Does pothos grow faster in water or soil? | Tips for fast growing pothos

Pothos will grow roots new roots rapidly when a cutting is placed in water. An established pothos that already has roots will grow faster in potting soil than if they are left in water. The pothos cutting grown in water will need additional nutrients after 6 weeks so planting them in soil will be essential to grow a large, leafy plant.

Pothos can grow fast in water or soil with some key tips. Here is my guide to growing healthy pothos plants at home in water or soil.

How to grow pothos faster in water

Pothos can quickly grow roots and new leaves when grown in water. There are a few tips to help it to grow even quicker that you can use when growing new cuttings at home.

Bright light

Placing a pothos cutting in a clear jar of water near a brightly lit window will help it to grow roots and leaves quickly. The clear jar will allow light to reach the roots, will warm the water and will help to encourage the cutting to grow roots.

Take a larger cutting to give the plant the opportunity to grow roots from the bottom node as well as the aerial roots that emerge from the side of the stem.

A longer piece with 2-3 root nodes will grow quickly into a larger cutting with new leaves. I like to place cuttings in a tall jar that gives the stem cutting lots of opportunity to sprout roots all the way up the stem.

Change the water regularly

Changing the water regularly is key to getting your pothos to sprout roots and grow quickly. Fresh water will contain plenty of air will help to remove any algae and keep the water clear.

Replace the water in your jar or vase every week to keep it clean and fresh.

Warm weather

Take pothos cuttings in the warmer months of spring and summer and they will grow fast when placed in water. The extra warmth will stimulate root growth and the plant will be in a ‘fast growth’ phase.

Just as pothos plants will grow quicker in the spring in soil they will also sprout quicker in water in the warmer months. Place the jar of water near a window for extra warmth.

A drop of liquid fertilizer in the water every 2 weeks

When the water is refreshed for your pothos add a drop of liquid indoor plant fertilizer in the water. This will help to feed the plant and give it a boost of nitrogen to help it to grow quicker.

A few drops of liquid plant food is all that is needed to help the pothos to grow quickly in the jar.

How long it takes for pothos to root in water

Pothos can form roots within the first week of being trimmed and placed in water. Remove the bottom leaves that will be under the water to allow the room for root growth and preven the leaves rotting.

Pothos can grow roots that are 5 inches long in only 2 weeks in warm spring weather near a window. Pothos will be ready to plant out in soil within 3 weeks but can be left in water for up to 6 weeks. The longer the pothos cutting is left in water, the slower it will eventually grow.

How to get your pothos to grow faster in soil

Here are my top tips to get your pothos to grow faster once it has been planted out into soil. Following these easy ideas will give you a fast growing, dense plant that looks brilliant indoors.

Good quality potting soil

Using a premium potting soil mix will allow your pothos to grow as quick as possible. Premium potting mixes will contain a large amount of organic matter and slow release fertilizer to feed your pothos immediately.

This will give the plant good drainage and a boost of nutrients to help it to grow quickly after it has been planted out.


Add some slow release indoor plant fertilizer when you first plant your pothos out. This is best way to remember to feed your plant. You can also give this to your plant 4 weeks after it has been growing in its new potting soil.

Using an indoor plant food is perfect as it will help to prevent smells in your home. While I love pelleted chicken manure, this is definitely too smelly for indoors.

Liquid fertilizer can also be used for indoor plants but will need to be reapplied more often, around every 6 weeks over spring and again in fall.

Water regularly

Regular water is the key to fast growing indoor pothos plants in soil. These are tropical vines that love regular water. Allow the water to drain out of the bottom of the plant before placing it back on the pot tray. This will help to avoid root rot.

Choose a pot 1 size bigger

Allowing a new pothos plant enough room to grow without adding too much soil will give you the fastest growth. Choose a pot one size bigger than the pot that it is in. A pot that is around 2 inches wider and deeper will be perfect for transplanting an existing pothos.

A pot that is one size bigger will give the roots more room to grow without the soil becoming too cold around the plant. Pothos cuttings can be started in small pots and then moved up once they have doubled in size.

Does pothos grow faster in water or soil? | Summary

Growing pothos cuttings in water is the perfect way to get them to root quickly. Pothos will grow faster once it has established roots in soil rather than water. Pothos will grow roots from a cutting within a week and will be ready to plant out in around 3-4 weeks.

You can get endless new plants from a single pothos by taking 5 inch stem cuttings and placing them in a jar.

Happy growing.