How to Care for Monstera in Winter | 5 Easy Steps

Care for your monstera in winter by watering them every 4 weeks allowing the water to drain through thoroughly. Place monstera near a bright window and fertilize with a slow release fertilizer in Fall before the cold weather arrives.

Monstera are hardy plants but can be easily overwatered in winter. This guide will go through the top things to remember when caring for monstera over the winter months. You will have a healthy plant that will be ready to grow lots of new leaves in spring following these easy steps.

Monstera Winter Care – 5 Easy Tips

Here are my top tips to care for your monstera over winter. This will keep it green and ready to grow new leaves and shoots in spring.

1. Place monstera near a bright window

Place monstera near a bright window indoors over winter. This will help the plant to photosynthesize in the cooler and darker months. Monstera growth will slow but it will continue to be bright green and growing a healthy root system over this time.

Outdoor monstera can be moved into an area that gets bright morning sun. This will help to dry the soil out after watering and keep it warmer than a full shade position.

This monstera sits near a window in winter and has started to grow a new leaf now that it is the beginning of spring.

2. Reduce your watering schedule over winter

Avoid overwatering monstera by only watering them once every 4 weeks. Check the soil with your finger and if it is dry 2 inches down soak the soil and allow it to drain. Monstera can be easily overwatered so slow down your watering indoors.

A monstera that is kept outdoors that gets regular winter rain may not need any extra water at all. If the leaves look like they are drooping, check that the soil is dry and give it a deep water. This should get the leaves to stand back up within a day.

Water monstera around once per month over winter.

3. Avoid nitrogen based fertilizer

Avoid adding any nitrogen based fertilizer to monstera during winter as it will slow its growth and won’t need anything extra. Prepare monstera for winter instead by give them some slow release indoor plant fertilizer in fall. The plant will have some time to absorb the nutrients before it cools down.

Outdoor monstera can be fertilized with organic aged animal manure. I like to use pelleted chicken manure on outdoor plants because it is natural but it does have a smell. This will disappear in 1 day after watering.

4. Place in sheltered area outdoors

Monstera can be kept alive outdoor during the winter if they are kept in a sheltered area, avoid frosts and are watered once per month. Monstera are easily damaged by cold snaps and frost so place it under a verandah that gets morning sun and afternoon shade.

The monstera will dry out quick enough so that it doesn’t suffer root rot. Make sure you only water once the soil seems dry or the leaves start to droop. Plant monstera in good quality potting mix so that it drains well but still feeds the plant.

Most good quality potting mixes will contain slow release fertilizer that can last up to 3 months. After this give monstera another feed of slow release fertilizer in fall and spring.

Use good quality potting soil when planting monstera indoors or outdoors.

5. Prune off any dead or damaged leaves

Take sharp and clean secateurs and remove any damaged leaves. Prune them back to the base of the stem. When Spring arrives the monstera will sprout new leaves to replace the old ones.

Infographic; How to care for monstera in winter

Will monstera survive winter?

Monstera are hardy plant and will survive winter if they are protected from snow and frost. If you live in an area that gets plenty of cold winter weather it is best to move potted monstera inside or into a greenhouse.

Monstera are easy to grow indoors particularly if you live in a temperate or sub-tropical climate. These plants love humidity so using a humidifier over winter can keep them growing strong. As monstera leaves get bigger they will start to split and show the traditional Swiss cheese look.

My monstera deliciosa is just big enough now to have splits in the leaves and is growing strong. This plant is ready to be repotted and I will wait until spring so that it is in its growth phase. Once you start seeing roots coming from the base of the plant it is time to move it into a bigger pot.

I like to keep monstera indoors with an inner and outer pot.

Can I leave my monstera outside in winter?

You can leave your monstera outside in winter if you live in a subtropical or tropical area. Protect the leaves from frosts and place it in a position that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. This is the best place to grow an outdoor monstera.

If your monstera is planted in the ground and suffers from frost damage you can prune them off when the weather warms in spring. Leaving damaged leaves on the plant can help to protect the other leaves and central stem.

Damaged monstera leaves will protect new leaves over winter.

How often should I water my monstera in winter?

Water monstera once every 4 weeks in winter if they are kept indoors. Take the inner pot out and place it in a sink or outdoors. Thoroughly wet the soil all around the plant until you see it drain through the bottom. Leave the pot to drain for 10 minutes before bringing it back indoors on a pot tray or outer pot.

Let water drain out of the bottom of the pot before placing it back on a pot tray or outer pot without drainage holes.

How to care for monstera in winter | Summary

Monstera are easy care plants that will survive winter with water every 4 weeks. Avoid fertilizing during winter and make sure the extra water can drain away from the roots. Monstera love a spot that gets morning sun if they are outdoors or a bright window if they are indoors.