How Often Monstera Grow New Leaves | Every 5 Weeks in Spring

Monstera will grow new leaves on average every 5 weeks in the warmer seasons of spring and summer. This means you will get a new leaf on your monstera around every month. In winter and fall the leaf growth will slow and you may get a leaf every 6-8 weeks depending on your climate.

Monstera love a tropical, high humidity climate and will grow new leaves quicker when the weather is warm. To get your monstera to grow new leaves quicker, place them near a bright window out of direct sun, allow the plant to dry out between watering and feed it with a slow release fertilizer.

New monstera leaves start off a light green color before turning darker.

This article will explore how often monstera will grow new leaves indoors, outdoors and in different weather. Find out more about how to get your monstera to grow new leaves quicker.

How often indoor monstera will grow new leaves

Indoor monstera plants that are growing in warm humid conditions can grow a new leaf every 4-5 weeks. If they are placed in a position that gets at least 6 hours of filtered light, are watered every 1-2 weeks and are given a slow release indoor plant food it will rapidly grow leaves.

My indoor monstera is happily growing a new leaf every 4 weeks indoors. I live in a sub-tropical climate and have my monstera around 3 feet from a window that gets morning sun. The monstera is around 2 years old and has started growing large leaves with the classic Swiss cheese holes.

A new leaf on my indoor monstera plant.

It took my monstera over a year of growing at home before the leaves were large enough to develop the classic monstera shape. Now they are growing regularly and each side of my plant is getting larger.

Monstera actually grow like a vine so each stem will continue to grow longer and send out new leaves from the end. It can be a great idea to grow your monstera up a coconut coir grow pole to encourage new leaf growth and stop it from falling over in your pot.

How often outdoor monstera grow new leaves

Leaf growth on outdoor monstera can be rapid. If they are positioned in part shade, get regular water and are planted in good soil you could see a new leaf every week on a large plant. Spring and summer are their peak times for growth so look out for new leaves which pop up in long spikes then uncurl.

If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area outdoor monstera will thrive without much attention. Regular rainfall can be enough to keep them growing without any extra water. If you want to keep them growing rapidly, water them during dry spells and throw on some pelleted chicken manure in spring.

This will add organic matter to the soil feeding the plant and the soil and help it to grow new leaves quicker.

How it takes for new Monstera leaves to open

Monstera leaves can take 2 weeks to grow from a small spike to fully uncurl. I have found that indoor monstera leaves are taking 1-2 weeks to open in the spring. The larger the leaf, the longer it will take to pop out and uncurl. Once they do it is worth the wait, especially when it is full of natural holes.

To help leaves to open quicker it is important that the plant gets regular water but is also allowed to dry out between watering. Monstera are prone to overwatering so check the soil before adding more water.

New monstera leaves start out looking like a spike from the center of the stem.

How to make Monstera grow more leaves

Here are my top 4 tips to make your monstera grow more leaves in spring at home. These work for both indoor and outdoor monstera plants.

1. Warm weather and a warm position

Warm weather is the key to fast leaf growth on monstera. Move indoor monstera near a bright window where it gets more light. Find a warm position in your home with 6 hours of filtered light.

Outdoor monstera in pots can be moved to a warmer position. A position that gets morning light but afternoon shade is perfect for your potted monstera in winter. If you get very harsh winters you will need to protect your monstera from frosts under a verandah or in a greenhouse.   

My monstera sitting on a book shelf near a window.

2. Good soil

Potted monstera or those growing in the ground will grow more leaves if they have good soil. Soil that drains well and is rich in organic matter is perfect for a fast growing monstera. They hate to have wet roots so add some compost into your ground soil before planting monstera.

For potted monstera, always choose a premium potting soil when repotting. Monstera will still thrive in a small pot but after 2-3 years upgrade them to a pot that is 1-2 inches wider and deeper. This will give their roots more room to grow and more opportunity to absorb nutrients and water.

3. Regular water

Getting the water balance right for monstera is key to growing lots of leaves. Outdoor monstera in high rainfall areas can survive on rain alone once they are established. Top up with water when the weather has been dry for more than 3 weeks in summer.

For indoor monstera plants I find that they like water every 2-3 weeks on average. This will depend on your indoor temperature and the size of the pot. Large pots can hold water for a lot longer but small pots may need water every week as the plant establishes.

The trick to knowing if your plant needs more water is to test the soil with your finger or a skewer. If it is damp 1-2 inches below the surface then it can wait before it is watered. Once the soil feels dry go ahead and water the plant thoroughly and allow it to drain well.

4. Slow release fertilizer

Add some good quality slow release fertilizer to your monstera plant in spring and again in fall. This is all your plants will need to stay happy across the year. For outdoor monstera you can use a gentle fertilizer like pelleted chicken manure. Apply this in spring and fall to build up the soil and feed the plant.

Why doesn’t my Monstera have new leaves?

The top reasons why monstera will not grow more leaves are due to cold weather, poor soil, water imbalance and a lack of nutrients. Wait until spring and summer to see rapid leaf growth. In the winter you can move your monstera near a bright window to give it more warmth and light. Avoid direct sun but find a warm place in your home to encourage winter leaves.

Monstera will go through a natural dormant period in winter where leaf growth will slow. Don’t panic because when the warm weather returns in spring your monstera will burst back to life.

How Often Monstera Grow New Leaves | Summary

Monstera will grow new leaves on average every 5 weeks in spring and summer. In winter monstera leaf growth will slow and you may see a new leaf every 6-8 weeks. Water monstera regularly, add an all-purpose fertilizer and place them in a bright position to encourage fast, healthy leaf growth.