How do nurseries grow plants so fast?

Nurseries grow plants fast because they set up the perfect environment for every plant they grow. Regular watering, the right amount of light, fertilizers and greenhouses all help nurseries to grow lush plants fast. Use these same ideas at home for a fast, productive garden.

How to grow plants fast like nurseries:

  • Plant in the correct season
  • Take care of the soil – add organic matter
  • Use organic liquid fertilizer
  • Keep them well weeded
  • Water your plants regularly
  • Plant a range of plants – help beneficial insects to control pests
  • Put the plants in the right soil for them
  • Give your plants lots of light
  • Use a greenhouse
  • Use a good soil conditioner like seaweed solution or worm juice
  • Add worm castings to your soil
  • Use good quality natural mulch
Nurseries have great looking plants and you can too at home.

Nurseries water regularly

Nurseries give their plants exactly the right amount of water. Seeds and seedlings require daily water and nurseries will give this to them using overhead sprayers. You can keep your seeds and seedlings well watered easily using a watering can or sprayer nozzle on your hose.

If you are serious about raising lots of seeds and seedlings, then you can set up a simple sprayer system. “>Check out this one from Amazon.

Nurseries give the right amount of light

Giving plants the right amount of light for them is the key to get them growing quickly. Shade plant are grown in specialty shade houses while sun loving plants will be kept in greenhouses or open areas sheltered from winds.

Choosing a spot in your garden that matches the plant’s need for light is the best way to grow your plants big and fast. Using a greenhouse will keep a regular temperature and humidity in the air.

Nurseries use fertilizers

Nurseries will use a range of fertilizers to grow their plants fast. Slow release fertilizer will be added to the top of the pot and mixed into the potting soil. Liquid fertilizer is added to plant using overhead sprayers and the soil they are planted in will be full of organic matter.

To do the same at home and keep your garden organic add pelleted chicken manure as a slow release fertilizer on top of potted plants or mixed into the garden soil. Add liquid fertilizer like fish emulsion which will add extra nutrients. You can also choose an organic liquid fertilizer worm farm, you can dig through a handful of worm castings. This will help to build soil microbes and encourage good root growth.

Nurseries keep away the weeds

The plants in your nursery will be kept weeded at all times. They will be planted in new potting soil without weed seeds so will not need to compete for nutrients or water.

To get the best out of your plants at home keep weeds away from the plant root zone. This will give your plant the best chance to grow fast.

Nurseries keep their plants free from weeds and remove dry leaves.

Nurseries deal with pests and disease quickly

Nurseries will be monitoring the plants daily and any pests and diseases will be dealt with quickly. Often whole plants will be removed if they are affect by disease or sprayed with a pesticide.

If you have plants at home that have pest problems deal with them organically by removing any affected leaves and throw them in your green waste bin. Plant a wide variety of plants in your garden to attract a range of beneficial insects. They will naturally balance each other out over time.

Ladybugs will eat aphids, dragonflies will eat vinegar and black flies and over time your garden will find its balance.

Increase plant diversity by sowing wildflowers. These will provide a mix of flower sizes and heights to attract a range of beneficial insects. raised garden bed and filling it with soil to match your plant.

You can create your own organic mix by using a standard potting soil and adding compost, aged cow manure and pelleted chicken manure. This will be great for a vegetable garden or the perfect place to grow strawberries.