Why are my snapdragons flopping over? | All you need to know

Snapdragons will flop over due to hot weather, too much water, dry soil, heavy rain or strong winds. Snapdragons that are not getting enough sun will also be more likely to flop over as they will grow softer stems which can flop over with the weight of heavy blooms.

Snapdragons are best planted in fall will grow and flower in the cooler months and survive all the way to the warmer months. They are known as cool season annuals but will survive through the summer in mild climates and be ready to grow new stems and flowers the next Fall.

Snapdragons will produce flowers from Fall to Spring in mild climates.

Top reasons why snapdragons will flop over

Hot weather

Snapdragons are a cool weather plant which does not grow well when the weather warms up. In moderate climates, they will actually survive all year. When the weather gets too hot and they are exposed to full sun they will flop over.

Before a day that has very hot weather, water the plant well I the morning and it will help it to stay upright. Shading the plant with shade cloth for that day will help to reduce the chances of them flopping over.

Water snapdragons in the morning to give it enough water to stand up.

Too much water

Snapdragons that are given too much water can be prone to root rot. When the roots sit in water for too long the plant can flop over, the leaves can turn black and the plant can die. Make sure the plant is growing in well-draining soil that has been improved with organic matter.

To avoid fungus forming from too much water sitting on the leaves and stems water the soil rather than the leaves, water in the morning so it dries quickly and won’t allow fungus or sooty mold to grow on the stems.

Heavy watering or lots of rain can push over snapdragons.

Not enough water

Snapdragon plants that are not getting enough water and are left to dry out can quickly droop and flop over. Warm weather can cause the plant to quickly wilt as they prefer moist soil and cool weather.

Give dry snapdragons a good drink with your hose and water the soil around the plant thoroughly. Do this regularly on warm days to avoid the plant drying out. Surrounding them with bark mulch will also help to prevent them from drooping and dying.

Use bark mulch to keep water in the soil for longer.

Heavy with water

Snapdragon plants that have stems and blooms that are heavy with water can quickly flop over. Heavy rain or excessive water from a watering can or hose will cause delicate stems to flop. When I water my snapdragons directly with my hose the stems will flop over immediately.

When the sun comes out in the morning the snapdragons will stand back up. If rain goes on for days it might be a while before the stems are light enough to head back upright but eventually they will.

Watering the soil instead of the stems will help to prevent the plant from flopping over.

Light stems will flop over with heavy watering or rain.

Heavy blooms

Snapdragons form beautiful heads and when they are large they can grow a huge head of heavy blooms. Heavy blooms can be enough themselves to cause the stems to flop over. A tiny stake made from bamboo can be a quick solution to a flopping stem.

Encouraging the plant to have strong stems to hold up their blooms by giving them regular water and planting them in a full sun position will allow them to develop strong stems to hold up the blooms.

Heavy blooms can be enough to allow weak stemmed snapdragons to flop over.

Strong winds

Strong winds are a common cause of snapdragons flopping over. Winds that come up suddenly with strong gusts can quickly flatten a whole patch of snapdragons and it is difficult to prevent.

Planting the snapdragons in a protected area can be one way to stop them from blowing over, planting near a hedge that will block the wind or near a garden wall.

Trim the shrub back by a third and they will grow back and stand up tall in the Fall when the weather cools. Trim them regularly to keep the bush dense, but don’t trim off all the new flower buds. Trim in spring and again in Fall.

Not enough sun

Snapdragons will grow strong stems and flowers if they are grown in full sun. Snapdragons grown in part shade will have softer stems and will be more likely to flop over in strong winds or with heavy blooms.

I am growing mine in part shade and they are very delicate, they are actually leaning towards the sun which is making them lean to the right. This is fine as I may replace them with another flower over Summer.

Why are my snapdragons flopping over? | Summary

Snapdragons can have soft stems when grown in part shade which means that will easily flop over in strong winds, heavy rain or heavy watering. Too much water or not enough can both cause snapdragons to flop over.

To grow strong snapdragons plant them in full sun but a protected position. These plant love cooler, mild weather so trim them back in Spring and they will pop back up strong in Fall.