How Long it Takes for Pothos to Trail | Plus 7 Tips for Faster Trailing

Pothos plants (Epipremnum aureum), or Devils Ivy grow rapidly in Spring and will trail within 3 months. Pothos can grow 10-12 inches within 12 weeks during this time. For fast trailing pothos plants water them regularly, place them in bright, indirect light and add a slow release fertilizer at the start of spring.

Key Takeaways

  • Pothos plants will start trailing within a month during the growing season in Spring.
  • The growth rate of pothos plants can vary depending on several factors, such as the plant’s environment and type.
  • To ensure your pothos plant grows correctly, it’s essential to provide it with the right growing conditions and care.
My trailing pothos grow rapidly in spring.

If you want the fastest trailing pothos plant, get a Golden Pothos. These grow rapidly in spring and will quickly trail down a bookshelf, hanging pot or up a moss grow pole.

This article will explore how long it will take for your pothos to trail, the factors that will influence how long it takes and what you can do to help your pothos to trail faster.

These pothos are are growing 1 inch of length on their vines per week. Some plants are over 5 years old and 5 feet long.

How long it takes for pothos to trail

Pothos are fast growing plants and the common varieties such as golden pothos grow rapidly in spring. If the plant is given regular water, a slow release fertilizer, is growing in good soil and has indirect sunlight it will begin to trail within 3 months of planting.

Pothos plants are vines that grow leaves from the ends of the stem. The pothos will continue to grow longer and with some simple pruning you can also get them to branch.

New leaves growing from the end of my pothos vine.

A more mature plant will generally grow new vines faster. They will have more established root systems and will be ready to add new growth in spring.

7 Ways to get pothos to trail faster

Check out my easy tips to help your pothos to grow and trail faster. These tips will give you long vines that you can trail down a book case, over some wall hooks or up a moss pole.

1. Plant pothos in spring time

For rapid growth and a quick trailing plant buy and plant your pothos plant in spring. During the warm spring weather your plants will wake up from their winter hibernation and grow rapidly.

This is also a great time to take a pothos cutting and place it in water. Within a few weeks it will grow new roots and can be planted out in soil. For a denser leaf coverage, plant 2-3 pothos vines in 1 pot.

2. Place pothos plants in bright indirect light

Put your pothos plant in a position that gets bright light for most of the day. This will help the vines to trial faster. As the leaves are able to access more light, they will increase their rate of photosynthesis and grow longer faster.

3. Aim for higher humidity

Increasing the humidity levels around your pothos plant is another way to help them to grow and trail faster. If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area like I do you can let the naturally increasing humidity levels help you out.

If you live in a dryer area, set up a small plant humidifier near your pothos to encourage them to trail fast.

4. Avoid pruning the vines or taking cuttings

To encourage your pothos to trial faster it is important to avoid pruning it during its growth period. Allowing the vines to grow naturally in spring and summer will give you the longest vines possible.

Unless you are planning on attempting to grow more plants, then leave your vines alone and don’t cut them back.

5. Water pothos regularly

Regular water is essential for fast growing pothos plants and long trailing vines. In spring and summer I increase my watering schedule to 2 times per week to get the vines to grow as fast as possible.

My plants are growing in relatively small pots for their size so need to be topped up with water more regularly.

If you are not sure if your pothos needs water, stick your finger in the soil 2 inches down. If it feels dry then it is time to water.

For tips on how to bottom water pothos plants, check out my article here: Watering pothos from the bottom | Should you do it?

6. Apply slow release fertilizer at the start of spring

For fast trailing pothos plants give them a feed of slow release fertilizer at the start of spring. I like to use a general, all purpose indoor plant food. This is low odor and will last for around 3 months.

This will give the pothos the nutrients it needs to grow rapidly and extend its vine length to trail.

7. Choose a Golden Pothos

For the fastest trailing pothos choose a golden pothos variety. These are the fastest growing pothos in my experience and grow long trailing vines within a few weeks of planting.

Golden pothos are easy to grow, can grow from cuttings easily and look great with their green and yellow contrasting leaves.

I am growing lots of golden pothos because they grow rapidly. Most have come from cuttings from my original golden pothos plant.

Tip: The more light your golden pothos gets, the more gold you will see on the leaves.

How Long it Takes for Pothos to Trail | Summary

Pothos plants can trail within 3 months of planting. These rapidly growing vines will grow up a grow pole, trial down a book shelf or can be hung over wall hooks for a beautiful indoor look. I am growing my pothos down a high book shelf letting them trail down naturally.

These vines area adding almost an inch of growth per week now that it is spring. These plants need more water in spring and summer so make sure you check the soil and water more regularly for a fast growth.

Happy growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I encourage my Pothos to trail faster?

To encourage your Pothos to trail faster, make sure it is getting enough indirect sunlight and water. You can also try using a slow-release fertilizer and placing the plant in a planter that encourages healthy growth.

What are some tips for trailing Pothos?

Some tips for trailing Pothos include using hooks to position and trail the vines, pruning the plant to encourage branching, and training the vines to grow in the desired direction.

Is it normal for Pothos to take a while to start trailing?

Yes, it is normal for Pothos to take a while to start trailing. The plant needs to establish a strong root system and grow enough leaves before it can begin to trail.

Can Pothos be trained to climb instead of trail?

Yes, Pothos can be trained to climb instead of trail. You can use a moss pole or trellis to support the plant and encourage it to climb.

Will fertilizing my Pothos help it to trail?

Fertilizing your Pothos can help it to trail faster by providing the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. However, be careful not to over-fertilize, as this can damage the plant.

Should I prune my Pothos to encourage trailing?

Yes, pruning your Pothos can encourage trailing by promoting branching and new growth. Be sure to use clean, sharp pruning shears and only remove a small amount of growth at a time.