How to Find a Spider That Disappeared | 6 Easy Ways

If you’re chasing a spider so you can get rid of it and it suddenly disappears, it can be disheartening to say the least. Keep in mind that spiders generally dislike and are afraid of humans. They also are great at finding better hiding places, which is why they disappear so quickly.

To find a spider that has disappeared, check dark hiding areas, check their webs, use a flashlight to see under couches, desks and around bookshelves and look in areas that are low to the ground.

This article will explore 6 ways to find a spider that has disappeared.

Six Ways to Find a Spider That Disappeared

Let’s look a little further into ways that you can find that spider that suddenly disappeared on you.

1. Check the Usual Hiding Areas

Spiders like places that are secluded and dark, so you might find them inside of one of your shoes or even underneath a heavy object that they still managed to get underneath.

Take your time doing this because spiders are also good at camouflage, which means you could literally find them anywhere! This might be a tedious job because you’ll be looking in lots of “nooks and crannies,” but it’s worth it if you find the spider in the end.

2. Look for Their Webs

Usually, finding a spider web means also finding a spider nearby. You can find these webs almost anywhere, from a corner of the room to walls or ceilings.

The webs might be intricately designed or just a tangled pile of white mess, but you should be able to notice them easily. The one thing to remember is that sometimes, spiders will suddenly leave their web if something disturbs them or if they notice they don’t have any prey around them to catch in their web.

3. Always Use a Flashlight

Since spiders love dark, deserted places, a good flashlight is recommended when looking for them. They can be hiding in dark corners, closet floors, and even inside a pile of toys.

Anywhere that is dark and deserted, and where they feel they won’t be disturbed, is a good place for them to hide. You’ll never find them in these places if you don’t have a strong, bright flashlight because they are extra-good hiders and good camouflage experts!

4. Crawl Around on Your Hands and Knees

When trying to find a spider – either to remove it from your home or because it’s a pet that got away – you have to look everywhere it is dark and quiet, which means you’ll have to get down on your hands and knees so you don’t miss a spot.

You have to look at every inch of the area you’re in, and while this is a tedious job, it is one that is necessary when trying to locate a spider. Cracks, crevices, small openings, and dark corners are all places you won’t want to overlook when trying to find a spider in your home.

5. Look for Other Signs of Spider Activity

If you can’t find spider webs in your home, you can look for other signs that there might be spiders in the area. These can include drops of water, which they may have left behind after taking a drink; or small dirt or sand piles, which could be the result of the spider burrowing somewhere.

Anything out of the ordinary might be a sign that the spider is closer than you think, so make sure you look for these things.

6. Wait and Watch

If all else fails, you can just wait and watch until the spider comes out of hiding. Make yourself comfortable and make sure you’re seated somewhere where you believe the spider may come out of hiding.

Most of the time, your spider will eventually reappear, so if you’re patient and you know where to seat yourself for the hunt, it’s very likely you’ll be successful in the end.

Check out this quick video on how to find find spiders around your home.

Where Do Spiders Go When They Disappear?

Remember that spiders love places that are dark, quiet, and hidden away from the world. Spiders are usually more afraid of humans than humans are of them, so it’s easy to notice them scrambling away when the light is turned on or there is suddenly noise in the room.

Most of the time, spiders will disappear to places such as behind furniture, in hidden corners, and under beds, and they can usually be found in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

How to Lure a Spider Out of Hiding

Trying to find a spider can be difficult, but there are a few ways you can lure one out of hiding, and they include the following:

1. Provide Them With a Snack

If you can get a hold of something such as a cricket or a cockroach (we know – yuck!) and place it somewhere where you can keep an eye on it, the spider is likely to notice it and come after it at some point.

2. Use Water to Lure the Spider

If you’ve noticed the spider has climbed into a crack or crevice somewhere in your home, you can drop just a tiny bit of water in there and it is likely the spider will leave that place to get away.

3. Clean the Spiders’ Webs

Spiders catch their prey in their webs, so if you continuously clean their webs of insects and debris, they’ll have no choice but to leave the area so they don’t starve.

4. Use Thread to Meddle With the Web

Taking a piece of thread and “plucking” the web with it may make the spider believe some prey has stepped into the web, and it will come out to explore its new snack.

How Long Will a Spider Hide?

This depends on how much food is in the area where the spider is hiding. Spiders will leave where they are to go and search for food, so as long as the spider can find something to snack on, it will remain right where it is.


Finding a spider that has disappeared requires patience, but the tricks you use to find them are very simple and cost nothing. Some spiders are hard to find, but most will reappear sooner than you think.