How Fast Do Monstera Grow? | 10 Tips for Faster Growth

Monstera can grow from a small plant 10 inches high to 30 inches in 6 months. To help monstera grow rapidly water it with a mix of liquid fertilizer and seaweed solution every 4 weeks in spring, place the plant near a bright window and plant it in the best potting soil possible.

Outdoor monstera can be planted into soil improved with aged cow manure, compost and pelleted chicken manure. Monstera will grow best if it is allowed to dry out between watering. Water the plant every 3-4 weeks for the best results.

Top 10 Tips to grow monstera faster

Here are my top tips to grow monstera as fast as possible.

1. Use liquid nitrogen fertilizer in spring and fall

Use a mix of liquid fertilizer that contains nitrogen mixed with a small amount of seaweed solution on your monstera every 4 weeks in spring. Do this again in fall and your monstera will get plenty of nitrogen to encourage rapid leaf growth.

The seaweed solution will help to strengthen the root system and improve the soil for fast growth.

2. Water every 4 weeks over spring and summer

Water monstera regularly over the warmer months of spring and summer to keep it growing fast. Monstera hate to be overwatered but watering regularly and allowing them to dry out in between will keep them growing fast.

Water your Monstera thoroughly whenever the top inch of soil feels dry. Let it drain out in the sink or outdoors. Consistent watering will help the plant stay hydrated and will encourage healthy and fast growth.

Make sure the monstera are not sitting in water and there is no excess water in the bottom of a pot tray or indoor pot. Always water over the sink or outside and allow it to drain before putting it back inside its indoor pot.

3. Transplant once you see roots escaping from the bottom

Transplanting monstera once it has outgrown its pot will help it growing rapidly. This can be done every 2 years once you see roots growing out the bottom of the pot.

Transplant the monstera into a pot that is 1-2 inches wider and deeper than the original. This will give it room to expand its roots and you can also add a grow pole or stake to keep it upright.

Monstera roots are starting to grow out the bottom of the inner pot.

4. Use premium potting soil

When potting up new monstera or moving them into a larger pot always choose premium potting soil. This potting soil will contain slow release fertilizer, organic matter for good drainage and will still hold enough water to support good root growth.

Choose an indoor plant potting mix or a soil marked as premium to encourage fast monstera growth.

5. Give them adequate light

To encourage monstera to grow as fast as possible make sure they get at least 6 hours of bright sunlight. Move indoor plants near a bright window. Monstera will turn their leaves towards the light to capture as much as possible for rapid growth. I like to turn my monstera gradually over time to balance out the growth. This will help your monstera to grow as fast as possible.

Infographic: 10 tips to grow monstera faster

6. Temperature and humidity

Monstera plants prefer temperatures between 65°F (18°C) and 85°F (29°C) to grow as fast as possible. They will also grow faster with higher humidity levels. Mist indoor plants with a hand sprayer or try an indoor humidifier.

7. Prune and shape regularly

Pruning your Monstera will encourage healthy growth and new leaves. Prune off any leaves that are brown or damaged. This will allow the plant to redirect energy towards new, healthy growth points. Pruning also improves airflow around the plant to help to avoid mold and mildew.

8. Provide support

Monstera plants are naturally climbing plants. To allow them to grow as big and fast as possible give them support with a moss pole or trellis. This will support their stems, allow the leaves to access more light which will help them to grow larger.

Allowing monstera plants to grow upwards will give the plant room for additional stems, resulting in a fuller and more robust plant.

9. Avoid frequent repotting

Monstera plants generally prefer being slightly root-bound. Repot only when necessary or when you notice the roots becoming cramped. Moving to a slightly larger pot can provide room for growth without overwhelming the plant.

10. Keep an eye out for pests and diseases

Regularly inspect your Monstera for signs of pests such as spider mites or mealybugs. Take them outdoors and spray them with Neem oil. This will prevent damage and allow the plant to focus its energy on growth.

Check out this video for more tips to grow your monstera fast.

How fast monstera grow in spring

Monstera will grow at its fastest rate in spring. To help monstera grow fast place it near a bright window indoors. Fertilize monstera in spring with a mix of liquid fertilizer and seaweed solution and watering every 3-4 weeks will help it to grow rapidly.

With this method you can double or triple the number of leaves growing from your monstera plant over these 3 months.

How fast monstera grows over the winter

Monstera will slow its growth over winter and you may notice that almost no new leaves will appear. This is completely normal but the monstera will be ready to sprout a new leaf from the center of the stem.

The stem will thicken and then a leaf will appear growing longer and then uncurling. Wait patiently for the weather to warm and you will be rewarded with rapid monstera growth in spring.

A new leaf appearing from the center of the monstera stem.

How long it takes for a new monstera to grow split leaves

Monstera plants usually start off with full round leaves and as the plant matures the leaves grow larger and split. It took my monstera plant 4-5 months before the first leaf grew large enough to split. Now the leaves are all beginning to have the traditional Swiss cheese effect.

How long it takes for monstera to grow aerial roots

Monstera roots will begin to appear on your plant after it had reached around 10 inches tall and has strong established stems. This usually happens after 3-4 leaves have grown from the stem. These aerial roots will search for water and soil and can help the plant to climb up a growing pole.

Use a coconut coir covered pole to stabilize your monstera as it grows. Once there is a large enough stem piece you can cut it off and take a cutting to grow a new plant.

This aerial root is growing incredibly long out the back of the pot.

How long before you can take a monstera cutting

Monstera usually take 3-4 months to grow large enough that you can take a stem cutting. This is the most reliable way to grow new plants from your monstera plant. Wait until you have a piece of stem that has 2 healthy leaves and an aerial root. Trim the stem off at the join making sure the piece of root is still on the stem.

This piece of stem can be placed in a vase of water or a jar and it will continue to grow the arial root and start to sprout new, white roots from the cut. After 4-5 weeks the plant will have established roots that are around 3-4 inches long and can be planted into new potting soil.

This piece of monstera stem can be cut off and grown as a cutting.

How fast Monstera grow | Summary

Monstera are a rapidly growing tropical plant that can triple in size over a 6 month period if they are given liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks in spring, watered regularly and planted in the best potting soil you can afford. Place the pot near a bright window and repot every 2-3 years to give them space to grow.

Monstera are a great, hardy indoor plant and will thrive as long as you do not overwater them.

Happy growing.