If You Cut a Monstera Leaf will it Grow Back? | 10 Pruning Tips for Fuller Plants

If you cut a monstera leaf in half or damage it will not grow back. If the leaf is removed at the base of the main growing stem it will be replaced by new healthy, leaves at the end of the vine. If you cut the main growing stem the monstera will branch out and grow new leaves.

After pruning Monstera stems it will create a new growing point from the nearest node where the cut was made.

Within a few months, the part of the plant that you cut away will have completely grown back with at least 1 or maybe 2 stems.

Sometimes a new leaf will sprout from the same point that the leaf was cut back to. The leaf in the photo below took over 6 months to start to grow back after being cut.

If you want your monstera to grow bushier, remove a piece of the stem back above the node. The plant will then grow back and grow new stems.

If you want to take a cutting from the monstera cut a piece below at least 1 node and place it in water. Cut the remaining stem back to the lower node and both the plant and the new cutting can grow.

The leftover stem from leaves that have been removed will turn brown and die back.

Place your cutting in a jar or vase of water to grow a new plant. Monstera cuttings can survive for months in water before they are planted out in soil.

How to prune monstera – 10 Tips

Here are a few tips when removing monstera leaves and pruning the plant overall. This will give you a strong healthy plant that will quickly grow new leaves.

1. Wear gloves

Start by putting on gloves and wearing a long sleeve shirt. The sap can irritate your skin so keep it off with gloves and sleeves. You can also wear eye protection stop any sap that might splash.

2. Use sharp, clean secateurs

Use a pair of sharp and clean secateurs. Wipe the blades with eucalyptus oil or methylated spirits to remove any bacteria or fungus that may have been carried from other plants.

For smaller indoor monstera plants you can use sharp garden scissors to trim the leaves.

Secateurs can be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Just make sure you oil them after this process to prevent rust.

3. Prune in spring

The best time to prune monstera is in spring. The plant will be full of growth hormones due to the warm weather and extending daylight hours.

Pruning monstera in spring will allow it to grow back faster.

4. Remove smaller leaves

Start by removing smaller leaves lower down on the Monstera stem. Smaller monstera will have small, unsplit leaves lower down.

These leaves will be the first to droop and turn brown as the plant replaces them with new, large leaves.

Remove lower, smaller leaves once they start to droop or turn brown.

5. Remove damaged stems

Check the stems of your monstera and if any are broken or damaged they can be cut back. Cut back any broken stems to the next healthy growth node.

6. Balance the plant

When pruning your monstera it is essential that it stays balanced on each side. This is particularly important if it is growing in a pot. A lop-sided monstera can easily tip over.

If you reduce stems and leaf coverage on one side, take the time to step back and remove an equal amount from the other side of the plant.

My monstera is growing 2 main stems which need to be pruned equally to keep it upright.

Keep all sides of your monstera plant balanced to stop it falling over.

7. Reduce plant size

Monstera plants can grow big, particularly if they are growing outdoors in the ground. In the right conditions they can grow over 20 feet high and wide. Pruning the stems will help to keep them under control.

8. Cut stems above the node if you are not growing cuttings

If you are simply reducing the size of your monstera cut the stem back just above the nearest node. The monstera will grow new stems from this point.

Cut leaves back above the growth node or above the aerial root if you are not plannign on growign cuttings.

9. Remove 1-2 nodes on each stem at time

It is better to reduce the size of your monstera gradually. Removing 1-2 nodes and leaves at time will help to reduce plant size while still allowing the plant to photosynthesize efficiently.

10. Cut below a node to take stem cuttings

If you plan on taking the stems cuttings then cut the stem below 1 or 2 nodes. This cutting can then be placed in water to grow a new plant.

Cut the remaining stem on the monstera plant back to the next node so it can resprout and grow new stems and leaves.

Cut below a growth node if you want to take a stem cutting.

How to get monstera plants to re-sprout leaves

To encourage your monstera to resprout leaves from the main stem it is important to cut above a growth node. The plant will re-grow a new stem from the node.

Prune your monstera in spring so that it will grow back fast. In the warmer months it will be full of growth hormones and will be ready to grow new leaves and stem from the cut point.

Will monstera stems grow back after being cut?

Monstera stems will grow back after being cut as long as there is a healthy node. It is best to cut the stem back close to the node as any  remaining stem on the node will die back.

Do Monstera leaves grow back after cutting?

If individual leaves are removed along the monster stem they will not grow back. If you want your monstera plant to grow fuller and bushier your will need to remove part of the stem to encourage it to branch.

Make sure you do not remove all of the leaves as this will slow the growth of your monstera and it may not grow back at all.

Make sure your monstera has at least 2-3 healthy nodes before pruning it back so it is strong enough to recover.

Can I cut leaves off my Monstera?

You can cut leaves off of your monstera but they will not grow back unless you remove the stem above a growth point or node. It is important to remove any damaged leaves or leaves that are dying back to allow more sunlight to reach healthy leaves. This will encourage the monstera vine to grow longer.

Where do I cut damaged Monstera leaves?

If your monstera leaf has been damaged cut it back to the main stem as close as possible. Take care not to damage the main stem as any cuts can be an entry point for bacteria or fungi to attack the plant.

Should I cut off damaged leaves from my Monstera?

Damaged leaves should be cut off of monstera. They are more likely to be a target for pests or can develop disease. Cut them off near the base of the stem. If you want your monstera to branch out, cut the stem off above a node.

Should I cut small leaves off Monstera?

Small leaves near the base of your monstera can be cut off. Snip the leaves off near the base of the stem. These leaves will gradually droop over time and turn brown.

The small leaves will be replaced by larger leaves further up the monstera stem.

If You Cut a Monstera Leaf will it Grow Back? | Summary

Monstera leaves that are cut back to the main stem will not grow back. To encourage your monstera to grow more leaves or to branch out the stem can be cut back to the nearest growth node.

Healthy monstera plants will grow a new or multiple stems and leaves from this cut point.

Happy growing.