How to Grow Orange Trees Faster | Top 6 Ways

To grow orange trees faster plant them in rich, fertile well-draining soil, feed them with pelleted chicken manure at the start of each season and mulch them with 2-3 inches of bark mulch, straw or hay. To help them to grow a wide a stable root system, give them a dose of fish emulsion.

Regular water is also key to growing your orange trees faster. This article will explore the top ways to get your orange tree to grow faster so you get more fruit sooner.

How to grow orange trees faster

Here are the top ways to get your orange tree to grow faster at home.

1. Plant then when the weather is warm

Warm climates will give you a fast growing orange tree. They love warm, even tropical climates and regular water. If you live in an area that gets cold winter they will need protection, especially from frost.

If you are planning to plant a new orange tree wait until spring. This will be when the weather and soil is starting to warm up and will help the roots to establish fast before the cool winter.

You can place orange trees in pots in greenhouses over winter to protect them from the cold. When spring arrives place them in a full sun position and you will soon get flowers and fruit.

You will get loads of new leaves in spring when the soil and air temperature warms up.

2. Plant orange trees in rich fertile soil

To grow orange trees as fast as possible plant them in soil that has been improved with lots of natural organic matter. I like to mix through aged compost, aged cow manure and a handful of pelleted chicken manure. This will help the soil to drain well and allow the roots to spread wide anchoring the plant.

Organic matter like manure and compost will feed worms and soil bacteria which digest and release the nutrients making them available for the orange tree.

Oranges that have been planted in poor soil will grow incredibly slow. Soil that is very sandy will be low in nutrients and will not hold water. Soil that contains too much clay will hold too much water and may rot the roots.

If you are planting your orange tree in a pot, choose a premium potting soil and mix through some pelleted chicken manure. This will gently feed the plant and will allow good drainage.

3. Give orange trees regular water

Orange trees need regular water to help them to grow as fast as possible. Orange trees that suffer from dry spells, particularly when they are young will grow slow and can develop fruit that is grainy or dry. The tree will struggle to absorb the nutrients it needs and can die off completely.

To keep your orange tree growing rapidly, give it regular water when they are first planted and during the summer months. Watering 2-3 times per week with your hose or dripper system is ideal in the hot summer months to get water to their deepest roots.

Orange trees that get regular water will produce loads of new fruit.

This will encourage the plant to send their roots to the deeper soil to stabilize the plant and allow them to reach the moist deep soil.

Over dry winters, orange trees will also need extra water to keep them healthy before the spring growing season. Check the soil and if it is dry 2 inches down deep water the plant. Do this every 2-3 weeks in winter to keep them growing strong.

4. Choose a grafted orange tree

Choose a grafted orange tree if you want fruit fast. A grafted orange tree will be grown on an established and strong root system that is usually between 2-3 years old. Most grafted orange trees will be ready to produce fruit in the next season.

Seedling orange trees are grown from a single seed, which is planted and developed in soil. This will be true to the seed’s genetics and the root system and stem will match. These trees will often take longer before they grow fruit up to 4-5 years.

This is my grafted orange tree which has grown rapidly over the last spring.

For the fastest growing orange tree, a grafted tree can be a great choice. Seedling orange trees can often grow larger in the long run but may grow slower in the first year after transplanting into your yard.

5. Plant orange trees in full sun

Orange trees love bright sunlight so growing them in full sun will help them to grow as fast as possible. Orange trees grow best with at least 6 hours of sunlight helping them to photosynthesize and create the energy needed to grow fast.

If the tree gets too much shade will grow slower and take longer to produce fruit.

If your orange tree is already in the ground give it more light by removing overhanging branches from other trees and shrubs. Move potted orange trees to a bright, sunny spot in spring and you will see beautiful white flower appear.

6. Regular fertilizer

Orange trees need a good balance of nutrients to grow fast. A citrus fertilizer is idea and will give the tree all it needs to grow fast and produce fruit. A great alternative is an organic fertilizer like pelleted chicken manure and fish emulsion. Combine this with a dose of iron chelates in spring and your plant will be happy.

Nitrogen is a key nutrient needed for leaf growth so it is important hat this is available int eh soil so the plant can grow faster. Pelleted chicken manure is a great choice.

Place fertilizer around the root zone of your orange tree.

Easy Steps to make an orange tree grow faster

Here are my favorite ways to help to make your orange tree to grow faster.

Prepare your soil before planting or top dress

Mix compost through your soil before planting a new orange tree. Compost can also be used to top dress the orange after planting to provide a good mulch layer which will fertilize the tree each time it rains.

Place a 2-3 inch layer of compost can be laid on the soil under the tree in Spring and Fall to insulate the soil and prevent weeds. This will break down over a 6 month period and help the tree to grow fast.


Surround your orange tree with a 2-3 inch layer of mulch. Cover the root zone with sugar cane, hay or bark mulch to insulate the soil, feed the worms and soil bacteria and keep the soil moist for longer.

Straw or sugar cane mulch will break down quickly to improve the soil. The light mulches will feed the worms, prevent weeds and keep water in the soil. Heavier mulches like bark mulch will last longer and are great for windy areas.

Feed the tree with a balanced fertilizer

Keeping the orange tree well fed with organic fertilizer during the warmer growing season will get it growing as fast as possible. A liquid citrus fertilizer, pelleted chicken manure and a top dressing of aged cow manure will supercharge the soil ready for rapid orange tree growth.

How to Grow Orange Trees Faster | Summary

Orange trees are fun to grow at home and a few tricks can help them to grow faster. Plant new trees in spring so they get off to the best start in warming soil. They will quickly grow new leaves and can even produce flowers. Water and feed the plant regularly and you will be rewarded with delicious oranges in no time.

Happy gardening.