Are Global Knives Worth it? | My Experience after 10 Years of Use

Global knives are a long lasting knife for using in your home kitchen. They stay sharp, are hard waring and are easy to store in a knife block. Global knives are worth it if you want a good quality knife for the home kitchen. I have had my global knife set for over 10 years and they are used every day in my house to prepare lunches and dinners.

This article will explore my experience using Global knives for over 10 years and some easy tips to keep them in good condition for longer.

Are Global knives worth it – 5 things to consider

1. How often will you use them?

Global knives are the perfect everyday knife, they clean easily cut well and last for a long time. They are a mid-range knife in price but will last a long time if you care for them. If you are using them to prepare meals at home then they are perfectly comfortable.

For longer uses (perhaps all day as a chef) a wooden handle may be more comfortable.

2. Do you want a knife block?

Global knife blocks are a great option if you have more than one knife. These hold the knives safely without them floating around your kitchen drawer. This keeps them out of the way and avoids any accidents as people are reaching their hands into draws.

For a Global knife block that looks great, check out the range at Amazon.

3. Are you a chef or a home cook?

I have loved my Global knives at home and have been using them every day for 10 years. For home cooks these are a great knife that stays sharp for a long time. You can get a low cost knife sharpener which is easy to use and they will keep cutting well.

This starter kit is the one I have with 3 different knives, check them out at Amazon.

4. How do you like to sharpen your knives?

Global knives are an easy knife to sharpen in a ready made sharpener. We have never used a complicated or professional method of sharpening our global knives because they are easily sharpened using a sharpener made for them.

This is the sharpener below that we have always used for our knives, check it out at Amazon here.

If you are a pro chef and know how to sharpen your knives well, this method will work too. Global knives are forgiving enough to the home cook to allow sharpening the easy way.

6. What are you cutting?

Choosing the right type of knife is important depending on what you are cutting. Global knives make fantastic small knives for cutting vegetables or larger knives for cutting meat. If you plan on cutting through bone then make sure you choose an appropriate sized and edged knife for the job.

Whether you choose Global or another brand, choosing the right knife for the right job is essential. If you try to push a small knife through something too hard or large, you can break the steel. Aim for around 3 different sized knives to give you the variety you need.

Check out this quick video about how to care for your Global knives.

Global knife handles

Global knife handles are made from metal with small pits. I find this really comfortable to hold and easy to handle. I loved my little vegetable knife, and my larger knife for cutting meats. The knives look great hanging up on magnetic knife board or standing on your bench in a block.

Global knife handles are comfortable to hold.

Chefs who are using the knife all day have sometimes found that these knife handles can become uncomfortable but for home use I have found them perfectly fine.

How long do global knives last?

Global knives are a good quality knife so you should expect them to last for many years. Mine have lasted for 10 years so far and are still going strong. They still sharpen well and cut everything we need at home.

How to care for your Global knives

There are 3 main things to remember to keep your global knives in the best condition possible. Following these steps will help to keep your Global knives at least as long as mine and beyond.

1. Clean your knives immediately

Leaving food residue on the knife for an extended period of time can damage the surface of the knife. It can cause small rust spots or cause the knife to discolor. Wash the knife carefully in warm soapy water and dry it well. I like to leave mine on the dish rack even after drying to make sure it airs out and dries completely.

2. Avoid the dishwasher

Global recommends not putting your knives in the dishwasher, as it can harm the knife itself and blunt the knife quicker. To keep your knives in the best condition, keep them out of the dishwasher. The heat of the dishwasher can also damage the knife so follow this recommendation for the best results.

I will be honest here and say that we put our knives in the dishwasher and they are fine. I don’t do this every time and try to remember to take them out as soon as possible. The biggest risk is causing rust marks as the water sits on the knife for longer in the dishwasher.

3. Store dry

Storage for global knives is really important and keeping them as dry as possible is key. In a knife block or magnetic knife rack, they will be allowed to dry out completely. This will also keep them out of your kitchen drawer and away from fingers.

Are global knives worth it? | Summary

I have been using Global knives in my kitchen at home for over 10 years and I love them. I have found that they are totally worth it and would buy them again. They are really easy to sharpen and cut everything I need at home with ease.

Choose a knife size that suits the task at hand, having a range of sizes will give you the option to choose the right knife for the right task.

Knife blocks and sets make a fantastic gift. We actually got a set for a wedding present that we still use today. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can give a small gift of a single knife or a full set to someone you really like.