How to feed worms avocado

Worms love eating avocado flesh and skin and will also eat the seed, including the outside husk. The best way to feed worms avocado skin is to chop it up with kitchen scissors and cover it with straw to deter ants.

Squash the avocado flesh with a fork or small spade once it is in the worm farm. Worms will take some time to eat an avocado seed completely and it could sprout and grow. If it does, transfer the avocado seed to a pot and it will grow a new avocado plant.

Feeding worms avocado peel

Cut up the avocado before giving it to your worms

Worms will eat all parts of the avocado including the peel. The worms in your worm farm will take longer to break down the peel compared to the flesh of the avocado. If you want to help the worms to eat the avocado peel quicker, cut it into small pieces with kitchen scissors. This will give the avocado peel more surface area and the worms can break it down quicker. The worms will also love to eat the bacteria and fungi that will start to break down the avocado skin.

Feeding worms avocado flesh

Avocado in my worm farm, I will cover it with sugar cane mulch to protect the worms

Worms love to eat avocado flesh and if you do throw a whole avocado in the worm farm, you may find the worms curled up inside the avocado having a meal. The flesh of the avocado contains more liquid than the avocado skin so it is a great addition to your worm farm. The soft flesh of the avocado will be broken down even quicker if you chop or mash it and then add to your worm farm.

Setting up a worm farm and feeding them

How many avocados to put in a worm farm

If you find you have excess avocados hanging around your kitchen or you have an avocado tree with too many avocados you may find that you have plenty of extras. If you have a small worm farm, you could add an avocado per week and your worms will love it. You will need to check how quickly it is being broken down as you don’t want to add too many to the worm farm. It could make it smell or attract flies.

Worms will love to eat avocado in your worm farm

If you have a bigger, multi-layered worm farm, you could add more avocados to your worm farm. Just make sure you have the drainage open and unblocked so that any excess water from the avocados can drain out.

Putting rotten or moldy avocado in a worm farm

Worms will love to eat a rotten or moldy avocado. They will happily eat the avocado and the bacteria and fungi that will be on the moldy avocado. I would dig a moldy or rotten avocado in the worm castings so that flies or bugs are not attracted to it.

Do worms like to eat avocado?

Worms will swarm to avocado that you add to your worm farm. From what I have observed, worms love to eat avocado and if you have flesh, peel or seeds leftover they will love to eat it. What you will end up with after the avocado has been eaten by your worms is good quality worm castings, ready to be added to your vegetable or flower garden.

You will also get “worm juice” which is the liquid that comes out of worm farms. This will come from the excess moisture from the fruit, vegetables, avocado and the rain that runs through your worm farm. This worm juice is perfect for your garden. Just water it down so it looks the color of weak tea and pour it onto your garden using a watering can.

You can add this to your garden monthly for good leaf and root growth. It will also help to condition the soil, supporting the good microbes and even help to naturally attract worms to your soil.

What to do if an avocado seed sprouts in the worm farm

If you throw a whole avocado seed into your worm farm you may find that it will crack open and start to sprout. Covering your worm farm with a cloth or lid may stop this, but not always. If an avocado seed starts to sprout in your worm farm, the best thing to do is to dig the seed out and place it on top of some potting soil, in a pot. If you are lucky and keep the soil moist you may find that you can grow an avocado plant from this seed.

Quick note: It could take years for an avocado seed to develop big enough to grow avocados, but it is a fun experiment to try at home.

Adding avocado to compost

If you don’t have a worm farm, or you have too many avocados to fit in a small worm farm you can add them to your compost. Cut them up or break them into as small pieces and dig it through the compost. I find that this is the best method as it won’t attract any bugs to the avocado. Balance the avocado with some brown material like straw, shredded cardboard or dried leaves and you will create a fantastic compost for your garden.

Adding avocado to your compost can have the added benefit of attracting worms naturally from the ground soil into your compost. Worms will find their way through your compost to eat the avocado especially if you keep the compost moist and covered. Attracting worms naturally to your compost is a great way to help it to break down quickly and will be a fantastic addition to your garden, breaking down over a few months.  

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