Best place to plant mona lavender (Plectranthus) | Sun or shade

The best place to plant mona lavender is in a position that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Plectranthus or Mona lavender can burn in direct sunlight. It is sensitive to summer heat so give it some protection by planting it with other plants that provide protection.

Mona lavender is a hardy plant that is drought tolerant once it has established. It will grow flowers all the way from late spring to late fall if it is cared for and placed correctly.

This article will explore all you need to know when deciding where to plant your mona lavender.

Top tips for planting your mona lavender

Here are my top tips for positioning your mona lavender so it gets the perfect amount of sun, shade, nutrients and drainage.

1. Choose a position that gets afternoon shade

Mona lavender will grow at its best when it is placed in a spot in your yard that gets afternoon shade from trees, shade-houses or your verandah. The mona lavender can tolerate morning sun but it is best to protect it from the heat of the afternoon.

I have planted my plectranthus between a camelia that shades it on one size and next to my new mango tree. The mona lavender has started flowering in the middle of spring because it is getting enough early morning sun to make it happy.

If the plant is trimmed regularly or deadheaded when the flowers have finished it will continue to grow new ones throughout summer and fall.

2. Improve the soil first

When positioning your mona lavender in your yard, always aim to improve the soil first so it drains well. Mona lavender can be easily overwatered so dig through some compost and aged cow manure before planting it out.

I had done this ready for my mango tree so the soil was ready to grow my mona lavender. The soil drains quickly so avoids root rot as long as I remember not to point my hose directly at the plant when I am turning it on.

3. Plant them in a pot so you can move it

Another great way to find the best spot for your mona lavender is to plant it in a pot. You can then move it around your yard until you find the perfect position. It may need mor protection from the heat of summer compared to winter so move it into a protected spot when the weather gets hot.

4. Avoid a position that gets too much water

Mona lavender are sensitive to overwatering so plant it in a spot that drains well and is not regularly watered by sprinklers or your hose. I had positioned mine in an area near my hose and was accidentally spraying water on it every 2 days. This lead to brown spots on the leaves and overwatering.

Make sure you only water when the soil is dry 2-3 inches down. I have not been watering it now it is established in spring and will water every 1-2 weeks over the heat of summer. we are currently getting regular rainfall so adjust your watering to suit.

5. Allow enough space for the plant to spread

Choose a position that will allow your mona lavender to grow to its full potential. My plant is only 2-3 month old and it is already 3 feet high and wide. This is around the size that it will reach but allowing the space will give you more flowers and healthy stems.

You can trim your mona lavender regularly to keep it smaller and contained in a pot. It is up to you how far you let your lavender grow and it will look great as a large shrub or small feature plant.

How much sun does Mona lavender need?

Mona lavender loves around 3-4 hours of bright morning sunlight with the longer days of spring. When the weather warms and the sun is out for longer it will grow rapidly and start to set and grow flowers. These will bloom anytime from spring to summer and continue through to fall.

Find a position that gets bright light throughout the day 6 or more hours will allow rapid growth and lots of flowers.

Does Mona lavender like shade?

Mona lavender will like afternoon shade to protect the delicate leaves and flowers from the hot summer sun. While the milder sun of winter and spring is fine for the leaves, once summer arrives it can suffer form sunburn. Surround the plant with shrubs or trees or move potted mona lavender to a protected area.

Will Mona lavender come back every year?

Mona lavender is a perennial so will keep its leaves all year and if it is trimmed in late fall it will add new growth in spring and start to flower. Tidy up the plant by pruning old flower heads off as soon as they dry and trim the plant to shape at the start of winter.

How do you keep Mona lavender blooming?

Keep mona lavender blooming for longer by trimming off the dead flower heads as soon as they finish. Trim 1-2 inches below the flower to tidy up the shrub and it will grow new flower stems from the branches. Mona lavender can flower all the way from spring through summer and into fall. Continue to remove old flowers and any damaged stems.

Give your plant a dose of pelleted chicken manure in spring to feed it and support new flower growth.

Best place to plant mona lavender (Plectranthus) | Summary

The best place to plant mona lavender or plectranthus is in a position that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. The plant will grow rapidly in spring and summer and can flower for up to 6 months. Add some pelleted chicken manure to the plant in spring to feed it over a 6 month period as it flowers.

Happy growing.