9 Ways to Add Sugar to Cold Tea | Simple Tips and Tricks

Adding sugar to cold tea is easy and straightforward. Start by brewing your tea and letting it cool to room temperature or placing it in the refrigerator until cold. Once your tea is cold, stir in your desired amount of sugar. Granulated sugar may take longer to dissolve in cold tea, so you can either stir the tea thoroughly or heat a small amount of water to dissolve the sugar before adding it to your tea.

You can also use alternative sweeteners such as honey or agave syrup for a different flavor profile.

This article will explore some simple tips when adding sugar into cold tea.

Why Is It Easier to Dissolve Sugar in a Warm Liquid?

Sugar dissolves completely in warm or hot liquids because when liquids reach a certain temperature, the molecules move a lot faster and are spread further apart. There are bigger gaps between the molecules in a warm liquid, which means more of the sugar molecules will be able to fit in between the molecules in the water.

If you stir sugar into a warm liquid, you can actually watch it dissolve. If you stir sugar into a cool or cold liquid, you’ll notice that much of it ends up at the bottom of the glass or cup.

How to add sugar to cold tea

You still have alternatives if you need to add sugar to cold tea, and they include the following:

1. Liquefy Your Sugar First

You can create a mixture called simple sugar by mixing half and half of water and sugar, then warm it on the stove using medium heat. Once the sugar-water mixture is mixed up well and dissolves, you can add it to your iced tea.

You don’t have to add it just when it’s warm. Even simple sugar that has sat there for a while can be mixed into your iced tea successfully.

2. Make the Sugar Crystals Finer

Regardless of the temperature of the iced tea, if your sugar crystals are smaller and finer, they are much more likely to dissolve when placed in any cold liquid, including iced tea. To make sugar finer, you can place it in a blender and mix it until the crystals are much smaller, which is easy to see once you take a look at it.

3. Always Stir the Tea Well

The first thing you’ll notice when you stir sugar into iced tea is that the sugar automatically starts to fall to the bottom, but if you start stirring immediately after adding the sugar, it can help.

You’ll also have to stir for quite a while if you want this method to work, so stir the sugar immediately after placing it in the tea, and stir for a long time.

4. Add the Sugar a Little at a Time

Instead of adding tons of sugar to your iced tea, add it a little at a time, using maybe one-half to a whole teaspoon at a time and no more. Add the sugar, then immediately start to stir, and keep stirring until the sugar starts to dissolve.

Only after the sugar starts to dissolve should you add a little bit more sugar before starting the process over again.

5. Use Other Types of Sugar

Instead of adding regular white sugar to your iced tea, try other types of sugar instead. Liquid sugary foods work great, including honey and syrup, but you can also use agave nectar, brown sugar, or stevia.

The liquid sugars do a much better job of blending into the iced tea, and you might want to mix the brown sugar in a mixer first. These items are still types of sugar, and some are a little easier to dissolve.

6. Make Sugary Iced Cubes

Place some sugar in a bowl and add just enough water to cover it. Mix it with a spoon or fork, then place it into either ice cube trays or candy molds. You don’t have to use heat for this “recipe”; just mix the water and sugar.

When your iced tea is ready, simply add the iced cubes to the tea, and it should dissolve quickly. Keep in mind—you may still have to stir quite a bit before you get the results you want.

7. Add the Sugar before Diluting the Tea

Iced tea is usually made by diluting warm tea with some cold water. If you add the sugar to the tea before it’s diluted, even if the tea is only room temperature, it will dissolve much quicker than adding it to diluted tea, simply because the tea will always be colder once it’s diluted. Undiluted tea at room temperature always makes dissolving your sugar a lot easier.

8. Add Other Types of Flavoring Instead

Instead of any type of sugar, try adding flavored extracts to your tea. You can add lemon, vanilla, orange, or even coconut extract to get a great sugary taste without using actual sugar.

Just add 1/4 teaspoon of the extract for every 8-ounce cup of tea you’re making to get the best flavor. This is also a much healthier alternative to using sugar in your tea.

9. Let the Tea Get to Room Temperature

While sugar dissolves faster when tea is hot or warm, letting it get to room temperature still works much better than trying to dissolve sugar in ice-cold temperatures. Let the tea sit for a while until the temperature is tepid, and then your sugar will dissolve much better in it.


The best way to dissolve sugar in tea is to do it while the tea is warm, but the next best thing is to follow these suggestions. They work almost as well as adding sugar to warm tea, and the tea will taste fantastic.