Eco Friendly Things List – 9 Easy ways to be earth friendly

There are so many great ways we can help the environment through the choices we make day to day.  Every purchase can help to reduce waste, save resources and save money. The Eco Friendly Things List is a great place to start to lead an eco friendly life.  

Reducing the amount of single use plastics we use is a great first step.  Single use plastics enter our lives, we quickly use them and throw them out again.  Plastic bags, plastic wraps, straws, cups, cutlery and packaging all spend a short time in our lives but a long time in landfill.  If we can choose instead items that are used over and over again we can slow this flow.

Eco Friendly things list

1. Reusable coffee cups

Takeaway coffee cups are fast becoming one of the most wasteful items we are using on a daily basis.  Each coffee cup is lined with a thin plastic waterproof layer which makes them incredibly difficult to recycle.  Save the waste and try a reusable coffee cup instead.

2. Lunch boxes and containers

Taking our lunch to work or packing school lunches is an almost daily chore.  The less throwaway plastic we can use when we pack our food the less impact we will have on the environment.  Many lunch boxes are coming with small compartments. We can use them to pack snacks, sandwiches, fruit, cut up veggies and dips.  Lunch boxes known as bento boxes have little compartments that are great for school lunches or work feasts.

3. Reusable shopping bags

Doing the weekly (or sometimes daily) trip to the shops can result in many extra single use plastics entering our home and heading straight for landfill. Choosing a reusable shopping bag can cut back on the plastic bags that end up thrown away. There are many types to choose from from canvas, string or jute bags.

4. Pencils and paper

School can mean heading to the stationary store and stocking up on pens, paper and all manner of glues and art supplies.  Taking care to choose earth friendly choices can help to minimize the chemicals we are exposed to and reduce waste. Eco friendly wooden pencils, eco highlighters and recycled paper notepads are all great choices for the environment and will keep the kids happy.

5. Bags and cases

Whether it is school bags, carry bags or pencil cases there are many choices that are better for the environment than the conventional choices.  There are a great range of canvas and natural fiber bags available now in great designs. Check out the links below for more school bag, pencil case and carry bag options.

6. Reusable food wrap

A great way to avoid the continual use of plastic wrap that is discarded after one use is to try reusable food wrap.  These come in bright colors, can be washed and used over and over again. In the long run they will save you money.  You won’t be buying plastic wrap which costs you money and is thrown away after one use.  Give them ago as a great eco friendly choice you can add to your household.

7. Books to help you on your way

There are many great books that can help to guide your eco friendly choices.  From books with healthy, whole food recipes, homemade cleaning products and eco friendly craft projects there are many books available to learn from. .

8. Home organisation

Keeping check of the clutter that enters your house can be a constant battle. Luckily we have many natural choices available to help us keep it all in check.  Storage containers made of natural fiberss are a great way to store kids toys, books, pantry items or other household goods.  Look out for canvas, linen or bamboo storage containers as they are gentler on the environment.

9. Organic and earth friendly clothing

Clothing is fast becoming another product that is quickly used and ends up in landfill.  Fast fashion products that last for one season and then are thrown away waste valuable resources and add to the chemicals released into the environment.  Natural organic materials and high quality clothing choices are the best way to go to slow down this waste. Look for natural fibers, organic choices and good quality pieces that will be used over again.

Eco Friendly Things List – More to think about

It is great that many people are starting to think about the impact their choices are having on the environment.  As we lead busier lives it is tricky to take the time to slow down and think about what we are bringing into our homes.  Reducing the waste produced by our everyday lives is a great step we can all take to help clean up the planet.

Our Homes is Our Castle

Our homes become the place that reflects our values.  Choosing to care about the products we bring into our home is the way for our home to reflect the way we and our family want to live.  If we can reduce the garbage going into our bins, out of our house and out of our minds everyone will benefit. Let’s take more care than out of sight and out of mind when it comes to what we throw away.

There are many families who are waking up to their impact on the world around them.  As we demonstrate the values that benefit our earth, our children will observe and absorb and take this into their future.  Our kids are learning quickly. As our schools introduce rubbish free lunch days, recycled arts and craft and share and understanding of what happens to our waste our kids will lead the way.