What does new growth on pothos look like? | 3 Signs to Look For

New growth on pothos looks lighter in color, usually a light green or a light white color. New growth will also have small, unfurled leaves along the length of the stem. New leaves can also become more variegated which means it will have more contrast. Look out for new growth from the end of the stems or from a point where the pothos was previously pruned.

New growth on pothos will happen quickly in the warmer months of spring and summer where the daylight hours extend. Keeping pothos well-watered and with regular fertilizer will help the vines to grow longer and faster.

This article will help you to identify new growth on pothos, what to look for, and how to get pothos to add new growth faster.

What new growth on pothos looks like

Here are the top things to look for to identify new growth on your pothos. Look out for light green stems, small, curled leaves and more variegation.

1. Lighter colored leaves and stems

New growth on your pothos will be lighter in color. If you prune a piece of the vine off you can see from the point new growth will be, bright and light in color. For most pothos plants this new growth will be light green to almost a light white color.

As the growth continues to mature it will darken in color as the chlorophyll develops in the leaves and stems. Chlorophyll will develop as the new growth is exposed to light. Chlorophyll is essential to support the plant to create carbohydrates from sunlight and carbon dioxide.

New stems will start of very light in color and will gradually darken over time. This new vine is growing from a point where I took a cutting a few months ago.

2. Unfurled leaves

New growth will usually come from the ends of the vines and along the vines you will see unfurled leaves. Leaves will be curled tightly against the stems and will gradually open of the next 1-2 weeks. The more light that the pothos vines are exposed to, the quicker the leaves will unfurl.

3. More variegation in the leaf

New leaves can often grow with more variegation. I have found that the new growth on my golden pothos is becoming lighter and brighter in color. Some of the new leaves on my golden pothos are almost completely yellow which is great. You can take cuttings from the new growth to grow a plant with more variegation.

One of the new leaves on a cutting which is gradually getting lighter.

How to get pothos to add new growth

Here are a few ways to encourage pothos to add new growth. All of these tips will get your pothos to grow new leaves and stems fast.

1. Bright, warm position

Light and warmth is essential to encourage pothos to grow new leaves and stems. Pothos will grow fastest in spring and summer as the day length increases and the temperature warms up. If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area humidity levels usually rise in these seasons.

Pothos are tropical vines and love higher humidity levels. To encourage pothos to grow as fast as possible, move them near a window but at least 2-3 feet away. Avoid direct sun but aim for bright, indirect morning light. Give pothos at least 6 hours of bright light to encourage new growth.

2. Regular water

Regular water is essential for new pothos growth. During summer, pothos will grow fastest with water around once per week. Water your pothos outside or over your sink so you can thoroughly water the soil and allow the excess to drain through.

You can then move the pot back into the outer cache pot or on the pot tray. Avoid leaving the pot sitting in water because this can cause root rot.

A happy plant with the right amount of water will send out new vines quickly adding extra leaves and length to the plant.

Humidity is also important for good pothos growth. You can use an indoor humidifier set at around 65-75% or mist your pothos in the morning during spring and summer.

For more on misting pothos, check out this article: Should I mist my pothos plant? | Pros and Cons + Best ways

3. Fertilizer in spring

Use a good quality fertilizer on your pothos in spring to encourage rapid, new growth. I like to use a good quality, slow release indoor plant food because it only needs to be added twice per year. Fertilizer will slowly release over a 6 month period. Give your pothos another dose of fertilizer in fall to feed it for the next 6 months.

Regular nutrients are essential for new growth on your pothos. Potting soil will slowly run out of nutrients so they will need to be replaced. Remember to fertilizer to make sure your pothos has the nutrients it needs for new growth.

4. Prune old vines

Pruning old vines can encourage new growth to come from the ends. You can cut your pothos back as short as 1 foot from the base of the plant to keep it compact. You can also cut 6-7 inch pieces of stem from the ends of the vines to take as cuttings.

New growth will come from the cut point in spring. This new growth is usually a completely different color so you can tell it is new.

5. Grow cuttings in water

Grow new cuttings in water to add new leaves rapidly on the stems and get a new plant ready to go. Take cuttings in spring that are around 6-7 inches long. Cut just below the growth node and include an aerial root piece if you can. This will help the plant to grow new roots quicker.

Put the cutting in a jar of water near a bright window. Keep it out of direct light and keep the water level topped up. Leaves grow rapidly on new cuttings on warm days. You can get new growth rapidly and place the cuttings back in the original pot or in a new pot with fresh potting soil.  

What does new growth on pothos look like? | Summary

New growth on pothos will look light in color, will have tight, curled leaves and can be more variegated. New growth will form on the end of vines most often but can also branch out from a point that you previously trimmed. New growth will form rapidly on cuttings growth in water in spring. Transfer them to fresh potting soil to create a new plant that is a great gift for a friend.

Happy growing.