Why Do Dandelions Grow So Fast? (Top 3 Reasons)

Dandelions grow incredibly fast because they store their energy very efficiently, they steal nutrients and water from other plants in order to survive, they can reach deep ground water due to their long roots and they have thin and lightweight seeds that easily drift and spread.

This article will explore the top 3 reasons why dandelions grow so fast and how to control them in your own yard,

3 Reasons Why Dandelions Grow So Fast

Let’s take a look in more detail at the reasons why dandelions grow so fast.

1. Dandelions Store Their Energy Efficiently

Dandelions store up energy to grow and use it for the following year, which means they become stronger each and every year.

2. Dandelions Take Nutrients from Other Plants

When you pamper your grass with water, nutrients, and sunlight, there’s a good chance the dandelions will rob it of those things and use them for themselves. Weeds even have roots that will take the space that the grass roots had intended to use in order to grow.

3. They Drift Away to Other Places

Dandelions can take root just about anywhere, and their seeds are so thin and light that they’ll easily drift away to other spots and take root there. They can even attach themselves to animals and insects and spread that way.

2 Ways to Stop Dandelions from Growing Fast in Your Yard

The best way to stop dandelions from growing fast in your yard is to get rid of them, which you can do with one of the following actions:

1. Pull Them up by the Roots

Pull up the roots of the dandelions in order to get rid of them. This is much easier to do when the soil is moist, and you can use a garden spade to finish lifting the dandelion out of the ground.

2. Use Vinegar

Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it all over the dandelions. Do this in the morning and within 2 days the weeds will start to die back. This will make them easier to pull out or you can let them die back altogether on their own.

Make sure you do this before the dandelions go to seed otherwise their seed can still spread.

Check out this quick video for great ways to get dandelions out of your lawn.

How Fast Dandelions Grow

Dandelions only need water, warm weather, and nutrients to grow and take over your yard. From the time they are newly germinated to the time they mature usually only takes 8-15 weeks.

In a 30-week growing season, this means you can witness three generations of dandelions growing in your yard. Keep in mind that these weeds are also incredibly strong, which contributes to the speed at which they grow.

Dandelions sometimes germinate in as little as 10 days and are very aggressive plants, which is another reason they grow so fast.

Should You Pull Out Dandelions?

Pulling out dandelions is fine as long as you get the whole plant. It is important to remove the entire root system otherwise they can just grow back.

Their roots can be quite long – up to 12 inches in some circumstances – making this task even more difficult. A weed lifting tool or a spade is a great way to pull the dandelions out by the root.

You still have to make sure that the seeds don’t fly around in the air and don’t go too far, in which case they can become implanted in another location.

Why Dandelions Grow So Well

The main reason dandelions grow so well and are so hard to get rid of is because these are extremely strong plants that can thrive in nearly any environment. They tend to adapt to any type of environment and weather conditions, so once they’re planted, they’re pretty much there to stay.

Unlike grass and other plants, dandelions do not need a lot of care. In fact, you can essentially ignore the weeds in your yard and they are very likely to remain where they are for a long time.

Do Dandelions Grow Easily?

Dandelions grow very easily in most sunny and open environments. The plant is so sturdy that they can be nearly impossible to eliminate from your yard, and because their roots grow so deep that they are difficult to remove.

You can remove dandelions from their roots, use an all-natural weed preventative, and make sure you eliminate any mulch with dandelions. If you put the mulch somewhere else, the dandelions could start to grow again.

How Many Years Do Dandelions Live?

Generally, you can expect the new dandelions in your yard to remain there for five to ten years on average. They can also grow to around 20 inches in width, so not only do they stick around for a very long time, but they get quite large as well.

Can You Eat Dandelions from Your Yard?

You able to eat the dandelions in your yard, but you can also eat the entire plant, from the top of the dandelion to the bottom of the roots.

Dandelion greens have tons of vitamin C and calcium in them, and you can make dandelion tea, fry the flowers and eat them, and garnish your desserts with the petals. They are very healthy for you and the people who eat them claim they are delicious.

How to Keep Dandelions Out of Your Lawn

The best way to keep dandelions out of your lawn is with proper lawn care. Always mow the lawn at the height recommended for the type of grass you have, and always mow when the dandelions are in full bloom.

If you mow them before they start to germinate, it’ll prevent the seeds from spreading. You can also use mulch to cut back on the number of dandelions that grow in your yard.


Dandelions are sturdy weeds that can grow anywhere even if they don’t get proper care. If you want to get rid of them for good, you have to get rid of the roots, and that includes the entire root, which can grow up to 12 inches in length.