What are huck towels and why you will want one

Huck towels are a cotton towel originally used to clean surgical instruments. They are great for cleaning windows because they don’t leave any lint and can replace disposable products such as paper towel. Huck towels can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and for cleaning car windows and mirrors.

Huck towel uses

Huck towels are really versatile. If you are like me and trying to use less paper product in your home, they will be a great addition to your kitchen, bathroom or cleaning supplies.

Swap paper towels for huck towels and reduce the paper waste that ends up in landfill.

Huck towels in the kitchen

Huck towels are a great addition to any eco friendly kitchen.  I think by now we are past the days of using paper towel, which is a product that is not recyclable and ends up in landfill.  A huck towel is super absorbent so can be used to clean up spills, dry dishes, wipe down benches and used as a serviette.

The versatile little towels can be thrown in the washing machine and dried on your clothes line.  They will be fresh and ready to use again.

Use huck towels to clean your car windows and interior.

Huck towels for window cleaning

One of the most common use for huck towels is in the window cleaning industry.  You will find most window cleaning professionals using these amazing towels to dry the window itself or their instruments when cleaning car or building windows.

Well, there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing at home.  Instead of disposable wipes or paper towel to clean windows or your bathroom mirror, try using huck towels instead.

Use huck towels for cleaning windows without paper towel.

Huck towels for embroidery

Another great use for huck towels a material for embroidery.  If you are a keen sewer, huck towel material makes a great embroidery base as it is made up of vertical and horizontal lines.  These lines make it easy to keep the pattern you are sewing straight.

I actually used to do a lot of sewing myself, taught by my nanna I learnt to sew small projects.  I haven’t sewn anything for a while (except fixing a couple of holes in the kids clothes) but it would be nice to try again.  You can easily order plain huck towels and decorate them with a nice pattern.

Huck embroidery which is also known as huck weaving or Swedish weaving is a specific type of embroidery.  It brings together surface embroidery and weaving. As the name implies, it originated in Sweden and is often used for table linens and serviettes. It is a quick form of embroidery so you can whip up gifts in an afternoon.  

How to wash huck

I’ve read a lot about caring for huck towels by window cleaning professionals.  They suggest washing your huck towels in your washing machine with half the amount of detergent you would usually use. Also make sure you don’t have any bath towels in the load.  They will drop lint in the wash which can get on your towels. That’s not a great thing for window cleaning as you want to avoid leaving anything on your clean windows.

I think if you are using your huck towels for general cleaning jobs, wiping up spills or drying dishes then I don’t think it would matter if there was a bit of lint.  But that is totally up to you. If you want shiny clean surfaces and lint free dishes then make sure you wash them on their own or shared with (generally) clean clothes.

The other tip to keep your huck towels for longer is to avoid putting them in the dryer.  Like any material, they will wear out quicker if you use the dryer instead of drying them on the line.  Shaking them out and hanging them on the line also keeps them nice and flat.

Putting them in the dryer will tend to scrunch and wrinkle them up, making them difficult to fold.  Save some power and money and make your towels last longer by line drying.

How huck towels can save the planet

Huck towels can make a perfect addition to your household.  Any time we can find a reusable product to replace a disposable one like paper towels then the planet will be better off.  Huck towels can be used hundreds of times. If you compare this with the amount of paper towel you would use over a year (or many years) you can see how great this change will be for the planet.

I think that we really need to take steps to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfill and huck towels can help to reduce the waste created by using paper towels. Let’s all make the choice to do something simple to reduce our waste and help the planet.

How huck towels can save you money

Swapping to huck towels is good for the planet can save us money too. I always try to look at the long term savings a change will make. There is sometimes a bit of an initial outlay when you first buy your towels but you can easily work out how quickly you will make that back.

Let’s look at it simply, if each roll of paper towel costs us $1 we can easily calculate how quickly we can get ahead.  Depending on how often you use them, huck towels can last years. So you will not need to buy paper towel ever if you choose.  That will be weekly or fortnightly savings that can add up for your family.

Remember how versatile huck towels are and how you will be saving both money and waste.  A pack of huck towels can be used for your kitchen cleaning, wiping up floor spills, cleaning the car, cleaning the mirrors and other area of your bathroom and even wiping kids faces.

Get them in different colors so you know what are used for and keep them in different zones of your house. They are a great eco friendly addition to your home. They will help you take another step closer to being waste free.