Do Monstera Flower? | 4 Ways Get Them to Flower at Home

Monstera deliciosa is a common houseplant that can flower under the right conditions. These large trailing vines will need the right temperature, humidity, water and light conditions. They can produce a large white flower and a fruit stem in the center.

The monstera fruit contains loads of oxalic acid which can burn if eaten. The fruit must be entirely ripe before eating. Monstera fruit can be ripened by putting it in a brown bag indoors and waiting for the scales to drop off. The fruit looks similar to corn.

While our monstera houseplants do not often reach the size or maturity to produce flowers or fruit, there are some ways you can encourage them to flower at home.

This article will explore if monstera plants flower and some easy tips to encourage your plant to flower at home.

Monstera Flowers

The flower itself starts at a closed white spike which will eventually open up to reveal the fruit inside. It will be surrounded by the white spathe which looks like a large petal.

The fruit will mature over time and once it is ripe it is edible tasting sweet with a hint of pineapple. The fruit can take over 12 months to ripen.

The fruit must not be eaten until it is ripe as it will contain oxalic acid which can be poisonous. The leaves and stems also contain oxalic acid so should never be eaten.

Monstera flowers will start green before the petals mature and turn white.

How to get Monstera to flower

Monstera plants originally grew in tropical forest regions of Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica. To get them to flower at home they need the same temperature, humidity and watering. Here is how to get the conditions right to get your monstera to flower at home.

1. Give your Monstera filtered light

Monstera plants like to get filtered light during the hot summer months with protection from any direct sun.

In the cooler months in winter they can tolerate more sun exposure and can grow well with direct winter sun.

Monstera flowering stems can be hidden under the large leaves.

Planting monstera outdoors under large trees is a great way to mimic their native forest environment.

This will give them the filtered light they need and protection from the scorching sun which can burn their leaves.

2. Plant monstera in well-draining soil

Plant monstera outdoors in soil that drains well. Sandy loam works best or a well-draining potting soil for those growing in pots. They need a large pot to give them enough room to spread their roots and grow.

You can mix through aged cow manure before planting your monstera in the ground to give them extra drainage.

Outdoor monstera can grow large in well draining soil.

3. Regular water

Monstera plants like to get regular deep watering but will need to be allowed to dry out in between. Their large roots, leaves and stems have adapted to hold water so they can survive the dry conditions that can occur on forest floors.

Monstera vines growing in the ground can be trail along the ground allowing the roots along the stem to absorb water from the soil directly.

The white flower is about to emerge from this monstera.

You can also grow your monstera up a moss pole, watering the pole allowing the roots to absorb water from there.

4. Humidity

Monstera plants love humid environments and will thrive outdoors if you live in a tropical or sub-tropical region. Indoor monstera plants can benefit from an indoor humidifier if you have dry summers.

You can also lay a tray of water near the plants filled with gravel to increase the humidity in summer.

This is the unripe fruit of the monstera which is left after the white flower drops off.

Is it rare for Monstera to flower?

In the wild monstera vines would readily flower and produce fruit so they can reproduce. Modern houseplants however rarely flower as they often do not have the right conditions to grow large enough.

Monstera can flower if they are grown indoors if they are given enough room, light and water.

How long does it take for Monstera to flower?

It can take anywhere from 2-5 years for monstera plants to be large and mature enough to flower. Even plants at this age will need the right conditions to grow their flowers and to develop fruit.

Outdoor monstera plants grown in tropical regions with filtered light and regular water are most likely to flower. When they have thick and established stems with a good leaf coverage they can produce flowers at home.

Can Monstera flower indoors?

Monstera plants can flower indoors if they are given enough space. Most plants will need to grow to at least 3-4 feet in heigh before they are ready to flower.

If they are grown in a large enough pot then they can reach this size and flower indoors.

Do Monstera Flower? | Summary

Monstera plants can flower in the right conditions. The plant will need to mature with a strong stem, regular water and large leaves. They like humid, tropical conditions and can produce flowers usually during spring and summer.