Are Tupperware Lids Microwave Safe?

Tupperware lids are microwave safe when marked with the microwave safe symbol or three wavy lines. Microwave Tupperware lids for a maximum of 2 minutes on medium heat to protect the container. The maximum temperature to microwave Tupperware is 120ᴼC with a max microwave power of 600W.

Microwave safe Tupperware lids will come with a release valve which will allow steam to escape as the food is heated.

Top 5 tips for microwaving Tupperware lids

Here are the top 5 tips to follow when microwaving Tupperware lids according the Tupperware care guidelines1.

1. Only microwave ‘microwavable’ products

Tupperware containers and lids should only be use din the microwave if they are marked as microwave safe.  Do not use any Tupperware without this symbol as they were not made specifically for the microwave. Check out the video below to see the Tupperware microwavable rice cooker.

2. Open the vent cap

Make sure that you open the vent cap on the Tupperware lid before placing in the microwave. This will ensure that steam will escape. Make sure that you do not close the vent cap immediately after reheating. This could trap the steam and cause problems, the lid could even pop off with the extra pressure.

3. Reheat for a maximum of 3 minutes

Care guidelines from Tupperware state that these products should not be microwaved for longer than 3 minutes at a time. If a longer time is needed to heat up the food, remove the lid, stir the food and then resume heating for less than 3 minutes.

4. Reheat on microwave medium heat level

Tupperware states that microwave safe containers and lids should be reheated on medium heat level. This will avoid overheating the Tupperware containers.

5. Maximum microwave temperature should be 120ᴼC & maximum microwave power 600W

The guide by Tupperware explains that the maximum microwave temperature for Tupperware containers is 120ᴼC with a maximum microwave power of 600W. These guidelines will help to protect your Tupperware from pitting or damage from overheating.

Tupperware lids with a microwave safe symbol

Tupperware that is microwave safe will be marked by a symbol that looks like three wavy lines. This will generally be on the bottom of the Tupperware rather than the lid. Tupperware lids that are microwave safe will have a steam release valve which will release extra pressure, steam and moisture as you microwave.  

Make sure the valve is open or you have a corner lifted to release the pressure. Tupperware that is completely sealed and microwaved can build up pressure. This can pop open suddenly spraying and splashing food around the microwave.

Microwave safe Tupperware containers will be paired with microwave safe lids so check the description before buying if you want to use your Tupperware in the microwave.  

Microwaving Tupperware lids – FAQ

Microwave Tupperware with the lid on or off?

Microwave safe Tupperware containers and lids will come with a steam release valve. These have been designed to heat food and release steam with the lid on. Place the lid on your container and make sure the valve is open before microwaving.

Another important tip is to make sure the container is not too full before microwaving. As the food heats up expansion and bubbling can cause food to spill out of the valve. This will make a mess of your microwave and make it difficult to move the container out safely. Leave a gap of at least 1/3 of in inch down from the top of the container before microwaving.

How long can you microwave plastic Tupperware?

There is no recognized limit to how long you can microwave Tupperware. As a general rule, it is best to use Tupperware to reheat single serve foods. This means you will not have to overheat the Tupperware to get the food to reheat.

Another great tip is to allow frozen food in Tupperware to defrost at least partially in the fridge first. This will reduce the amount of time needed in the microwave to reheat the food. Move your Tupperware from the freezer to fridge to bring the temperature up before microwaving.

Are plastic lids microwave safe?

Not all plastic lids are microwave safe but Tupperware have designed lids that are. Some plastic lids will be made of thin plastic that can melt, bubble or warp when microwaved.

For the best approach, choose plastic containers that are marked with a freezer safe symbol, which looks like three wavy lines. Make sure that plastic lids are not completely sealed when microwaving by lifting a corner or opening a steam escape valve.

What Tupperware products are microwave safe?

Tupperware products that are microwave safe will be marked with a ‘Microwave Safe’ symbol which is looks like three wavy lines.

This will be on the bottom of the container so check this area before using the Tupperware in the microwave. The lids that come with these microwave safe Tupperware containers will also be microwave safe, just remember to open the steam release valve.

Is Ikea Tupperware microwave safe?

Ikea plastic containers are microwave safe and they are often referred to as Ikea Tupperware. They will be marked with a Microwave-safe symbol and can heat food up to 212°F.

Ikea plastic containers that look like Tupperware are also Freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe but make sure you leave the lid ajar while microwaving to release steam.

To clarify, Tupperware itself is a brand name and many other companies make plastic containers that can be microwaved like Tupperware.

Container lids that are microwave safe

Other options for containers with lids that are microwave safe include Pyrex, Rubbermaid and Gladware. The general rule is to look for the symbol with three wavy lines which will indicate that the product is microwave safe.

My favorites are glass containers so check out the Pyrex range or Rubbermaid range available on Amazon for another option. The benefit of microwaving food in glass containers is that they will not absorb smells or color. They are easy to clean and come with lids that can also be microwaved.

When microwaving any container with a microwave safe lid, just make sure you open at least one corner to let steam escape.

Leave a gap at the top and leave the lid ajar when microwaving Tupperware.

Are Tupperware lids microwave safe? | Summary

Tupperware lids that come with microwave safe bases will be microwave safe. The microwave safe symbol will typically be on the base of the container and the lid will come with a steam release valve. Make sure you do not overfill the container before microwaving and lift one corner of the lid to allow extra steam to escape.


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