How long it takes to propagate pothos | 5 Tips for new plants in 4 weeks

Pothos are easy to propagate and take around 4 weeks to sprout in water and have them ready to plant out into soil. Spring is the best time to take pothos cuttings because they will grow roots quickly. Pothos can take more than 6 weeks in the cooler weather to sprout roots but it is important to wait until they 3-4 inches before you plant them out.

This article will explore all you need to know about the time it takes to propagate pothos, how you can get it to sprout roots quicker and how to know it is ready to plant out.

How to propagate pothos as quick as possible

Here are my tips for taking pothos cuttings from newly snipped to growing into its own plant in 4 weeks. Follow these 5 tips to give your cutting the best chance to grow well.

1. Take cuttings in spring with aerial roots

The best time of year to take cuttings is in spring as the plant will be in its growth phase and ready to grow new leaves and new roots. Take a cutting that is around 5-6 inches long and try to find a piece that has an aerial root.

The aerial root will grow rapidly into a long root and over time smaller thing white roots will pop out from the root. Once you see smaller roots the plant is definitely ready to plant out and will grow quickly once it is moved into soil.

2. Choose a deep jar of water

Another key to growing long deep pothos roots is to put the cutting in a deep jar. I have used a long jar that had tomato passata in it and it made the perfect jar for sprouting roots. You can also use a vase to grow your cuttings as these can be deeper with a larger base allowing room for roots to grow.

3. Refresh the water each week and place near a bright window

Another key to growing pothos cuttings as quick as possible is to refresh the water in the jar every week. This will keep the water clear and the pothos cutting growing its roots rapidly. Placing the jar near a bright window will help the roots grow fast but it is important to replace the water to keep it clear.

4. Add a dash of fertilizer if you have it

After 3-4 weeks you can add a dash of liquid fertilizer which will give the cutting a nitrogen boost. This isn’t always necessary but can give your cutting some extra nitrogen if the leaves are starting to turn yellow.

5. Plant cuttings out when the roots are 4 inches long

Pothos cuttings can be planted out once they have roots that have grown around 4 inches long. Once they grow at least this length they will  start to grow smaller, white roots which are fantastic at absorbing water and nutrients.

Once you see small white roots you know that the pothos cutting is ready to put into soil and it will grow quickly once it has been transplanted.

Plant pothos in to good quality potting soil

The final step once you have your pothos cutting growing well is to plant them into a small pot with good quality potting soil. I like to choose a premium potting soil and plant 2-3 cuttings in the same pot. It makes a dense plant that gives you the flexibility to separate the cuttings over time if they fill out the pot.

Raising cuttings in the same pot is a great idea to make it easier for you to keep them alive. The cuttings like to have regular water so for the first 2 weeks water them every 3 days to keep them happy and support the transfer from water to soil.

How long does it take for pothos to root in water?

Pothos usually takes 4 weeks to grow well established roots in water. This will happen quicker in spring and summer as the weather is warmer. Place the jar near a bright window to encourage roots to grow quickly but remember to replace the water each week to avoid it growing algae and turning green.

How can I speed up my pothos propagation?

Speed up pothos propagation in a jar of water by taking the cutting in spring and choosing a deep jar which will give the stem more areas to grow roots. Replace the water regularly, place them by a bright window and take a cutting that has a piece of aerial root which will help to grow roots quicker.

Why do pothos take so long to root?

Pothos can take longer to root in winter or if the piece of cutting is too short. I like to take tip cuttings which means to trim a piece of pothos stem that comes from the end. This piece will already be in the growth phase ready to grow new leaves and soft stems.

Can you propagate pothos from just a leaf?

You cannot propagate pothos from just a leaf very easily at all. You will need to take a piece of stem from the plant that can grow roots. Taking a piece of stem from near the end of the plant with a piece of aerial root will almost guarantee success.

Make sur ethe stem is always in the water and it is best if it has a few leaves that can continue to photosynthsise and make food for the new cutting.

How long it takes to propagate pothos | Summary

It takes around 4 weeks to take a pothos cutting, grow roots and have it ready to plant out into new soil. Do this in spring if you want cuttings as fast as possible and take a piece of stem that has an aerial root. Choose a deep jar and fill it with clean water to grow your pothos fast.

Once the roots have grown to a few inches long you can plant it out into good quality potting soil and it will be happy. Water regularly to begin with and you will have new plants for free.

Happy gardening.