Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds? | Top Benefits for Rose Growth

Roses like coffee grounds when they are broken down in compost and added to the soil as a top dressing. Coffee ground can also be turned into a mulch in combination with fall leaves and used to prevent weeds and keep soil moisture in around roses.

Use coffee grounds in small amounts around roses if you are applying them directly as they can burn roots. It is better to break them down in compost first and then add the compost to the soil before planting or around the root zone as a top dressing.

This article will explore the top benefits of coffee grounds for roses as well as how to apply them safely for the most benefit to your plants.

Benefits of coffee grounds for roses

Here are the top benefits of using coffee grounds on your roses at home. This organic fertilizer will help to add valuable nutrients, hold water in the soil and help the growth of a health microbe population.

1. Coffee grounds add nitrogen

Roses love coffee grounds because they will add nitrogen to your soil. Coffee grounds are made up of around 2% nitrogen which is released when soil bacteria break it down.

Breaking down coffee grounds in compost first will allow the soil bacteria to break down and release the nitrogen. This makes it available in a form that the roses can absorb.

The coffee ground compost can then be applied as a 2 inch top dressing around your roses in the spring. When it rains the water will wash the nitrogen down to the soil feeding the roots.

2. Coffee grounds add minerals

Coffee grounds contain key minerals including calcium which helps to support the growth of roses. Calcium is needed for the rose cell metabolism, it will help to stabilize the soil pH and support the healthy growth of your roses.

3. Coffee grounds can increase soil acidity

Coffee grounds can be used as a mild acidifier as they tend to be slightly acidic. Most coffee ground will have a pH of around 5-6.5 so can reduce the pH of your soil. Adding the coffee grounds as part of your compost is a great way to prepare soil for rose growth.

NOTE: While the pH of coffee ground can vary depending on the processing and preparation of the grounds.  

4. Coffee grounds improve the soil bacteria population

Adding coffee grounds to your roses can help to feed soil bacteria and microbes. Sprinkling small amounts of used coffee ground around the mulch area and root zone can provide food for soil bacteria.

They will digest and break down the coffee grounds releasing nutrient such as nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Coffee grounds provide food for these vital bacteria which will grow in population and help to break down organic matter.

Used coffee grounds are great for roses. Filter it before putting it around your plants or adding it to your compost. This will help to decrease the caffeine content, or you could choose decaf.

5. Coffee grounds keep weeds away

Adding coffee grounds as compost or leaf mulch is a great way to keep weeds away. Make your own compost with coffee grounds or mix them with fall leaves. You can collect fall leaves, add a few scoops of coffee grounds and let it break down in a hessian bag or wire cage.

This leaf mold and coffee ground compost will help to stop weeds from growing and competing with your roses.

6. Coffee grounds keep water in the soil for longer

Adding coffee ground compost or leaf mold will help to keep water in the soil around your roses for longer. A 2-3 inch layer of compost or leaf mold made with coffee grounds will stop water from evaporating out of the soil as fast.

You can use the compost as a base layer before applying some bark mulch or use it as the mulch layer all on its own.

How to use coffee grounds on roses

Here are some easy ways to apply coffee grounds to roses to avoid burning the roots, feed soil bacteria and make the nutrients available to your plants.

Turn coffee grounds into compost

Turn coffee grounds into compost by mixing up to 5% through your compost pile. Coffee grounds are considered a green ingredient in your compost mix. Balance it out with brown materials like fall leaves, straw or hay.  

Let coffee grounds dry out before mixing it through compost to make it easier to handle.

Let the coffee break down for around 6 months and it will be the perfect additive to your soil before planting roses or as a root top dressing. Letting the soil bacteria break it down for this period of time will make the nutrients available, break down the caffeine and balance the pH.

Turn coffee grounds into mulch

Turn coffee grounds in to mulch by mixing small amounts through fall leaves. Collect bags of fall leaves and turn them into leaf mold. Collect enough leaves to make a 4x4x4 foot square and add them to a compost bin or wire cage.

Sprinkle through coffee grounds and let the whole mix break down over winter. By spring this leaf mold will make perfect mulch with the added nutrients from the coffee grounds.

Sprinkle coffee grounds on directly

Coffee grounds can be sprinkled around the root zone of roses in small amounts. This can directly feed soil bacteria and reduce the pH. You can also mix coffee grounds through your bark mulch and spread it around the base of your roses.

When to apply coffee grounds to roses

It is best to apply coffee grounds around roses during their active growth period and when soil bacteria are most active. Coffee ground compost can be added as a top dressing around roots in spring as the soil bacteria will be ready in the soil to break it down.

Avoid adding coffee grounds directly to roses when the soil is cool. Soil bacteria will be less active and the coffee grounds will not be of benefit to the roses.

Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds? | Summary

Roses like coffee grounds as they have loads of benefits including providing nutrients, minerals, improving soil bacterial populations, keeping water in the soil and improving drainage. Break coffee grounds down in your compost for 6 months to make them the perfect addition to soil or a great top dressing to feed your roses slowly.

Coffee grounds will not replace your regular fertilizer regime for your roses but they make a great organic addition to your soil.