Fastest Growing Pothos | 5 Varieties that will Grow the Fastest

The fastest growing pothos is variety in my experience is Golden pothos. Jessinia (Epipremnum ‘Jessenia’) also grow very fast as it has deep green leaves and loads of chlorophyll to photosynthesize. Marble Queen is a traditional variety of pothos and will grow long stems fast if it gets bright light. Jade, Pearls and Jade and Neon pothos will be slightly slower than the traditional varieties.

Snow queen pothos will grow slower than hardy green varieties as it has less chlorophyl in its leaves. These small, mostly white pothos varieties look beautiful and can be trimmed to keep them compact.

I have been growing golden pothos for years and it grows rapidly. I often need to trim the stems to keep it under control. These stem cuttings can be made into new plants by placing them in jars of water in a bright spot.

This article will explore the fastest growing varieties of pothos and how to grow them even faster.

Golden pothos grow the fastest

Golden pothos is a great choice if it is your first time growing indoor plants or if you want a large pothos as fast as possible. These plants are hardy, they are forgiving if you forget to water them and they are easy to propagate.

They will extend their vines rapidly over spring and summer, just remember to water them regularly and repot them into a new pot with fresh potting soil every 2-3 years. They look great as a trailing vine growing over a bookcase or shelf or can be grown up a moss pole.

Golden pothos have beautiful leaves and grow fast.

Fastest growing pothos varieties

Traditional varieties of pothos will be the hardiest and fastest growing. Those with deep green leaves and those with access to loads of sunlight will grow as fast as possible.

Traditional pothos varieties grow fastest

Traditional varieties of pothos including Golden and Marble grow the fastest. I have been growing golden pothos for over 10 years and the vines can grow inches within a week when conditions are at their peak.

These hard varieties will adjust to the light conditions adding more or less variegation. Those grown in the most light will develop more variegation adding more white or yellow color to their leaves

Newer hybrid pothos varieties will grow slower

Newer hybrids such as jade and neon will grow slower. These new hybrids have been selected for their beautiful leaf pattern rather than their vigorous growth. They have beautiful leaves and can be trimmed to grow as a compact plant.

Grow pothos up a moss pole to help them grow fast

Growing pothos up a grow or moss pole can help the plant to access more light and grow fast. You can grain pothos to grow vertically and climb up the pole.

They often need soft ties to keep them there but over item their aerial roots can dig in and grip themselves. Keep the pole moist by spraying it regularly to encourage the aerial roots to grab hold.

Conditions to get your pothos to grow fast

You can help any variety of pothos to grow as fast as possible by growing them in the right conditions. These tropical plants can grow inches within a week in the right conditions. Check out the top factors that help pothos to grow fast.

1. Give pothos as much filtered light as possible

Light is key to getting your pothos to grow fast. Place them at least 3 feet from a window indoors giving them filtered light. This will prevent the leaves from burning but allow them to photosynthesize as much as possible.

2. Keep pothos warm

Warm temperatures will help pothos to grow as fast as possible. They will naturally grow faster in spring and summer adding loads of leaves at the ends of the vines.

To keep them growing fast during winter I have found that keeping our home well heated has worked. Airconditioning will dry out the soil faster so remember to regularly water them if you are heating your home.

I am still getting loads of new leaf growth over winter even with cooler outdoor temperatures. You can grow pothos in greenhouses outdoors to capture the heat and increase the temperature.

3. Keep pothos moist but not wet

While pothos grow faster in warm weather, this needs to be paired with regular water. Moisture is essential to support new leaf growth

If you notice drops of water at the end of your pothos don’t panic. This is called guttation and is a natural way that the plant will get rid of excess water and sap. Lay a placemat under your plant if it is indoors to prevent marks on your furniture.

4. Feed them regularly with premium fertilizer

Fertilizer is key to fast growth on pothos plants. They are easy to feed and only need a balanced fertilizer twice per year. Choose a slow release fertilizer for indoor plants that will release over 6 months. Feed them in spring and fall and water it in well. These granules will release slowly over months giving the plant the nutrients it needs to add new leaves and longer stems.

Fastest Growing Pothos | Summary

Pothos are naturally fast growing vines but from my experience golden pothos are the fastest variety of them all. These hardy, traditional varieties will grow fast in spring and summer but slow down slightly in winter when the weather cools.

Feed them with indoor plant food, water them regularly and repot them when they outgrow their space. Take cuttings and add extra stems to the same pot to fill it out and add extra volume.

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