Lemon Tree Companion Plants | 15 Flowers, Fruit and Herbs

There are many plants that grow great as companions to your lemon trees. You can try a range of flowers like violas, society garlic and African daisy as well as herbs and fruit trees. Always plant outside of the lemon tree root zone or plant herbs in pots and place them nearby. Pots can help to shade the soil around your lemon tree and keep water in your soil for longer.

This article will explore my favorite lemon tree companion plants for you to try at home. Follow these easy tips and great lemon tree companion ideas that I have had success with at home.

Find out the best companion plants to grow with your lemon tree.

1. Violas

My favorite companion plant to my lemon trees are violas. These are beautiful flowers that can be planted in fall and will grow all winter into spring in mild areas. They grow hundreds of tiny flowers which attract bees to help to pollinate your lemon tree.

You can plant them outside of the lemon tree root zone and they will creep across the ground without interfering with the lemon tree roots. They form a fantastic ground cover to keep weeds away and will shade the soil to keep it moist for longer.

Johnny jump ups are easy to grow violas that look great and will grow in harmony with your lemon tree.

2. Society Garlic

Society garlic is a great companion to lemon trees. The garlic smell will help to keep insects away from your lemon tree and the bright purple flowers will attract bees. The pollinating insects attracted by the society garlic will visit your lemon tree to help to pollinate the flowers and set the fruit.

Society garlic is an upright strappy plant with beautiful purple flowers.

3. African daisy

African daisy are a great flower to plant near your lemon tree. They grow in low water conditions and will cover the ground to protect the soil and the bright flowers will attract bees. African daisies or Osteospermum can become a weed in some areas so always choose a new hybrid which won’t self-seed.

Plant African daisy away from the root zone of your lemon tree but within a few meters so encourage the bees.

African daisies are easy to grow and make a great companion to lemon trees to attract bees.

4. Plectranthus

Plectranthus are a great new plant that I have started to grow in my garden to attract bees. They grow large, purple flowers in spring and summer which will match perfectly with the flowering time of lemon trees. The bees will come to visit the flowers and will help to pollinate your lemon trees.

Plectranthus is great to grow in a garden with lemon trees.

5. Gaura

Gaura or butterfly bush are a great addition to any garden but especially if you have a lemon tree. They form the perfect companion with the their tall flowers a beacon for bees. They will increase pollination and grow with almost not attention.

Plant gaura outside of the root zone of your lemon tree and you will get bright beautiful flowers in spring and summer.

Gaura have beautiful flowers that pair perfectly with lemon trees.

6. Marigolds

Marigolds are a great companion for lemon trees. The large marigolds will deter nematodes which can grow in the ground and damage your lemon tree roots. Marigolds will shade the soil and attract bees. They are bright, pretty and a perfect match for your lemon tree.

Marigold are great for planting near lemon trees as they can deter nematodes.

7. Pansy

Pansies are a great summer flowering plant that is the perfect companion for your lemon tree. Fill in small gaps around your garden with small pansies grown for seedlings. Choose a large, ground covering pansy to protect the soil and attract bees.  

Pansies are a great ground cover for protecting soil around lemon trees.

8. Thyme

Thyme pairs perfectly with lemons and grow neatly outside of your lemon tree root zone. I am growing lemon thyme near my lemon tree which can be picked regularly to keep it small and neat. You can place thyme in pots throughout your garden or plant it in the soil. Just keep it 2-3 feet away from the root zone of the plant.

Thyme is a great, small ground cover that will grow nicely near lemon trees.

9. Chives

Chives are a great companion for lemon trees and can deter pest insects. The strong smell of thyme can deter aphids and prevent leaf damage. Chives grow small and upright and won’t interfere with the growth of your lemon tree.

10. Rosemary

Rosemary is a good plant to grow in a garden with lemon trees. This drought hardy plant will make a great companion for your lemon tree and help to keep insects away. I find that rosemary can be a deterrent for pest insects.

Rosemary will need less water than your lemon tree so plant it in your yard but outside of the watering zone of your lemon tree.

My tiny rosemary plant growing near Gaura.

11. Citrus Trees

A perfect companion for lemon trees are other citrus trees. They love the same amount of water, fertilizer and pruning schedule. I have planted limes and oranges with my lemon tree but you could also plant a mandarin, tangerine or clementine. Try blood orange or tangelo for something different to pair with your lemon tree.

I grow my lemon tree right next to my orange tree.

12. Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is a great plant to have in your garden if you have a lemon tree. Star jasmine produces beautifully fragrant flowers in spring and fall and will help to attract bees to pollinate your lemon tree. Plant star jasmine against a screen or trellis so it has somewhere to climb. These plants will grow easily with very little care and look great in your garden.

Star jasmine will attract bees to pollinate your lemon tree.

13. Strawberries

Strawberries are a great plant to keep in the garden with your lemon tree. Plant them in pots and surround your lemon tree with beautiful strawberries. In summer you will be picking lemons and strawberries at the same time. The flowers will attract bees and the pots can shade the soil.

14. Mango trees

Mango trees are a great companion plant for lemon trees if you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area. They love regular water, full sun and good, well-draining soil. You can water your mango and lemon tree at the same time and be picking the fruit off of both in summer.

New sprouts on my mango tree.

15. Oregano

Oregano is one of my favorite ground covers and it work well with lemon trees. You can plant oregano in a pot and place it nearby your tree or grow it outside the root zone. Oregano will shade the soil and is delicious to pick any time of year. Oregano prefers less water than lemon trees so is a great water wise ground cover to plant nearby.

Oregano grows as a ground cover to protect.

Lemon Tree Companion Plants | Summary

Lemon trees grow well with flowering plants other citrus trees and herbs. Keep your lemon tree happy by planting one or a few of the companion plants that I have had success with at home. Deter pest insects, attract bees and keep the soil protected with one of these easy to grow companion plants.

Happy growing.