Are Pyrex Lids Oven Safe? | Everything You Need to Know

Plastic Pyrex lids are not oven safe, they will melt and break if placed in the oven. Pyrex dishes with borosilicate glass lids are oven safe and can cover your food while in the oven or for storing in the fridge. For oven baked meals that need a lid, choose a full glass Pyrex dish and lid.

This is my Pyrex dish with a silicone lid which is not oven safe.

Pyrex with glass lids in the oven

Pyrex dishes with glass lids including rectangle casserole pans and round casserole dishes can all go in the oven. The borosilicate glass is oven safe and made to withstand preheated oven temperatures.

Glass Pyrex lids can help to hold in steam, are great for slow cooking and will keep your meals moist.

Using a glass Pyrex lid will save on waste as they can cover any leftovers from your dish for storage in your fridge or freezer. Let the dish cool first, allowing the steam to disappear before freezing.

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Make sure to always pre-heat your oven before placing your Pyrex dish inside. This will prevent the dish from breaking in the hot oven temperatures. Once the oven has reached the desired temperature glass Pyrex dishes and lids can be safely placed inside to cook your meal.

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How to know if a Pyrex lid is oven safe

Glass lids

Look out for glass Pyrex lids which will be oven safe. This will look like a clear glass lid the same as the oven proof base. The bottom of the dish will have an oven safe mark on the bottom but the lid will not. Because the lid is made of the same material it is safe to put in the oven.

Plastic lids

Blue or colored plastic Pyrex lids are not oven safe. These will melt and be destroyed in the oven so do not place it in at all. The Pyrex glass bottom is safe to go in the oven, and once it has cooled the plastic lid can be placed on top to store it in the fridge or freezer.

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Glass Pyrex lid temperature limit

Glass Pyrex lids can go in the oven at the temperature required to bake your dish. I contacted the company in the USA and they stated that there is no defined limit to the oven temperature but the oven must be pre-heated before adding the dish and the lid inside.

When checking the Australian Pyrex website, it states that Pyrex dishes are safe up to 300 degrees Celcius which is much hotter than my oven will go with a maximum temperature of 260 degrees Celcius. Pyrex is safe at home oven temperatures as long as it is preheated.

Do not put plastic Pyrex lids in the oven as these will melt.

Baking casserole in Pyrex with lids

Casseroles are the perfect dishes to bake in Pyrex with glass lids. Make sure there is plenty of liquid in the dish, particularly on the bottom of the dish so that it does not overheat and burn to the bottom.

Make sure that you brown your meat, vegetables and onion in another dish as Pyrex should not be used on a stove or hotplate. Browning the meat and onions adds a delicious flavor and is the first step in creating a delicious meal. Just remember not to use your glass Pyrex to do this step.

These tough Pyrex dishes are great in the oven but not with plastic or silicone lids.

Start by browning your meat and cooking down your onion and garlic in a fry pan and transfer it to the Pyrex dish with stock, vegetables and herbs. This is the classic first step to most delicious casserole recipes.

Preheat the oven and slow cook your casserole in Pyrex using a glass lid for a delicious, easy slow cooked meal.  Pyrex is perfect for slow cooking and will work well to hold in the steam and moisture in your dishes using a glass Pyrex lid.

If your Pyrex lid is warped, check out this easy video on how to fix it.

Are Pyrex lids oven safe? – FAQ

Can vintage Pyrex lids go in the oven?

Vintage Pyrex lids that are made of glass or ceramic are technically safe to going the oven but take care if there is any damage. Make sure the oven is preheated first and the Pyrex is still in good condition. Do not use a vintage Pyrex lid in the oven it has any breaks, chips or cracks. This could cause it to break further as it heats up.

Are Pyrex lids heat resistant?

Pyrex lids are heat resistant and can go in the microwave to heat food up. When microwaving food in Pyrex, make sure that the lid is not on completely. Lift and open at least one corner to allow the steam to escape. Pyrex lids can also withstand low temperatures and is great for storing food in the fridge or freezer.

Are Pyrex lids microwave safe?

Glass Pyrex lids are microwave safe. Plastic microwave lids will be marked as microwave safe with writing on the inside of the lid. Make sure that you lift one corner of the plastic lid before microwaving to make sure the steam can escape. Pyrex lids are a great way to minimize any waste and prevent your food from splattering in the microwave without using plastic wrap.

Can Pyrex go in the oven at 350 Fahrenheit?

Pyrex can go in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit as long as the oven is preheated. This will make sure that the Pyrex dish will not be blasted with extreme heat from the oven as it heats up. Once it has reached the desired temperature, glass Pyrex dishes and lids can be placed inside to bake foods such as cakes, lasagna and meatloaf.

Can Pyrex mixing bowls go in the oven?

Pyrex mixing bowls are oven safe so can go in the oven. Pyrex mixing bowls can be used in the oven to bake bread, cakes or even meatloaf dishes. Make sure the oven is pre-heated before adding your Pyrex mixing bowl. These can also go in the microwave, refrigerator and freezer for storage.

Are Pyrex lids oven safe? – Summary

Glass Pyrex lids are oven safe and can be placed over your dish to cook delicious meals like casserole, chili and slow cooked soups. Remember to pre-heat your oven before placing Pyrex inside. Never put plastic Pyrex lids inside an oven because they will melt.