How to Repel Cockroaches with Lavender: Essential Oil, Fresh and Dried Lavender

Cockroaches can be a common pest in homes around the world. Roaches get super-big sometimes and are dangerous because they can carry diseases and spread illnesses. The thing is, if you don’t want to use chemicals to kill roaches but instead prefer a more natural approach lavender is a great option.

Lavender comes in many forms, but the reason they all work is because roaches have a very strong sense of smell, and they hate the smell of lavender.

Cockroaches hate this scent so much that they’ll do anything to avoid it. It doesn’t matter if you use lavender essential oil, fresh lavender, or dried lavender, because it’s the scent of the lavender that will repel the roaches and even keep them away for good.

Lavender can sometimes kill cockroaches, but in most cases they simply run away from anything that has this smell.

This article will explore how to repel cockroaches using lavender around your home.

How to Repel Cockroaches with Lavender Essential Oil

The first thing you should know about lavender oil is that you need to buy oil that is 100% pure essential oil. Do not buy just a “scented oil” because this usually means the lavender is a blend and has already been diluted.

If you use lavender oil to repel roaches, you’ll be diluting it with water first, so the oil has to be 100% pure otherwise, it will be too diluted to work properly.

After you buy 100% essential lavender oil, fill up a spray bottle with tap water about 3/4 full, then add 15-20 drops of the oil. Spray the diluted lavender near any area where you’ve seen the roaches before, including your window sills, door frames, and even underneath your bed.

You can also spray the mixture on your kitchen cabinets in back of your appliances. In fact, you can spray it just about anywhere you’ve seen roaches in the past.

You can also use cotton balls and lavender oil if you wish. All you do is mix 10 drops of the essential oil with 3 ounces of your base, which can be either white vinegar, plain water, or rubbing alcohol.

Soak each of the cotton balls in this mixture, squeeze them to remove the excess liquid, then place them wherever you’ve seen roaches in your home. Make sure you replace the cotton balls whenever they dry out so that you can continue to enjoy a pest-free home.

How to Repel Cockroaches with Fresh Lavender

Fresh lavender smells terrific, but only to humans. Roaches, in fact, hate certain smells like lavender, so using fresh lavender in your home is perfect. One of the things you can do is plant lavender on the outside of your home.

This way, it can deter most of the roaches because they’ll smell the plants as they’re trying to get inside. Fresh lavender is also beautiful and will attract the attention of anyone who visits your home.

In addition to planting lavender around the outside of your home, you can place fresh lavender in vases and put the vases in various sections of your home. Try putting them on the kitchen counter, the nightstand in your bedroom, or even the dining room table.

The kitchen is an especially useful place since roaches tend to be attracted to the food that’s there. Fresh lavender is normally inexpensive as well, so you can use something that’s both effective and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

How to Repel Cockroaches with Dried Lavender

Dried lavender can be used similar to the way fresh lavender is used, except you don’t have to add any water. Place dried or crushed lavender in bowls and place the bowls throughout your home, especially in areas where you know roaches are commonly seen.

Dried lavender is sometimes a bit expensive, but keep in mind that you might not need a lot of it to get the job done because it tends to be fairly potent. You’ll have to experiment to get the right amount, but this shouldn’t take you long.

How to repel cockroaches with lavender – extra tips

You can increase the strength and effectiveness of the lavender oil by combining it with other oils. For instance, if you add one teaspoon of lavender oil and one teaspoon of citrus oil to one gallon of water, then spray that mixture around the outside perimeter of your home, it goes a long way in keeping cockroaches and other pests away.

The purer the oils are, the less you’ll need to use when you combine it with water. But 100% pure essential oils are still the best types of oils to use when getting rid of roaches.

As long as the lavender is close enough for them to smell, the roaches will be repelled and will stay away.

Other scents are also detestable to roaches, and these include citrus, peppermint, catnip, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. Remember that roaches are sensitive to smell and hate strong scents, which is why these scents are so effective at getting rid of them.


Lavender essential oil is a great way to get rid of cockroaches. Roaches are very sensitive to smell and will dart away in the opposite direction when they’re around certain scents. You can use other scents as well because there are numerous scents that roaches despise.

If you use one of these methods and it doesn’t work, you might want to try increasing the amount of essential oil you’re using or the number of locations that you’re placing the mixtures.

This is a natural way to get rid of cockroaches that doesn’t stink and doesn’t use harsh chemicals. It is a very effective method. Once you learn the right way to mix the oils with the water so that it’s effective for your home, you can finally look forward to having a roach-free home.