Best fertilizer for lucky bamboo in pots | Indoors and Outdoors

The best fertilizer for indoor lucky bamboo in pots is a slow release indoor plant food this will be low odor and feed the plant with the nutrients it needs. Liquid fertilizer is also a great choice and can be added diluted each month in spring.  Outdoor bamboo plants in pots grow best with pelleted chicken manure in spring.

Lucky bamboo is not a true bamboo but is a type of dracaena. Bamboo and dracena have very similar needs which include small amounts of fertilizer and regular watering.

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Lucky bamboo are a great feature plant and only need fertilizing once per year.

Lucky bamboo plants survive on very small amounts of fertilizer as their roots absorb nutrients so effectively. This article will explore the best fertilizer options for bamboo in pots.  

Best slow release fertilizer for indoor lucky bamboo in pots

The best fertilizer for indoor lucky bamboo plants growing in pots are slow release granules. I use an Osmocote product which releases nutrients over a 6 month period. It is perfect for all of your indoor plants. For bamboo I only apply this once per year in spring.

Sprinkle slow release fertilizer on the surface of the soil around potted lucky bamboo,

Fertilizing bamboo in the warmer months is idea because this will be the time that they are growing at their fastest. Avoid adding fertilizer in winter as bamboo plants will be growing at their slowest.

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Best liquid fertilizer for indoor lucky bamboo in pots

Liquid fertilizer is also a great option for indoor bamboo plants. You will need to apply this more often than a slow release fertilizer. Add a dilute dose of liquid fertilizer each month over spring. This will help the plant to grow longer stems and more leaves.

Bamboo plants in pots are completely reliant on their soil and your fertilizer for all of their nutrients. Take care not to add too much as their leaves can turn yellow and leaf tips can turn brown.

Adding liquid seaweed to your lucky bamboo in pots

Liquid seaweed is a fantastic root tonic that can be added to both indoor and outdoor bamboo plants. This will help to improve the ground soil, improve stem and root growth. Liquid seaweed is also great for improving soil bacteria balance which help to break down organic matter and release nutrients from your soil to your plant roots.

To add liquid fertilizer to your bamboo plant, simply dilute the seaweed in a watering can and water it on your plant each month in spring and even into summer.  

How to know if lucky bamboo in pots has too much fertilizer

Lucky bamboo are hardy and only require small amounts of nutrients. If the plant is getting too much fertilizer it will let you know by developing yellowing on the leaves or brown leaf tips. This can be tricky to identify as this can also occur if the plant is allowed to dry out.

If the soil is still moist but you notice this burning on the leaves, it is time to slow down your fertilizing. I only add a slow release fertilizer to my bamboo once per year and this is enough to keep it happy.

If the problem continues you can repot your bamboo into fresh potting soil. Simply remove from its pot and allow the extra potting soil to drop off. Use new premium potting soil to repot your plant. Don’t add any extra fertilizer for at least 6 months as good quality potting soil already contains fertilizer.

Check the soil packet before repotting to see if there is fertilizer already in the potting mix.  

Best fertilizer for lucky bamboo growing in water

The best fertilizer for a lucky bamboo plant growing in water is an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. This can be added into the water when you change it every month. A few drops of liquid fertilizer is all you plant will need to keep it growing well.

You can add this small amount of fertilizer throughout the year, especially if your plant is indoors in a climate controlled space. The water need to provide your plant with all the nutrients it needs so make sure you add a few drops each month.

Best fertilizer for bamboo in pots outdoors

The best fertilizer for bamboo in pots outdoors is an organic based fertilizer that contains organic matter and added nutrients. My favorite is pelleted chicken manure as this adds organic matter to the soil as well as nutrients.

Only use pelleted chicken manure on outdoor plants because it smells strong. You certainly don’t want the smell inside your house. Outdoors the smell will disappear after around 24 hours. Always water the plant well after fertilizing to help the nutrients to release and the smell to disappear.

Best fertilizer for lucky bamboo in pots | Summary

Whether you choose a good quality slow release indoor plant food or liquid fertilizer for lucky bamboo is up to you. My recommendation however is to add a slow release fertilizer to your bamboo once per year in spring to keep it growing strong.

Avoid adding other fertilizers throughout the year but you can add some liquid seaweed to your watering can in spring to help with root growth.

Lucky bamboo are easy care plants that will reward you even with very little effort.