Why is my banana tree dripping water? | The amazing answer

A banana tree will drip water when the weather gets hot or if it has been overwatered. Banana trees will drip a combination of water, sap and nutrients from their leaves to balance the water levels in the tree. This process is called guttation and will drip on the ground returning water to the plant.

Banana trees will drip water naturally

Both indoor and outdoor banana trees will transpire and drip water down to the edges of the banana leaf. On outdoor banana trees the water will evaporate quickly from the leaves when the sun comes out. This aids in the process of cooling the tree.

Water drips on banana leaves are like the tree sweating.

Banana tree leaves will also naturally droop in very hot weather. The best thing to do is to water your banana tree in the morning before the weather turns hot.

If you forget to water your banana tree in the morning, wait until the sun goes down and water the tree at the end of the day. The next morning the banana tree leaves will stand up and the tree will be rehydrated.

I rarely notice drips of water on my outdoor banana tree leaves as it quickly evaporates in warm weather. You are more likely to notice drips of water on indoor banana trees where there is no wind or sun.

Drips of water condensation on banana leaves

Another reason outdoor banana tree leaves might be dripping water is due to condensation from cold weather. On cold mornings, water will condense on the leaves and drips will form on the leaves. This water will naturally drip down to the soil watering the banana tree.

Watering banana trees the proper way

While banana trees are not heavy feeders, they do like a lot of water. They are a tropical plant which likes warmth, humidity and regular water. Despite this it is important that banana trees do not sit in moist soil, particularly for indoor plants.

Before watering, check that the soil is dry 1-2 inches down from the top of the pot before watering again. Never let the banana tree sit in a saucer of water as this can cause root rot and the plant can die quickly.

Indoor banana trees may only need watering every week or so but make sure the soil is checked regularly so it doesn’t completely dry out. The soil can become hydrophobic and won’t be able to absorb water the next time.

Drips can form on the stem of the banana tree as the water drips down from the leaves.

Water coming out of cut banana leaf stems

For those with banana trees at home, you will notice that when you cut down leaves, particularly fresh ones lots of water will drip from the cut stem. While this looks like water it also contains a sap or sticky substance which is quick to stain the ground, clothes or garden equipment.

When I cut back my banana tree I always try to avoid getting this sap on my hands and clothes. This sap leaves a white stain that is difficult to get off of my clothes and garden tools.

After using secateurs to cut the steams, clean them with some warm soapy water. Use a scourer to remove any rust, sap or stem while you are at it and use vegetable or garden tool oil to protect the blades.

When banana tree stems are cut a sticky liquid will drip from the stem.

How to protect floors from banana leaf water drips

For those that keep their banana trees indoors, placing a protective mat underneath is a great idea to save your timber floors. Grill mats can be a great way to protect your floor from the drips of water from the banana tree. A floor mat or towel works too.

Place a plastic paint mat underneath the rug to catch any excess water and you will have a nice feature that will protect your floors.

Is water dripping from my banana tree bad?

Water dripping from the banana tree is a natural process. Guttation helps the tree to balance water and nutrients in the tree keeping it healthy. Banana trees will naturally release water from their leaves after heavy rain or very humid weather.

Water banana trees regularly to keep them growing well during the warmer months, particularly if you are getting low rainfall.

Higher humidity conditions will lead to more transpiration or more water drips on the leaves. Outdoor humidity can’t be controlled unless you are using a glass house but indoor humidity can be decreased by allowing more air flow through your house.

High humidity is actually good for your banana tree which is a tropical plant and loves the extra moisture in the air.

Why is my banana tree dripping water? | Summary

Banana trees will naturally drip water from their leaves to help to balance water and nutrient levels. This is fine outside but can become a mess for you if you have indoor banana trees. Using a rug, plastic cover or grill mat under your banana tree is the best way to protect your floors from this water.

Banana trees are a great feature in your garden and grow with almost no attention. I like to keep mine down to 3-4 main stems to keep it contained and remove extra stems. When this happens a water like substance will gush from the cut and can stain your clothes.

Keep the sap away from you and clean your garden tools after trimming your banana tree.

Happy gardening.