Do Spiders Eat Human Food? | The Amazing Answer

Spiders eat mostly insects and bugs but do they also eat some human food. They have been known to eat things such as egg yolks, sausage, and marmalade, but they don’t eat them in the same way that humans do. Spiders cannot chew because they don’t have teeth, so most human food is off-limits to them. Their meals have to be in liquid form for spiders to consume them.

Human Foods That Spiders Love

Studies have shown that spiders can eat eggs, sausage, and marmalade. They likely drink the sweetness from the marmalade because this is what they do when their bodies need moisture.

When spiders “eat” something, they catch it in their web, inject it with venom, then “drink” their meal this way. They do not chew anything, and if it’s not in liquid form, it is inedible to them.

Can Spiders Be Vegetarian?

The vast majority of spiders are carnivores and will not eat leaves or plants. The exception is a spider known as the Bagheera kiplingi. This spider is known to be a vegetarian and is found in Central America.

It eats mostly acacia shrubs and leaves, but it is the only species considered to be vegetarian in the spider world. So while this specific type of spider is indeed a vegetarian, this is only true for the Bagheera kiplingi and no others.

Can Spiders Be Carnivores?

Most spiders are, in fact, carnivores. It takes a lot of protein for most spiders to grow and thrive, so most spiders eat a diet that consists mostly of things such as bugs and insects, which can include other spiders.

They’ve also been known to eat reptiles, mice, frogs, and even snakes, but keep in mind that they have to be a certain size—namely, large—to eat something this big. Small spiders will stick to small insects and bugs, and bigger spiders can eat either small or large bugs and insects.

How to Keep Spiders Away from Food in Your Home

The main thing you’ll want to do to keep spiders away from your food is to make sure the food is never available to them. Make sure all lids are securely fastened, no leftover food or crumbs are on your countertop, and the trash cans are closed.

The less food that’s out in the open, the less likely spiders will want to stay in your home. Just like other pests that get into your home, the cleaner your home is, the less interested they’ll be in staying there.

Will Spiders Eat Food Crumbs?

Spiders generally stay away from both human food and food crumbs. This is not to say that if they get hungry enough or there’s nothing else around for them to eat, they won’t eat these things. Just don’t expect them to eat human food or food crumbs on a regular basis.

Are Spiders Attracted to Human Food?

Spiders are not attracted to human food. While at least one study has shown that spiders ate certain foods usually reserved for humans—such as egg yolks and marmalade—this is rare.

Spiders’ biggest attraction when it comes to something to eat is protein, which they prefer to get from various bugs and insects. And while they’re not picky about specific types of insects and bugs, they will eat these two food groups as much as possible.

Spiders’ Favorite Foods

Spiders love eating bugs and insects more than anything else. If you have a spider for a pet, try feeding it foods such as flightless fruit flies, crickets, mealworms, and roaches. They also love moths, mosquitoes, ants, earwigs, flies, and other animals.

While spiders can eat reptiles and other animals, their favorite food is always going to be bugs and insects of all types. Just keep in mind that when it comes to food, spiders’ preferences can vary a bit from one species to another.

What Human Food Can Small Spiders Eat?

Spiders are not usually attracted to human food. Small spiders will eat smaller insects and bugs, just like larger spiders will eat larger insects, bugs, and even small animals.

Since they cannot chew anything, spiders have to consume their food in liquid form, but they still have to stick with foods that are small enough to fit in their mouths and consume that way.

Most spiders, both small and large, stick with bugs, insects, and animals of a certain size so they can consume them without any problems.

What Food Attracts Spiders the Most?

Certain foods will attract spiders into your home. They include insects and bugs, of course, so if your home is infested by pests, you are very likely going to have spiders. Sometimes, fruit will also attract spiders.

Even though spiders don’t eat the fruit, they will suck out the nectar whenever they need to be rehydrated. Spiders need a lot of moisture in their bodies to stay alive, and one of the ways they get it is through fruit nectar.

They have also been known to eat sausage and eggs, so never leave these foods around where spiders can get to them.

Why are Spiders Attracted to Food?

Spiders aren’t so much attracted to foods as they are simply hungry. Some days, spiders don’t eat at all because they haven’t found anything that is edible. When there is plenty of food, spiders eat.

When there isn’t, they don’t. In a sense, they are attracted to their food, but only food that they like and need, such as bugs and insects. If you place human food or pet food in front of them, they will not go near it because this isn’t what they want to eat. They only desire food they know they need to survive and which they enjoy eating.

Are Spiders Attracted to Dirty Dishes?

Spiders are attracted to dirty dishes. They don’t know what types of food are on the dishes, but they know that there are, in fact, food morsels there. Once spiders get into your house, they’ll start searching for things to eat so they can remain there longer.

To prevent spiders from being lured to your dishes or even your kitchen, keep your kitchen as clean as possible and never leave dirty dishes in your sink. While not insects, spiders are still animals that love to eat whenever they can.

What Do Common House Spiders Eat?

House spiders tend to eat whatever is available in your home, although they will naturally seek out the pests in your home since they love bugs and insects so much. In fact, if the spiders in your home seem to be setting up house and won’t leave, it is very likely a sign that you have too many pests in your home, and you might need an exterminator.


Spiders tend to stay away from human food, although in some instances, they are attracted to foods such as eggs, sausage, and marmalade. Most spiders are carnivores, but there is a species in Central America known to be vegetarian. Spiders always prefer bugs and insects over other types of food, and this is what they seek out most often.