How much light does monstera need? | 6 Easy Tips for perfect light

Monstera need at least 6 hours of indirect, bright light. Provide monstera with more light by using an overhead or strip UV grow light. Monstera grown outdoors need at least 6 hours of light but will need to be shaded from the afternoon sun.

Monstera plants need light to grow rapidly and for their leaves to grow large. This is particularly important for variegated monstera as they will have less area on their leaves that will photosynthesize.

This article will explore how much light monstera needs indoors and outdoors and the 6 easy steps to give your monstera the right amount of light

How much light monstera needs – 6 Tips

Monstera need at least 6 hours of bright, indirect light indoors and outdoors. They will need protection from the afternoon sun and protection from radiant heat from windows. This article will explore my top 6 tips to give monstera the right amount of light

1. Place near a bright window

Indoor monstera plants will grow best if they are placed near a bright window that gets morning light. I like to keep my monstera at least 2 feet away from the window so that the radiant heat does not burn the leaves.  

2. Avoid direct afternoon sun

Avoid placing monstera indoors or outdoors in a position that gets afternoon sun. Spring and summer sun can be too bright and can burn the monstera leaves if they are not shaded. Monstera can be moved when spring arrives to a position that is shaded by nearby trees or away from indoor windows.

3. Place monstera in a part shade position outdoors

For monstera plants that are growing outdoors place them in a position that gets part shade. Monstera are tropical plants that will grow best if they are protected from direct sunlight throughout the day. While they are hardy and can survive a bright winter position monstera can suffer in summer in hot climates.

4. Turn monstera if they start to lean towards the light

Indoor monstera plants will generally start to lean towards the light source. If they are placed by a window you will usually find that the leaves start to turn and point towards the window. To balance the plant turn the plant every 4-5 weeks and it will change direction and balance itself out.

5. Move monstera to a brighter position if it looks leggy

Monstera that are grown in a position that is not getting enough light it can start to grow long and leggy. Stems will become thin and the leaves can start to bend over. This is a sign that the plant can be moved near a window or add a grow light to give it some extra UV rays.

6. Use a UV grow light

Monstera plants that are kept in a dark corner indoors will benefit from UV grow lights. You can buy these in strips that can be stuck on a wall or book case. You can also get an overhead UV light which look like a lamp and can actually look like a great feature in your home.

Can monstera grow in shade?

Monstera can grow in shade as long as they get at least 6 hours of bright light. This light does not need to be direct and your monstera will still grow well.

Outdoor monstera plants will grow well if they are shaded by nearby palm trees, ferns or are kept in a shade-house alongside other shade loving lants such as orchids.

Can monstera survive in no light?

Monstera cannot survive in no light but if they are kept in a dark position they can survive with artificial light. If you have a dark corner in your house and still want to grow a monstera, use a grow lamp with UV light rays to help it get enough light.

No plant can really survive with no light at all but for monstera the idea amount of light is around 6 hours. Monstera will grow large leaves which are fantastic at capturing light and photosynthesizing. If you are growing a variegated monstera, these will need more indirect light than those that are fully green.

How do I know if my monstera is getting too much light?

Monstera can burn if they are getting too much light. The leaf edges can turn brown and the plant can droop. Too much light can cause the plant to dry rapidly and the leaves will bend and droop. Yellow or brown marks on the leaves can also be a sign that the leaves have been burnt by the sun.

Can monstera grow under LED light?

Monstera can grow indoors with LED lights but these should not be the main light source. Place monstera near a window or use UV grow lamps if they are in a dark spot indoors. LED light does not contain the right wavelength light to enable the plant to photosynthesize but it will not cause damage.

How much light does monstera need? | Summary

Monstera need 6 hours of light to grow rapidly, to grow new leaves and aerial roots. Water the monstera when the soil is dry every 3-4 weeks and place grow lights nearby if it is getting less than 6 hours of light. Monstera are easy care plants indoors or outdoors but protect them from afternoon suns o they don’t burn.

Happy growing.