Do Wind Chimes Keep Bats Away? | Plus 5 Natural Bat Deterrents

Wind chimes will keep bats away from your house and porch because of the movement and noise they make. Reflective, long windchimes that move in the wind will confuse and scare bats away. The noise they make will also upset their sensitive ears. Wind chimes can be a great way to keep bats away from your verandah and roof space.

This article will explore why wind chimes keep bats away and the best ways to use them.

3 Ways wind chimes keep bats away

Wind chimes keep bats away in 3 simple ways.

1. Noise

Wind chimes are noisy as they bang together and move in the wind. They can be made from copper, aluminum, clay or stone. All of these make noise as they rattle together which can scare off bats.

Wind chimes work day and night as long as there is a light breeze. You can use wind chimes to naturally keep bats away without harming any other animals, pets or kids.

Hang wind chimes on the ends of your verandah to stop bats from hanging under your roof space. Their droppings can spread disease so it is best to keep them away.

You can also hang wind chimes on a tree that the bats like to hang in. This can keep the bats and the chimes further away from your house.

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2. Reflection

Wind chimes made from aluminum or other metals shine when they are hit by sunlight. This reflection of light can confuse or scare the bats keeping them away from your home.

Look out for long, tubular wind chimes that make a lot of noise and reflect a lot of light for the best results.

3. Movement

Wind chimes also work well to keep bats away due to their movement. The more the wind chimes move, the more likely they will be to scare the bats.

Bats are aware of predators so are wary of anything that moves. Wind chimes are a simple way to add movement to your yard or home and keep the bats at bay.

Natural ways to keep bats away

There are lots of natural ways to deter bats from your yard. If bats are a problem, check out these easy ideas.

Reflective tree hangers

If you are not a fan of the noise of wind chimes, check out hangers that reflect light and move but don’t make noise. These can be decorative and will scare bats away at the same time.

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Artificial owls

Placing fake or artificial owls around your home can help to deter the bats. Owls are natural predators of bats so they will fly the other way when they see them. Place owls on the outer edges of your yard to keep the bats away. On top off clothes lines or the roof of your garage are also great ideas.

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Hide their hanging spaces

Bats like to hang from rough surfaces including wooden beams and bricks. If you are able to cover these areas with something they can’t grip onto they won’t be able to land and won’t stick around.

Plexiglass or plastic wraps available from hardware stores are a great way to stop bags from hanging off of the beams under your verandah.

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Turn the lights on

If you have a problem with bats arriving at night the best thing to do is leave the lights on. Keep outdoor lights on near your house and shed to keep bats away. They feel safest in the dark so any time there is light they will keep away.

Adding extra light makes the bats feel more vulnerable to attack. They will keep away and leave your house alone.

Place bat houses away from your home

Provide bats a place to roost away from your home and verandah by installing bat homes. Small bats will move in and make themselves at home. This will give them an alternative place to stay other than your roof space.

Call a professional

If bats have entered your house or roof space it is time to call in the experts. Bats will quickly make themselves at home in a protected and dark space like your roof. Once they are in there they are tricky to remove. Call in the pros for a safe way to get rid of them.

Do wind chimes keep bats away? | Summary

Wind chimes can work to keep bats away as their movement, reflection and sound all upset and confuse bats. Put wind chimes on the corners of your verandah or in a nearby tree to keep the bats away. You can also help to deter them with fake owls and by leaving your outdoor lights on.

Bats can smell bad and can spread disease if they visit your home frequently. Use natural methods to keep them out and keep your yard clean.