Are Eggshells Good for Citrus Trees? | 5 Benefits for Juicy Lemons and Oranges

Eggshells are great for citrus trees as they will release small amounts of calcium into the soil. They also contain magnesium which will help citrus trees to develop chlorophyll in their leaves.

Eggshells will help citrus stems to grow strong and will help to grow larger and juicier lemons. Calcium helps to plant to regulate water movement in and out of the cells

Eggshells can also be used as a natural pest deterrent for citrus trees. Crushed eggshells spread around the base of the plant will help to deter slugs and snails. The sharp edges of the egg shells can prevent these crawling creatures from climbing up your citrus and chewing on the leaves.

Simply layer a circle of egg shells around your plants to keep slugs and snails off your citrus.

Key Takeaways

  1. Eggshells add calcium to the soil for juicier lemons, oranges and mandarins
  2. Eggshells work best when they are crushed into a fine powder
  3. Soil microbes will break down eggshells to feed the roots of the plant
  4. Bake eggshells in the oven for 10 minutes to make them easier to crush
  5. Save eggshells in the carton to help them to dry out fast

This article will explore all you need to know about using eggshells for citrus trees including key benefits, easy ways to prepare egg shells and how to add them to your soil.

5 Benefits of eggshells for citrus trees

Here are the top benefits of using eggshells for citrus trees.

1. Eggshells add calcium to the soil

Calcium helps the citrus trees including lemons, limes, oranges and mandarins to regulate water movement between cells. This can help the plant to regulate water movement during times of drought or times of excessive rain.

Your orange tree will be covered with flowers in spring like mine using eggshells.

Calcium is an essential mineral for plant growth and can even give you juicier fruit.

To release the calcium into the soil as fast as possible it is best to crush the eggshells into a fine powder.

You can place this eggshell dust into the hole before planting your new citrus tree or sprinkle it around an existing tree.

You can even mix a handful of crushed eggshells into potting mix before planting new citrus.

The fine eggshell dust will be slowly broken down by soil bacteria and worms. This will help them to break down faster, releasing the calcium into the soil sooner.

2. Eggshells add magnesium to the soil

Eggshells contain small amounts of magnesium which is essential for good citrus growth. Magnesium is essential in the development of chlorophyll and enzyme activation.

The more chlorophyll the plant has, the deeper green the leaves will be and the more sunlight it can process. This will lead to strong plant growth which allows the plant to develop and grow more fruit in the long run.

Check out this 2 minute video on how to use eggshells in your garden.

3. Eggshells will stop slugs and snails eating your citrus trees

Crushed eggshells are a great snail and slug repellant for citrus trees. Crushed eggshells have sharp edges which the soft snails and slugs hate crawling over.

Crush the egg shells into medium sized pieces and scatter them around the base of the tree. The sharp edges will stop these soft bodied bugs from crawling over and up your citrus.

This can save your leaves and new growth.

Save your citrus from snail nibbles with an egg shell barrier.

4. Eggshells feed worms and soil bacteria

Adding crushed eggshells to the soil will increase worm and soil bacteria populations. They will feed on the egg shells releasing the nutrients into the soil.

A diverse and healthy worm and microbe population helps to develop healthy soil over time. The air pockets created by worms and the nutrients released by soil bacteria help fine citrus roots to grow wide and stabilize the plant.

5. Eggshells increase drainage for citrus roots

Mixing crushed eggshells through the soil will help to increase drainage for your citrus trees. These tiny pieces of organic matter will create small air pockets allowing water to drain through and roots to spread wide.

How to prepare eggshells for citrus trees

There are a few things you can do to prepare eggshells to make them easier to crush and add to your soil.

Bake eggshells in the oven

The best way to prepare a fine eggshell powder is to bake the egg shells first. This dries out the shells making them easier to crush.

Place egg shells on a baking tray and cook them in a medium oven for 10 minutes.

Baked egg shell can be crushed easily with a rolling pin, mortar and pestle or even a tin. These small pieces of egg shell will be broken down into the soil faster than large pieces.

Let eggshells dry on the bench

The simplest way to prepare the eggshells for citrus trees is to allow them to dry out on your bench.

Leftover albumin will dry and making it easier and cleaner to crush them.  

3 Easy ways to add eggshells to citrus trees

Here are 3 easy ways to add eggshells to citrus trees to help them to grow stronger and crispier.

1. Add crushed eggshells to the hole before planting new citrus

Before planting your new citrus trees seedlings sprinkle some crushed eggshells in the base of the hole. Mix it around gently and then plant your citrus trees straight in. Backfill the hole and the eggshells will slowly break down over time feeding the roots.

2. Deter slugs and snails by creating an egg shell ring

To repel slugs and snails crush egg shells and make a ring around your citrus trees. Make sure the ring is solid and at least 1 inch wide. This will help to stop snails and slugs from crawling their way onto your citrus trees and causing damage.

3. Sprinkle eggshells on the surface of the soil

Another great way to add eggshells to your citrus trees is to add it to the soil around the root zone of the plant.

Sprinkle a small amount of egg shells over the soil and gently cover the area with mulch. If you are planting seeds make sure that any mulch does not cover the seed directly.

Place mulch at least 2-3 inches away to avoid covering the seed and preventing growth.

Are eggshells good for citrus trees? | Summary

Eggshells are a great source of calcium for citrus trees and even add small amounts of magnesium. They can be used as a natural slug repellant or to add extra organic matter to feed worms and microbes. Eggshells can help to aerate the soil and will break down over time.