How Tall Do Snow Peas Grow? | Easy-to-Read Height Chart (Infographic)

Snow peas can grow over 8 feet high. They are a climbing plant so will grow tendrils and look for places to climb up as they grow.  Dwarf (or bush) snow peas grow to around 2.3 feet or 70cm and are great for small spaces or even pots.  You will need to grow your snow peas up a trellis to allow them to grow to full height.

This article will explore all you need to know about growing snow peas and how to prepare a trellis to support them.

Snow Pea Height Chart

Snow pea varietyHeight
Oregon (bush or dwarf)2.3 feet or 0.7 Meter
Oregon Giant3.3 feet or 1 Meter
Yellow Podding6.5 feet or 2 Meters
Mammoth Melting6.5 feet or 2 Meters
Yakumo Giant8.2 feet or 2.5 Meters

How tall to make a trellis be for snow peas

Some varieties of snow pea will grow over 8 feet or 2.5 meters so you will need a trellis to support them. I suggest you make the trellis as tall as you have room for.  I usually make mine 2 meters high.

If the snow peas grow beyond this height, you can just pinch of the tips (which taste great in salads) and they will stay at the height of your trellis.  This also makes it easier for the kids to reach.

How long snow peas take to reach full height

Snow peas are quick growing plants so will only take around 3-4 weeks to reach close to their full height.  They will start to grow flowers and then peas as they continue to grow in height.

That is the great thing about snow peas, they will continue to produce throughout the winter season producing lots of peas over this time.

Do snow peas need a trellis?

The taller climbing varieties of snow pea will need something to climb on as they grow.  There are lots of ways to make a trellis for your snow peas so here are some ideas to try:

How to make a Snow Pea Tee Pee

I have had great fun making a snow pea tee pee.  You can use bamboo posts or wooden stakes and place them around in a circle.  You can then cover with some chicken wire or string and plant the seeds around the base in the circle.

This is great for kids and can be a great place for them to hide and play.  Check out the video below on how to grow a snow pea tee pee. You could grow any climber on this shape but peas work great.

Make a trellis with stakes and string

The simplest way to support your snow peas is with wooden or metal stakes and string.  Just hammer the stakes into the ground around 3 feet apart. Then tie string between each stake in rows.

Allow around 1 foot of space between each row of string and this will give your snow peas the perfect place to climb.  You may want to have one row of string around 4 inches from the ground to give your small plants something to grab onto.

Grow your peas on a wire fence

Another great way to grow snow peas is to grow them up a fence.  Wire fences are the best and act like a ready-made trellis for your peas.  If you have a wooden fence, you could attach some chicken wire to the side of your fence just for pea growing and remove this at the end of the growing season.

Tips to grow snow peas to full height

It is always important to plant your snow pea seeds straight into the ground. Snow peas are great plants for kids to learn to grow as the seeds are big and they grow successfully. Snow peas grow over the cold weather so plant them when the weather starts to cool down in Fall (or Autumn). 

Prepare the soil, dig it over and add some composted cow manure.  Dig it into the ground and make sure there are no weeds.

They love a sunny position so find a nice, open spot in your garden.  Plant them 1/2 and inch into the soil and only water them once until you see the seed start to sprout out of the ground. Then, keep moist and watch them grow high.

Dwarf snow pea height

Dwarf snow peas or bush varieties are a great choice for small spaces or for growing with kids.  These small bush snow peas will be the perfect height for kids to be able to reach and pick all of the peas easily.

They only grow to around 2.5 feet so are a great compact plant for a small space.  Snow peas grow easily so give them a go in your garden.

Growing snow peas in pots

You absolutely can grow snow peas in pots but make sure you get the bush or dwarf variety.  If you find they are still growing too tall, just pinch of the tips and it will keep them growing bushy and small. 

If you do want to grow the taller varieties in a pot, you absolutely can. Just put a stake in the middle of the pot and let them grow up the stake.  You may find as they grow bigger that you may need to tie them to the stake.  It is best to place only 4 or 5 seeds in a circle around the stake.

How many snow peas will grow on plants?

The best thing about snow peas is they produce early on and keep growing. Which means you won’t get them all at once.  This means you can pick a few snow peas for your dinner or lunch each day.

Picking in this way will encourage the plant to keep producing peas over and over.  If you plant a pack of seeds, you will have more than enough for your family and even some to share with friends.


Snow peas generally grow to be between 2 and 3 feet tall, but this can vary depending on the specific variety and growing conditions. It’s important to choose a trellis or support system that can accommodate their height, and to harvest the pods regularly to encourage continued growth.