9 Ways to Stop Brownies Sticking to Aluminum Foil

Brownies will stick to aluminum foil if it is not greased or lined with baking paper. Covering the base of the baking tray with greaseproof paper is a great way to stop the brownies sticking. Rub butter along the sides and for extra protection run flour around the edges.

Brownie mixture will stick to aluminum foil because of the high sugar content of the mix. Aluminum foil has no non-stick qualities so it must be combined with an oil, flour or parchment paper to stop the brownies from sticking.

This article will explore the easy steps to stop brownies from sticking to the aluminum foil when baking.

After oiling and lining the foil with flour my brownies didn’t stick.

How to stop brownies from sticking to aluminum foil

Aluminum foil does not have any non-stick qualities so brownies will definitely get stuck if you don’t do anything first. Here are some easy steps to stop brownies sticking to the foil.

1. Layer the aluminum foil in the pan

Start by covering the whole base of the brownie pan with aluminum foil. Make sure that it goes up the edges to stop the brownie mix from going through.

I find that when I line my baking tray with aluminum foil that the brownie mix will take longer to cook. The foil will reflect the heat, particularly in a glass baking pan.

Cook your brownies for 5 minutes more if they need it to make sure they are cooked through.

Layer your brownie tray with aluminum foil. Make sure you push the foil all the way to the corners.

2. Butter the foil

To stop the brownie mix sticking to the foil get some softened butter and rub it all over the foil. Make sure that every surface that the brownie mix will touch is covered with butter.

You can rub the butter on using your hands or use a piece of the butter paper which will rub it on evenly.

You can use margarine if you prefer, just make sure all surfaces of the foil are covered.

3. Rub oil on the bottom and sides

To stop brownies from sticking to the pan, you can also rub oil on the sides and base. Using olive, canola, sunflower or any oil you choose cover the whole area of the aluminum foil. Rub it gently with your fingers to avoid breaking the foil or use a pastry brush to spread it over evenly.

Coat the aluminum foil thoroughly with oil to stop the brownies from sticking.

4. Spray with vegetable oil

Another great way to stop brownie mix from sticking to the aluminum foil is to spray the foil with vegetable oil. Canned spray oil is an easy way to cover the pan evenly.

I often like to take my pan outside an spray it to avoid getting oil all over my kitchen.

It is easy to cover the edges of the aluminum foil with spray oil.

5. Coat the inside with flour (plain or almond flour)

After oiling the aluminum foil or coating the foil with butter you can add flour for extra non-stick protection. Using plain, almond flour or even semolina, dust the foil completely.

This will form a nice oil and flour barrier which will stop the brownies from sticking.

6. Layer a square of parchment paper on the base of the pan

Laying parchment or non-stick baking paper on the base of the foil is another great way to stop brownies from sticking.

Put a square on the base of the pan and then coat the sides with oil or butter. Put a dot of butter or oil on the bottom to help to hold the parchment paper in place.

7. Avoid overcooking your brownies

To help to stop brownies from sticking to the aluminum foil it is important to avoid overcooking them. Leaving the brownies in the oven for more time than necessary can cause a tough crust to form on the outside which is more likely to stick to the foil.

My brownie recipe cooks for around 35-40 minutes. Make sure you always check the brownies with a skewer at the shorter time to see if they are cooked. Brownies will continue to cook slightly after they have been taken out of the oven from the heat of the pan.

8. Avoid having the oven temperature too high

Avoid overheating your oven or having the oven temperature above 320 degrees Fahrenheit in a fan forced oven. If your oven temperature is too high the outer edges of the brownies will stick to the aluminum foil quicker.

9. Keep brownie mixture off the edges of the pan

Another great tip to stop brownies from sticking to the pan when you have used aluminum oil is to avoid spilling the mixture on the edges. This mixture will quickly burn and make the brownies stick to the pan.

If you spill up the sides of the pan, use a damp, clean cloth to wipe the mixture away before baking.

I have been cooking brownies every week to feed my hungry boys at home. You can mix up the brownies by adding nuts, marshmallows, white chocolate or even dried berries to give them a different flavor each time.

Brownie batter is sticky so make sure that before you bake you take the time to protect your pan and your aluminum foil. I find it easy to bake with non-stick paper but if you only have aluminum foil, just butter or oil the base to get your brownies out easily.

The blend of fat and flour will stop your brownies from sticking to the aluminum foil.

Happy cooking.