Why is wicker furniture so expensive? | How to save money on outdoor furniture

Wicker furniture can cost over $4,000 for a full setting which is very expensive. The reason this furniture is more expensive is due to the quality of materials and the labor process required to weave and make the wicker. Wicker furniture is constructed by weaving bamboo, willow reed or rattan to form the base of chairs, top of tables or sides of a lounge.

Wicker furniture is beautiful and is making a modern comeback. I have recently bought some wicker furniture and I am keen to share my experience and advice to help shed some light on why this furniture is so expensive.

Why wicker furniture is so expensive – Materials and Process


Real wicker furniture is made from natural materials like bamboo or willow reed. These are weaved in small strands together to form a mat which can be strong enough to sit on or rest your drinks on. While wicker furniture can be made from synthetic materials, the real wicker furniture will be more expensive.

The cost of harvesting and preparing the materials adds to the cost which can then be used for weaving. Compared to synthetic materials like plastic or polymers, natural materials come at a price premium.

Synthetic wicker furniture will be far cheaper than real wicker.


The process of creating wicker furniture is a more complicated process than creating plastic chairs which can be molded in one piece. The weaving of the materials and attaching them to the bamboo stems or base may be done by hand or complicated machines.

The process of making wicker furniture is more involved than many cheaper, simpler forms of indoor or outdoor furniture. This makes wicker more expensive than many furniture sets.

I had recently bought some wicker chairs. My wicker chairs were made with natural bamboo but synthetic weave. This makes it a synthetic product but still with a wicker weave. This makes the base of the chair weatherproof and bright in colors.

This chair was $80 which was double the cost of the other outdoor chairs we were looking at. I loved my wicker choice because it gives that Hamptons look for a relatively small cost. While I wasn’t going to buy a full set, buying two chairs is an affordable way to bring wicker into my yard.

If your budget allows, real wicker is an amazing choice. For a more cost effective option, choose a synthetic option. Look out for those that use recycled plastic.

How much real wicker furniture costs

Wicker furniture can start from around $80 for a single chair while a full setting can go for up to $4,000 or more. Even a combination of synthetic and natural materials can still be expensive so if you want to add a wicker feature, start with 2 chairs and pair them with a timber table.

Why synthetic wicker furniture can be a less expensive choice

Synthetic wicker is a cheaper option if you don’t have the cash to reach for a full, real wicker furniture set. If you are not lucky enough to inherit one from your parents, try a synthetic option for a weatherproof look of wicker.

Synthetic wicker materials will be made from a plastic product. If you can find one that uses recycled plastic, that is the best option for a modern look that helps to use up plastic waste.

Using wicker furniture outdoors

Real wicker furniture should only be used outdoors if it is under a protected area or if it is sprayed with a protectant. Real wicker will absorb water and be damaged by sunlight over time so keep it in shade and away from rain to keep it looking good for longer.

Synthetic wicker will last for longer but if it attached to real bamboo, this too will need protection from the weather. There are a range of sprays that can protect the materials on your wicker chair. It is worth the investment and I will be doing the same to keep my chairs looking great for longer.

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How long wicker furniture lasts

Wicker furniture kept inside or in a well protected area can last a lifetime. My parents still have a large, wicker chair that they bought when they were first married. This makes it over 30 years old and it is still in perfect condition. This was kept inside and protected from the weather.

Wicker furniture that is used everyday and exposed to water or light can be expected to last 5-10 years but this can vary depending on how hard your family is on furniture and if it gets wet.

How to protect wicker furniture

Protecting wicker furniture by keeping it indoors or placing it under a protective cover, pergola or shed will keep the wicker from turning moldy in the rain or starting to split.

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Use a natural resin or wicker spray for outdoors

Spray the furniture with a protectant. These sprays will waterproof the material, keeping the color for longer and preventing water from getting into the wood.

Keep wicker furniture dry

It is important to keep wicker furniture dry. Bamboo or willow will absorb water, start to split or turn moldy if they are left in the rain. Placing them on a deck that drains well or is protected by a pergola is a perfect outdoor area for wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture looks great indoors so make it a feature, create a reading nook or place a wicker chair in the corner of your bedroom to hold your handbag.

Keep wicker furniture out of direct sunlight

Wicker furniture will last longer if it is kept out of direct sun. Sunlight can dull the colors and cause the wicker to wear quicker. UV light will start to break down the fibers and can cause the furniture to break down over time.

What is wicker furniture is made from?

Natural fibers including bamboo, willow reed or rattan. Wicker is the method of weaving which forms the base of the chairs, tops of tables or sides.

Why is wicker furniture so expensive? | Summary

Wicker furniture is made through a process of weaving a material to create a mat which can be used as the base of chairs, sides of tables or even table tops. It can be paired with outdoor cushions, glass or even synthetic weaves for brightly colored, durable furniture. Keep it out of direct sun and keep it dry to keep it in good condition for longer.

Wicker furniture is becoming one of my new favorites. I have a couple of feature chairs in my yard that add a bright feature and a great place to sit to drink coffee and admire my garden.