Can Hairspray Kill Spiders? | How to Use it Safely

Hairspray can kill spiders by coating them and immobilizing them. Eventually they will slowly die. Spiders can also take the chemicals into their body via their trachea. This will kill the spiders within 2-3 minutes. Larger spiders can survive a spray of hairspray so it is most effective on small spiders.

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Hairspray will kill spiders

Covering a spider with hairspray will kill it. The chemicals will react with the spider’s body and kill it in a few minutes. Smaller spiders will be killed quickly while larger spiders can take longer to die using hairspray.

Hairspray contains chemicals that are harmful when spiders are exposed to them. Using a natural spider repellant is a more effective way to get rid of spiders without spraying hairspray everywhere.

Hairspray will usually leave a sticky spot on your floor where you have coated your spider.

How hairspray kills spiders

Hairspray will kill spiders in 3 main ways, through suffocation, poison or immobilization.

1. Hairspray suffocates spiders

Spiders take oxygen into their body through a series of trachea. This is not like our lungs where we breathe in and out. Spiders instead continually filter oxygen from the air through these trachea.

If a spider is sprayed with hairspray, the chemicals will make their way into their body via the trachea. The spider cannot avoid these chemicals which can cause damage and slowly kill the spider.

2. Hairspray poisons spiders

The chemicals contained in hairspray will slowly kill the spiders. Some spiders are more susceptible to chemicals and will die quicker.

All hairsprays are made slightly differently so will contain different chemicals. Natural hairspray is less likely to kill spiders.

3. Hairspray immobilizes spiders

Hairspray is a sticky substance that will stick and hold a spider. The hairspray immobilizes the spider holding it still rather than killing it. it will slowly die over time if it cannot move, take in oxygen, eat or drink.

Smaller spiders will die in a few minutes while larger spiders can often be paralyzed by the hairspray.

Some spiders are hardy and will escape the hairspray altogether. If they run off before they take in the chemicals they can still survive.

How to use hairspray to kill spiders

Here are a few easy steps to use hairspray to kill spiders

1. Locate the spider

Decide if the spider is a problem. If it is not poisonous and not causing harm you can leave it alone. You can also wear garden gloves and carefully trap it in a container. Move it outdoors instead.

If you have decided that hairspray is the answer make sure you keep an eye on the spider because they move fast.

2. Grab your hairspray

Hold the hairspray around 1 foot away from the spider and spray it directly. Spray for at least 3-5 seconds to make sure the spider is fully coated.

3. Clean the area

Once the spider is dead or immobilized get rid of it and clean the area. The hairspray will leave a sticky mark on your floor. Wipe up the spider and hairspray to clean the area

How much hairspray to use to kill spiders

A spray of hairspray for 3-5 seconds directly on a spider will usually be enough to kill it. This will coat the spider, block its breathing apparatus and immobilize it. You can then carefully remove it with paper towel or a dustpan and dispose of it.

Larger spiders may take more hairspray to kill it. They will often run away when they see humans so it can be tricky to spray them with enough spray. Hairspray will be most effective on small spiders where a quick spray will be enough to kill them.

Will hairspray kill spider eggs?

Hairspray can kill spider eggs if it coats them completely. If the eggs are covered in a thick layer of hairspray it can block the baby spiders from hatching.

Larger egg sacks may however still break open and the baby spiders can emerge. Even small spiders will be strong enough to break through the coating in some cases.

If you don’t  want baby spiders hatching in your home it is best to remove the egg sack carefully. Using a broom or mop to remove egg sacks from high places is a good option.

How long does it take hairspray to kill a spider?

Hairspray can kill spiders in a few seconds to a few minutes. Completely coating the spider will immobilize it even if it doesn’t kill the spider. You can then remove it from your home or room.

What else can I spray a spider with to kill it?

There are other natural ways that you can kill spiders in your home without using chemical hairspray.

My favorite is to use natural repellants and killers. These will be made with natural oils such as neem, peppermint or citrus.

Check out natural spider repellants here on Amazon.

Can Hairspray Kill Spiders? | Summary

Hairspray can be used to kill small spiders. It will immobilize, poison or suffocate the spider. There are better options like getting some natural spider repellant and killer to get rid of them. Hairspray is sticky and can slowly kill the spider which is less humane than other methods.