Do LED string lights attract bugs? | The best lights for a bug free yard

LED string lights do not attract bugs when you place them outside. LED lights emit lower light levels and do not get too warm. Solar LED string lights are perfect for outdoors and do not attract bugs lights even in spring.

String lights are a fantastic feature for the festive season, weddings or for parties. This article will explore all you need to know about string lights and bugs and tips to keep bugs out of your yard.

Outdoor LED string lights are perfect for outdoor areas or trees.

Why are bugs attracted to light?

Bugs can be attracted by light sources mistaking them for the light of the moon which they use for navigation. Bugs can head towards light just like we do because they can see their way and can easily find somewhere to land.

Different types of light will attract bugs particularly UV lights or bright incandescent light bulbs. The traditional light bulb outside our homes can be a major attractor for bugs but string lights are usually different.

String lights are not as bright, can contain LED bulbs and are small so are less likely to attract bugs. I have a whole camellia tree covered in LED fairy lights and there are no bugs attracted to them at night.

Choosing solar lights is also a great idea as are not be as bright as those plugged into a socket and will automatically turn off after a few hours when the solar battery runs down.

My new string lights on a camellia tree outdoors. No bugs come near these lights.

How to choose string lights that do not attract bugs

Here are my tips for choosing string lights to avoid attracting bugs.

1. Choose LED

LED string lights will stay cool and emit longer wave lengths of light. These are less likely to look light the bright moon which can attract bugs. LED lights are easy to hang, look great and can be bought in long strings to cover a large area.

These LED lights stay cool and do not attract bugs to my yard.

2. Choose solar

Choose solar string lights to avoid attracting bugs to your yard. If you live in region that get bright sunny days over the festive season or if you are having a summer party solar string lights are the perfect solution.

Solar string lights generally are not as bright as plug in LED or incandescent lights. This means they will be less of a beacon for a passing bug.

Solar string lights are charged by the sun, automatically turn on at night and turn themselves off after 3-6 hours. My solar string lights on the ‘flashing’ setting last for 6 hours which is the perfect amount of time for a late summer party.

This tiny solar panel sits out in the sun all day and will light the string lights for up to 6 hours.

3. Spread them out

Another tip for putting string lights in your yard without attracting bugs is to spread them out. Wrap them around your trees but leave space between the light strings. This will mean the light is less concentrated and less attractive to bugs.

String lights are perfect for lining a pergola and can be clipped across the beams. This will help to disperse the light rather than create a dense area of bug attracting light.

I took some time to spread out the fairy lights across this tree to make sure one area is not too bright. Gently winding the lights up through the tree means it doesn’t attract bugs.

Do LED string lights attract bugs indoors?

Any light can technically attract bugs indoors but LED string lights will be nowhere near as bright as your ceiling lights. I have been using LED string lights to decorate for Christmas for many years and have never seen bugs attracted to them.

The type of light they emit is generally longer in wavelength and does not seem at all of interest to bugs. Any bugs that are already indoors tend to head to our incandescent bulbs on the ceiling instead.

Will bugs be attracted to trees with string lights?

From my experience placing string lights in trees and shrubs does not attract bugs. I am using solar LED lights this year and there is no sign of bugs coming to visit my light wrapped trees.

My camellia is not currently in flower so I have wrapped it in lights. There are no bugs that I can see and the tree looks great.

Should I be worried if I see bugs near my lights?

While I haven’t had any problems with bugs near my string lights it is important to know that bugs are a natural part of our environment and could arrive. Tiny flying ants, flies and mosquitoes all travel around at night and could be passing by your yard.

While I have not noticed any bugs visiting my newly wrapped trees there is the possibility you could now see a passing bug. Lighting any area will mean you can see more of what is happening in your garden.

There is likely to always be tiny bugs flying around but you shouldn’t see any more in your yard due to string lights.

Do LED string lights attract bugs? | Summary

I have been placing LED string lights in my garden and yard for years and have not noticed any extra bugs being attracted to the area. LED lights emit a light wave that is less attractive to bugs than the UV light waves emitted by incandescent globes. LED string lights are the perfect choice if you want beautiful light but no bugs.

LED string lights can be placed outdoors if but make sure you chose those made for that purpose and are waterproof. This will ensure they are safe if any rain or damp weather arrives. I have recently wrapped my camellia in waterproof, outdoor LED solar string lights and they look fantastic.

The light is bright enough to look like a great festive feature but is not attracting any extra bugs to my garden.

Happy growing.