How long can mint go without water? | Easy guide

Mint can last a week in a pot without water and two weeks without water in the ground. Mint loves regular water, well-draining soil and mulch to keep the water in the soil for longer. Add compost and aged cow manure to the garden soil to help it to hold water for longer.

This article will explore how long mint can go without water in pots in the ground and in raised garden beds. Check out other great watering hacks to keep mint growing well.

How long mint can go without water in pots

Mint can survive for around 7 days without water if they are grown in pots. Mint last longer in the fall and spring without water when the weather is cooler. If you live in a tropical or subtropical area that gets summer rain mint can survive well for many weeks.

The key is to regularly check the amount of water in the soil with your finger. Stick it in down to the second knuckle and if it feels dry, add more water.

Place pots in an area that gets afternoon shade as pots can heat up quickly if they sit directly in the hot summer sun.

How long mint can go without water in the ground

Mint can last longer in the ground without water than if they are planted in a pot. You can leave mint without being watered for up to 2 weeks in the spring or if you are getting regular summer rain.

I like to mulch mint with some bark mulch when they are small. They will soon grow larger and shade the soil which keeps the moisture in for longer. Mint can last longer in the soil without watering if the soil is full of organic matter and there is mulch on the soil.

I have mint planted in a position that gets afternoon shade and it will tolerate 2 weeks without watering easily. I like to water mint each week over summer, or even more frequently if I am watering other plants. I have found that the more water mint gets the bigger and faster it grows.

How long mint can go without water in raised garden beds

Mint can go without water in raised garden beds for around 1 week which is similar amount of time as those grown in pots. Water them each week at least and this will keep them happy. Larger raised garden beds will stay moist for longer but it will still dry out over time.

Mint grown raised garden beds love regular water so check the soil and water them up to twice per week in the heat of summer.

Mint likes moist soil (but not wet)

Mint likes to get regular water and will thrive if their soil is kept moist. These plants grow fast, lush and green and watering every three days in summer and once per week in spring and fall is usually perfect. Improve the soil with aged cow manure, worm castings and compost before planting mint.

Check the soil first before watering mint

The best tip I can give to water your mint is to check the moisture level in the soil first. Stick your finger in the garden to see if it feels moist or stick your small trowel down the side and move the soil to see if it looks moist.

Water the mint deeply to encourage good root growth and prune it regularly for new, fresh leaves. Mint is a forgiving plant so if it does dry out, just water it deeply, trim off any damaged leaves and it will bounce back within a week.

How to fix overwatered mint

Overwatering mint can happen if you get too much rain or get a bit carried away with your watering schedule. Overwatered mint can have black leaf tips, yellowing leaves or it can droop. Slow down the watering and allow the ground to dry out for 2-3 days.

Add some nitrogen liquid nitrogen fertilizer to replace any nitrogen lost due to the extra water to help the mint to stay bright green.

How to fix underwatered mint

Underwatered mint will turn brown crispy and the leaves can start to die back. Water the mint deeply and surround it with bark or sugar cane mulch. The mulch will grow back and grow new leaves to replace the old.

You can trim off any old, brown leaves to make room for the new leaves and stems to grow through.

Keeping mint watered in pots

Mint grown in pots will dry out quicker than those grown in the ground. Growing mint in pots is recommended as the plant is quite invasive and can spread rapidly through their root nodes. Mint is easy to remove but you can find it all through your garden if you let it grow.

Water mint in pots every 2-3 days in summer and allow it to drain well. You can add mulch to the top of your mint pots to reduce the rate of water evaporation from the soil.

How long can mint go without water? | Summary

Mint plants will last well for around a week without watering. As they become large and lush in the summer, the plant itself will shade the ground and keep water int eh soil for longer. Water the mint deeply if you plant on going away for a week-long vacation.

Invite a neighbor to come and water your mint while you are gone and off up some mint stems in return. Mint can be trimmed back if it suffers from a lack of water and it will spring back after a deep watering.