3 Things That Happen if You Forgot to Put Eggs in Cookie Dough

Cookie dough without eggs can be harder, dryer and will not rise. Eggs will also help to bind ingredients together in cookie recipes. If you have forgotten to add eggs you can carefully mix them back in the dough. You can also use the dough for other things like mixing through ice-cream or for making pie crusts.

This article will explore what happens if you forgot to put eggs in cookie dough and what you can do next to fix it.

3 Things that happen if you forget to put eggs in cookie dough

Some cookie recipes, especially those that are bigger and fluffier will contain eggs. Many chocolate chip cookie recipes will use egg and if you forget your dough will be different.

1. It will be flatter

Without using eggs in cookie dough, the dough will rise less. Mixed egg white helps the cookies to rise slightly and hold their structure. Without eggs your cookies will be more like shortbread.

2. The dough will by dryer

Cookie dough without egg will be dryer. Because of this it will be more difficult to roll out and can fall apart if it is rolled too thin.

3. It will not brown as quickly

If you forget to add egg to your cookie dough then it will not brown as quickly. The egg helps it to form a brown crust on top so without it, it will need to baked for longer to get this brown.

What to do if you forgot to put eggs in cookie dough

Check out some easy steps to take if you have forgotten to add eggs to your cookie dough.

Add the eggs

You can actually add the eggs to your cookie dough if you have forgotten. Mix the eggs together in a bowl separately, then mix it in with the dough in a bowl until it comes together.

It is best to do this by hand to avoid overworking the dough. This can be difficult at first if the dough is hard but start gently and mix it in with a spoon.

You can then use your hands to knead the dough and work the eggs in. Flour the bench first to avoid the dough sticking to everything when you handle it.

The earlier you add the eggs the better. They will be easier to mix in.

If you have already refrigerated your cookie dough you can still add the egg. It is best to let the dough come back up to room temperature to make it easier to mix the eggs through.  

If you are not keen on adding the egg after the dough has been made you don’t have to waste it. Here are some easy things to do to use up the dough.

Eat it

Without raw egg this cookie dough will be safe to eat. You can chop it into pieces and mix it into ice cream or just eat it on its own.

Turn it into a pie crust

Cookie dough recipes that do not contain a raising agent can be used as a pie crust. This will be similar to a sweet short crust so will be perfect for pies such as blueberry, cherry or apple.

Just roll out the cookie dough and blind bake. You can then add your favorite toppings and finish it all in the oven.

Bake the cookie dough without the eggs

Cookie dough without added egg will be a short dough meaning it will contain loads of butter, be yummy and crumbly but it won’t rise. It will still taste delicious and will be similar to shortbread which does not normally contain eggs.

Eggs in cookie dough: FAQ

What happens if you don’t put eggs in cookies?

Cookie recipes that do not contain egg will rise less and will be crumbly when they are baked. If you were supposed to add egg but forgot you can still mix the egg into the dough after kneading. Make sur ethe dough is at room temperature and carefully mix the egg in with a spoon then your hands.

Many cookie recipes actually are made without egg including shortbread. This gives you a buttery and crumbly cookie that does not rise.

Can you add eggs at the end when making cookie dough?

You can add the eggs after you have made cookie dough if you forgot. It will be more difficult to mix through but it will still work. Take your time and gently mix the egg through. Flour the board before pouring the dough out to knead it so it doesn’t stick.

Is egg necessary in cookie dough?

Many cookie recipes do not contain egg and the cookies still turn out delicious. Gingerbread and shortbread cookies often are made without egg which makes them rich and delicious.

Cookie dough recipes that contain egg will be lighter, fluffier and will brown on the top. If you forget to add the egg then you will recipe will usually be richer and more dense.

Happy cooking.