Putting Monstera Aerial Roots in Water (Hack)

Placing a jar or glass of water around aerial roots of a monstera plant can increase the rate the leaves and stems grow. This can help the plant grow new leaves fast in the short term. In the long term it is much better to allow the aerial roots to grow into soil where it can absorb water and nutrients.

Placing monstera aerial roots in water can help the plant quicker and provide the plant the extra water it needs to grow new leaves. This is particularly important towards late summer when the weather is warmer and the plant will dry out quicker.

How to put monstera aerial roots in water

Here are the easy steps to put your aerial monster roots in water to encourage faster leaf growth.

1. Find a glass, cup or plastic bottle that is tall enough to reach the aerial root.

Plastic soda or water bottles work well for this because they have a small opening that makes it easy to poke the root through. Choose a healthy aerial root that is long enough to reach through the bottle or into the cup.

Monstera growing long aerial root
Look for a long, healthy monstera aerial root to put in your glass of water. They can bend down gently without breaking.

2. Fill the glass or bottle with clean, cool water

Fill the glass or bottle close to the top with clean water. I use tap water for all of my plants but you can also use distilled water if you like.

Monstera growing long root into water
Make sure the water level is high enough to cover at least the root tip. Take care that you don’t break the root when bending it.

3. Top up the water each week

The water level on the glass will go down as the aerial root absorbs more water. The root will grow longer and can grow smaller, white water roots from the sides.

Leaving aerial roots in the water can help your plant to grow quicker, particularly if you forget to water it often.

Prepare yourself for a strange glass or bottle sitting next to your plant and questions from your friends.

Monstera growing a long root into water

4. Do this in late summer

The best way to encourage your monstera to grow leaves faster and to give it the water it needs is to place its aerial roots in water in late summer. This is when your monstera will be looking for more water and will benefit from getting more water through its aerial roots.

What happens when you put monstera aerial roots in water

The first thing that happens when you place a monstera aerial root in water is that it will grow longer. It will grow lots of smaller, white water roots which will absorb the water. You can even add a few drops of liquid plant fertilizer to allow it to absorb nutrients as well

You can trim the aerial root off after it has grown into the water if you don’t like the look. Use sharp, clean secateurs to remove the aerial root as close to the stem as possible. The plant will not suffer if the aerial root is removed

An overwatered monstera will develop drooping leaves and black or brown marks.

Monstera leaf turning brown after overwatering
Brown marks leftover on this leaf after a period of overwatering.

The simple hack of putting aerial monstera roots in a glass, jar or even bottle of water around the aerial roots can make leaves grow faster in some cases. The roots will grow longer, and grow small white, water roots around it. This will enable the plant to grow leaves quicker if the plant is already lacking in water.

What you will end up with is a bottle or glass full of aerial roots next to your houseplant. This can look a bit ugly but if you don’t mind then you can certainly go ahead and do it.

After the stem has sprouted aerial roots into the water, you can trim the stem off and plant it out into new potting soil. Keep the soil moist and it will soon grow into a new plant.

How to encourage fast leaf growth on monstera plants – 5 Easy Tips

There are lots of ways you can support a healthy monstera plant to grow lots of leaves. The key growing time for monsteras is spring and summer where the weather is warmer. Monsteras are tropical plants so grow rapidly in warm, humid weather. Recreating this is the best way to get them to grow fast.

Here are 5 easy tips to encourage your monstera to grow fast.

1. Water regularly

Watering monstera plants regularly is essential for fast growth. This does not mean you need to give them lots of water, just watering them 1-2 times per week in summer or 1 time per week in spring and fall.

Check the soil with your finger regularly 2 inches below the surface to see if it is dry. Deep soak the plant covering the soil with water and allowing the excess to drain out.

This is why I like to plant my monstera in a regular, plastic outdoor pot with drainage holes and then place it in an indoor pot. This means you can take the inner pot out to water it thoroughly in your sink. Allow it to drain well before placing it back in the indoor cache pot.

2. Use a humidifier

Humidity is key to fast monstera growth. If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area you will notice that your plant grows fast in the warm, humid months of summer. You can recreate this if you live in a dry region by using an indoor plant humidifier.

A humidity level around 75% is ideal for fast monstera growth. You can also mist your plants in the morning to give them a short burst of humidity. Only do this if the weather is warm to avoid fungal growth on the leaves.

3. Place them in a position that gets bright, filtered light

Monsteras will need at least 6 hours of bright sunlight to grow well. I find that the more light the plant gets, the denser and bushier it will grow. Place it near a window, at least 2 feet away from glass. Monsteras can burn if they get direct sun or placed too close to the window glass.

Large Monstera leaf

More light paired with high humidity is perfect for fast monstera growth. Monsteras will often grow aerial roots that will reach down into the soil if they are growing in the right conditions. These aerial roots will absorb water and nutrients from the soil and help to stabilize the plant.

4. Use good quality potting soil

Another key tip is to use good quality potting soil when growing your monstera. Choose a premium potting soil with a slow release fertilizer. This helps to feed your plant over the first 3 months. It will contain lots of organic matter and oxygen which is perfect for healthy plant growth.

5. Fertilize regularly

Regular fertilizer will help the plant to grow rapidly in the warmer months of spring and summer. Give it a dose of indoor plant food when the weather begins to warms in spring and feed it again in fall. Look for an indoor plant food that lasts for around 6 months to make it easy to remember.

Putting Monstera Aerial Roots in Water (Hack) | Summary

Putting monstera aerial roots in water can help the plant to absorb water quicker and increase leaf growth. Giving the plant another opportunity to absorb water will help the plant to grow bigger and larger leaves on that stem.

Another option is to direct the aerial roots to grow into the soil. That way they can absorb water and nutrients when you water the plant. In the long term this will help to stabilize the plant and help it to grow well.

You can snip off growth nodes with aerial roots and sprout them in a jar or vase. After it has established roots in the water you can plant it out into soil to grow a new plant.

Happy growing.