Are mango trees evergreen? | Do they lose their leaves in Winter?

Mango trees are evergreen meaning they will have a full coverage of green leaves throughout the year. They will drop small amounts of leaves gradually throughout the year but a healthy tree will have a full canopy of healthy green leaves throughout all months of the year.

Mango trees love tropical and subtropical climates growing best in areas with mild Winters and warm, humid Summers.

There are over 500 different types of mango trees and the ones that grow delicious fruit like Kensington Pride love tropical and subtropical climates. Mangoes will thrive in a sunny area or near a garden wall if you have one protect them from the wind.

Here are the top reasons why mango trees lose their leaves

While mango trees will not drop their whole canopy of leaves in winter, they will gradually lose their leaves throughout the year. There are other reasons why a mango tree will drop leaves. Let’s explore each one and find out if it happening to your tree.

1. Refresh with new leaves

Every mango tree will refresh its leaves throughout the year. Old leaves will be replaced with new and they will dry off and drop off eventually.

I previously lived in a house that had a 20 year old mango tree that would drop some leaves throughout the year. It was not overly messy and always had a bright coverage of green leaves.

While mangoes do have a reputation for being messy because they drop leaves throughout the year this was not my experience. A few leaves on the ground under the tree is no problem when the tree is large, green and luscious.

2. Extreme weather changes

Extreme weather changes can cause your mango tree to drop its leaves. Rapid changes from warm to cold can shock the tree and frost damage can also cause leaves to drop. A large healthy try can recover from frost damage however if they are watered well and have a healthy leaf canopy.

A rapid increase in heat can also cause the mango tree to drop some leaves. Outer leaves may dry out, turn brown on the edges and eventually drop off. The tree will be ready to replace these leaves, particularly if it is large and established.

Newly planted mango seedlings will need more protection from these temperature changes because they will have less leaves. Protecting the plant from frost, extremely hot days and wind is important. Planting a mango tree in Fall or Spring will give it the best chance of establishing before the extreme weather hits.

My new mango tree seedling that I planted this year.

Lack of water

Mango trees like regular water and if they are left to dry out too much they can drop some of their leaves. Large mango trees are fairly drought tolerant but younger trees can suffer and drop leaves if they are left to dry out.

To establish a tree without allowing it to try out when you first plant it out. Water every 2-3 days when you first plant them out and then make sure you water them 1-2 times per week.

Do mango trees lose their leaves in winter?

Mango trees will not lose their whole leaf canopy in winter. Instead mango trees will drop a few leaves throughout the year, growing new leaves and replacing old. There will be a few brown leaves on the ground underneath the mango tree which will have naturally dropped off.

I have lived in homes with large, mature mango trees and small seedlings and both did not have significant leaf drop at any particular time of year. Mango trees are evergreen and not deciduous.

Is mango evergreen or deciduous?

Mango trees are evergreen trees that will thrive in tropical and sub-tropical climates. You will always have a green canopy of leaves on your tree which will become a feature in your garden. The mango tree will grow flowers in Spring and mango fruit in Summer.

Why do mango trees lose their leaves?

Mango trees can lose their leaves due to the natural process of replacing old leaves with new. Mango trees can also lose leaves due it stressors such as extreme weather changes, lack of water or pest attack. Healthy mango trees will always have a bright green coverage of leaves and be ready to grow flowers and fruit in Spring and Summer.

Are mango trees hardy?

Mango trees are hardy when they are established. They will grow best in areas that have mild winters and humid summers and will only need watering once or twice a week in summer. In Winter they will be self-sufficient with good rainfall.

A sprinkle of organic fertilizer in Spring and Fall will help your tree growing well. I like to use pelleted chicken manure on my mango trees. They love a light prune in Spring and will form a nice canopy of leaves and look great in your garden.

Are mango trees evergreen? | Summary

Mango trees are evergreen, they have a dark green canopy of leaves throughout the year and drop small amounts of leaves gradually. Mangoes like citrus trees keep their tree canopy so make a great screen.

I have planted a new mango seedling near my garden wall to form a barrier between my yard and the neighbors. Mango trees are fast growing and have the added benefit of delicious fruit.

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