Why Do Spiders Like Corners? (The Interesting Answer)

Spiders are not fun to find in your home, especially since you can find them everywhere, but have you ever wondered why they often seem to be in the corner of a room?

Spiders like to hang out in corners because they love quiet and dark spaces. Corners also provide great anchor points for building a web. They can easily create a tight web to capture insects to eat in a dark corner of the room.

This article will explore why spiders like corners and what you should do about spiders in the corners of your room.

Why Spiders Like Corners

Spiders don’t like people and are often more afraid of you than you are of them. They’d prefer to ignore you and leave you alone if at all possible. This is one of the reasons they adore the corner of your room.

Corners are secluded, quiet, and allow spiders to enjoy as much anonymity as possible.

The majority of spiders also build webs to catch their snacks and meals, and corners make the perfect spot for this. Spider webs need angles such as corners to “catch” on so that they have a place to stick and to make it easier to stretch the web out to the perfect size.

Spiders also consider corners to be safe places that they are able to remain in for long periods of time. Most of the time spiders are able to hide in corners much better than they can in other areas of your home.

In corners, spiders can usually crawl around a little easier because they have three points of contact – the ceiling and two corners. Corners make it easy for spiders to move around when they have to, which helps when they’re building their web.

Why Spiders Make Webs in Corners

Spiders make webs in corners for practical reasons. Webs have to stretch across an area in order to do the job of catching prey. Making a web on a flat surface, such as a wall, doesn’t work.

It would make it very difficult for the web to remain on a flat surface, but when the web is stationed in the corner of a room, the corners of the web can be attached to various points much more easily. This gives the web a lot more security and allows it to remain in place a lot longer.

There is also the fact that spiders want a web that is difficult to break, and if they made their web on a flat surface, that wouldn’t be the case. Webs that are designed in corners are held in place more tightly, which means there is a much less likely chance of them breaking.

Why Spiders Are Attracted to the Indoors

Spiders generally come inside of your home for one of two reasons: they are looking for food, or they are looking for shelter if there’s bad weather outside. If you notice an unusually large number of spiders in your home, you might have other pests there that they are trying to get to for something to eat.

Spiders love to eat various types of insects, so if they come indoors, it might be because they know you have a lot of pests there to satisfy their appetites.

Spiders also come inside for shelter, so if the weather is particularly bad outside and they don’t feel safe there, they’ll come inside to protect themselves.

Should I Kill the Spider in the Corner of the Room?

Spiders don’t need to be killed regardless of where they are because they are harmless most of the time. They usually avoid humans and are usually inside because they want something to eat.

Most experts say that if you don’t want the spiders inside of your home, you should remove them and relocate them somewhere outside, instead of killing them. If they remain inside, they’ll eat a lot of the pests that are usually more annoying than the spiders are.

Take care and capture the in a clean ice cream container and move them outside.

Check out how to make a great natural spider repellant in this video here.

What Attracts Spiders the Most?

Food seems to be what attracts spiders the most, so if you want to keep spiders out of your home, make sure there are no morsels of food on the floor, countertops, and other locations. Other than food, spiders are also attracted to:

  1. High humidity
  2. Warmth
  3. Water
  4. Trees, shrubs, and bushes
  5. Areas that are dark and secluded
  6. Trash

What Colors Do Spiders Hate?

Spiders hate the color light blue. This is the reason you often see people paint porches and even interior walls in light blue. No one knows exactly why spiders hate this color. If they come anywhere near the color, they will turn around in the opposite direction and run away fast.

Do Spiders Prefer Light or Dark?

Spiders always prefer darkness over light because they prefer seclusion and privacy over being near humans and even other animals. You might see them around light sources at times, but that’s only because certain insects are attracted to the light, and the spiders will always try to get at those insects by following them to the light.

Many spiders are also attracted to humidity and moisture, which is why you’ll often find them in dark, dank places such as basements.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Room

There are several ways to keep spiders out of your room, but the most effective way is to make sure spiders have no food sources to enjoy. Keep the room clean, keep the trash can lid tight and closed, and keep your bushes and trees trimmed well so they don’t attract spiders.

Keep in mind that spiders are usually looking for food and/or shelter. If you remove all of their temptations, as well as their access points for getting inside of your home, they’re more likely to leave you alone and stay out of your home.


Spiders love the corners of rooms for two main reasons. First, these are dark and out-of-the-way places where they can hide. Second, corners make it much easier to make a web. Spider webs can’t be created on flat walls, so they need these corners to make the web more efficient.