How Often to Water Lucky Bamboo in Soil | Once Per Week

Lucky bamboo can grow fast in soil if it is kept moist. For a pot that is 5 inches deep, add around 1/3 of a cup of water each week. Always remember to position lucky bamboo out of direct sunlight so the soil does not dry out to quickly. Lucky bamboo growing in pots with drainage can be thoroughly watered once per week allowing the excess water to drain through.

For lucky bamboo pots growing in pots without drainage it is best to only add a small amount of water each week. I add around 1/3 of a cup of water every Saturday to keep my small lucky bamboo growing well. My pot only has a tiny drainage hole so water can get stuck down the bottom of the pot.

This article will explore all you need to know about watering lucky bamboo grown in soil to keep it happy and healthy.

How to water lucky bamboo in soil

The type of pot your lucky bamboo is growing in makes a difference to the way you water it. Here is my guide to watering lucky bamboo in pots with and without drainage.

Pots with drainage

Lucky bamboo growing in pots with drainage holes in the bottom will allow you to thoroughly water all of the soil until you see it drain through the bottom. Take the pot over to your sink, thoroughly wet the whole surface of the soil and allow it to gradually drain through the bottom. Turn the tap on slowly to give the soil time to absorb the water.

Indoor lucky bamboo plants can then be returned to a pot tray or placed in an outer pot without drainage holes. This will catch all the drips and protect your furniture. Always make sure the bottom of the outer pot or pot tray is empty of water otherwise the roots can rot.

Pots without drainage

Lucky bamboo growing in pots without drainage need a different approach to watering. Add a small amount of water to the pot each week to keep the soil moist. I add around 1/3 of a cup of water to the plant each week. I also have the soil covered in coconut coir which helps to keep the soil moist for longer.

It is important not to overwater these plants otherwise the excess water will sit at the bottom of the pot and cause fungal growth and root damage.

My lucky bamboo pot only has a tiny drainage hole so I need to avoid giving it too much water.

Best position for lucky bamboo growing in soil

Positioning lucky bamboo so it gets the right amount of light is important to support its growth. Avoid direct sunlight as this will dry out the soil rapidly and may cause sunburn on the leaves.  Bamboo is tolerant of deep shade so avoid too much light.

I like to place my lucky bamboo in a low light position away from windows. It still gets filtered light throughout the day and the soil will stay moist even in the warmer weather.

My lucky bamboo is sitting around 6 feet away from a window.

How to know if lucky bamboo is overwatered

Lucky bamboo can easily be overwatered so here are the top signs to look out for.

Dark spots on leaves

If you see dark brown or black spots develop on the leaves the plant may be overwatered. These dark brown or black spots could be fungal growth. The best way to deal with this problem is to snip off the damaged leaves and reduce your watering schedule. The plant should bounce back on its own.

Yellowing leaves

Yellowing leaves can be a sign that the lucky bamboo is getting too much water. As the nitrogen is washed away the leaves will suffer, will reduce the amount of green chlorophyll and will turn yellow. If the soil feels wet and soggy all the time it is time to reduce the amount of water the plant gets.

Small marks on my bamboo leaves are from previous overwatering. These leaves are still green and healthy and will recover.

Soggy soil

Lucky bamboo like moist soil but soggy soil can damage the plant. If the soil looks wet all the time, is growing mold or smells then it is too wet. Very wet soil can become low in oxygen, compact and the plant roots will suffer.

If the soil is very soggy it may be better to repot your bamboo. Take it out of its original pot, remove the old soil gently and repot it with some fresh, good quality potting soil. This will give the plant back the oxygen, organic matter and nutrients to help it to grow well.

Place coconut coir on the surface of the soil to absorb extra water and reduce evaporation.

Stem damage

If you notice damage to the stem including browning or yellowing this could be a sign of overwatering. If the roots have become damaged by fungal growth due to overwatering the plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients it needs.

In this case repotting is a good idea and add a small amount of slow release fertilizer to the top of the soil. This will be all the nutrients the lucky bamboo needs for the year and will help it to recover from the overwatering period.

Bamboo stems should be bright or dark green when they are growing well.

How Often to Water Lucky Bamboo in Soil | Summary

Lucky bamboo will grow well in soil with water once per week. If the pot has drainage you can thoroughly wet the soil and allow the excess water to drain out the bottom. If your pot does not have drainage it is important to only add a small amount to the soil to avoid overwatering.

For a pot that is 5 inches deep, add around 1/3 of a cup of water each week to keep the plant happy.