expect the daddy long legs spider you find in your home to fly away, that will depend on the exact type of spider it is. But don’t count on it because a lot of these spiders will simply remain immobile for a good part of the day.

Why Daddy Long Legs Stop Moving When They See You

Daddy long legs have several behaviors that mean they’re trying to escape a perceived threat. Contrary to what many people believe, daddy long legs spiders are not poisonous and do not usually bite humans

 It is very possible that when these spiders see you, they believe you are some type of threat; in which case, one of the things they might do is “play dead.” The spiders will also simply take off running in the opposite direction.

Since there are many different species of daddy long legs spiders, their reaction to threats can vary. Some spiders, for example, will emit a very foul odor when they feel they are being threatened.

Different species have different reactions if they feel like their demise is imminent, and their ability to cease moving is one of those reactions.

Keep in mind that daddy long legs spiders are not only safe for humans to be around, but they are not poisonous to cats and dogs, either. You can even hold one of these spiders in your hand without fear if you like.

Will a Daddy Long Legs Spider Jump on You?

If you are wondering if these spiders literally jump – say, from the wall to your shoulder – the answer is “no,” they do not.

By nature, most daddy long legs spiders are passive and even a little on the shy side. Many of them can climb, flit away, or even make wild “vibrations” when they are disturbed in some way, but they will not jump on you.

The crane fly, which looks like a big mosquito, can fly around erratically and even perch on walls motionless for a very long time. It is possible one of these spiders could fly around and accidentally bump into you, but even that is highly unlikely.

Daddy long legs spiders prefer to stay with their own kind and tend to avoid humans as much as possible. This is yet another reason why they do not jump on you or even come that close to you.

What Do Daddy Long Legs Eat?

Daddy long legs are omnivores, and their diets consist mostly of insects, plant pests, other spiders, and bird droppings. They can also eat snails, worms, and even fungus and feces.

Because of the way they are built, including having appendages that are sticky and can help them catch prey, the daddy long legs spider is able to disable organisms that are one-thousand times bigger than they are.

Finally, these spiders can live and thrive in a variety of climates, so they are able to consume lots of types of animals when they’re hungry.

How Long Do Daddy Long Legs Live?

It is difficult to know exactly how long daddy long legs spiders live, but most experts put the estimate at five or six years. So they do not live a very long time. Males generally don’t live as long as females because they usually die immediately after mating. Females tend to reproduce quickly, and this might be one of the reasons why their lifespan is so much longer than males’.


Daddy long legs spiders do not jump, but they can “bounce” up and down when they feel they’re being threatened. They tend to spend large parts of the day either motionless or moving very little. They try to avoid humans and are non-poisonous as well.