Can you plant basil and mint together?

Basil and mint can be grown together in pots. Once the mint has established it is likely to take over the pot. By winter the annual basil will have finished and can be removed. The pot can then be used to grow mint on its own.

This article will explore how to successfully grow basil and mint together. Find out my tips for soil choice, growing in pots and what else you can grow with basil and mint.

How to plant new basil and mint plants together

When planting out new seedlings that are 3-4 inches high both basil and mint can live together happily. Mint is a fast growing invasive plant that spreads by growing new plants from their roots. Mint can quickly take over a pot as it spreads and grows new plants and stems on its roots.

Plant both mint and basil together in pots in spring and both can be continually trimmed to keep them growing well together. At the end of summer your basil plant will turn black and die off and the mint can take over.

This is what mint will look like during winter where it dies back.

Caring for basil and mint in winter

Mint will go dormant over winter too with its leaves and stems turning brown and dying back. The mint will be hiding healthy roots under the soil while the annual basil will be dying back completely. The mint can be trimmed back to 2-3 inches and it will grow back in spring.

Annual basil will not grow back unless you have very mild winters. It is best to replant basil in the spring but it is unlikely that you will fit it in the pot with the mint. Mint will fill a pot over a season so unless you replant it there won’t be room for basil.

If you want to grow perennial basil and mint together this can work but you will need to keep an eye on the mint to make sure it doesn’t take over. For perennial basil which will grow for 2-3 years it is best to give it more space in a garden bed with other vegetables and herbs.

Basil seedlings can be split into smaller pieces to give you multiple plants to grow.

How to grow basil and mint together in pots

You can grow basil and mint together in pots for around 1 year before the mint will take over the space. When you buy a new mint plant and a new basil in spring, they will both fit in a pot that is around 10 inches wide.

Planting herbs in pots is a really rewarding way to grow food in your yard. Hanging pots are fantastic for basil and mint or a small pot on your kitchen window is also a great idea.

Basil and mint both love soil rich in organic matter so use a good quality potting soil that is made for vegetable gardens. You can also use a basic premium potting soil which will have slow release fertilizer and will be free draining.

Mint has taken over this 10 inch pot in 1 year.

A 3-4 inch basil and mint plant will fit in a small pot together but make sure you regularly trim the mint to keep it under control. By the end of the season the mint will probably have taken over the pot which is fine because the basil will be done when the weather cools in fall.

If you are planting perennial basil which will grow for 2-3 years it is best not to plant it together with mint as they will both fight for space. Give each plant its own pot and they will be happier than if they are planted together.

What herbs grow well with mint?

Planting annual herbs that grow well in the summer is a great option for planting with mint. Mint is a fast growing plant that takes over when it gets the chance. To successfully grow other herbs with mint, choose fast growing annuals like basil and parsley. You can also grow radishes which will grow in a few weeks and be ready to be picked.

Green walls are a great way to grow a variety of herbs together.

What grows well with basil?

Basil is a fantastic summer herb and grows well with tomatoes, strawberries, parsley and mint. Basil makes the perfect companion to your tomato plants and both can be used in Italian dishes, on pizzas and pasta dishes.

Both basil and tomatoes will be finished at the end of the summer growing season so can be remove together to clear your bed for a new winter crop.

Perennial basil can be planted together with Asian greens like bok choy, pak choi as well as spinach. Basil can also be paired with annual flowers or even planted in a flower bed together with daisies, violas and Gaura.

Is it better to grow mint and basil in pots or the ground?

Mint is an invasive plant so it is usually best to plant it in a pot rather than in the ground. Planting mint in an enclosed garden bed that does not reach the rest of your garden will be fine but be prepared for the mint to grow rapidly and take over the space.

I have planted mint in my front garden space where there is no connection to my other garden beds. This area is separated by paving so the mint can spread in the small area but no further.

When growing basil and mint together planting them in a pot is a great idea. Annual basil varieties will grow over spring and summer and die off in winter. Mint will die back in winter as well but can be trimmed and in spring it will grow back and can be give the whole pot to grow.

Mint has been planted in my front garden bed via root runners and is now growing back in spring.

Can you plant basil and mint together? | Summary

You can successfully grow mint and basil together in pots in the first year. After the first summer season the mint will take over the space and the basil will have finished growing. When planting perennial basil, it is best to plant this in your vegetable bed instead and leave the mint in a pot on its own.

Mint is generally though of as a plant that needs its own space. You can be successful in growing mint with other annual herbs in the first year but it will take over the pot eventually.

Happy growing.