Can I Freeze Food in Sandwich Bags? | Top 5 Tips for Success

Sandwich bags can be used to freeze food successfully. Ziplock or freezer safe sandwich bags are the best choice for freezing food as they are thicker, will seal well and keep your food safely frozen. Freeze pre-made sandwiches for school or work, fruit, or cake to keep it fresh.

Frozen food in sandwich bags will keep the other food in lunchboxes cool.

Ziplock freezer safe sandwich bags are a great choice, look out for plant-based.

This article will explore my 5 top tips when freezing food in sandwich bags and some easy tips for success.

Top 5 tips when freezing food in sandwich bags

1. Remove all of the air

Remove all the air from the sandwich bag before placing it in the freezer. This can be as simply as squeezing the air from the top and sealing the bag quickly. When using a Ziplock bag quickly run your fingers over the zip to seal it or use a twist tie for bags without a zip.

Check out this great video on how to get the air out of your sandwich bags without a vacuum sealer.

2. Seal it well

Sealing the sandwich bag well before placing it in the freezer is important to keep your food protected from freezer burn or collecting ice and water on the surface. Ziplock bags make it easy as they come built in with a sealing mechanism.

For sandwich bags without a zip, use a twist tie or even tape to close the bag over and seal it tightly. A bag can also be tied at the end if you have enough excess material.

3. Label it correctly

Labelling food frozen in sandwich bags is incredibly important. Once food goes in your freezer it can be hard to remember what is in each bag so write the date and the type of food on the bag. Many sandwich bags will even come with a white area which is perfect for labelling your food.

Try eco-friendly bags with plant based materials for a more earth friendly choice.

4. Avoid salad ingredients

Avoid freezing ingredients in sandwich bags that are fresh that contain excess water. It might be tempting to freeze a healthy salad sandwich but this will not work. Ingredients such as lettuce will turn to mush when frozen so stick to basic sandwich ingredients such as cheese, peanut butter and jelly.

5. Check the food for freezer burn

Make sure you use a good quality sandwich bag or freezer bag to seal your food. Freezer-safe sandwich bags are the best choice to freeze your food as they will be thicker and are designed to seal tightly. This will keep air out, prevent freezer burn and keep your food fresher for longer.

What to freeze in sandwich bags

Many foods can easily frozen in sandwich bags for an grab and go lunch or snack. Check out some of my favorites below.

Regular freezer bags can be used to freeze foods including sandwiches and cooked fruit.


Sandwiches for school or work can be made ahead of time and frozen ready to grab in the morning. Freeze peanut butter, jam, cheese or pre-cooked chicken sandwiches. Simply make the sandwich as you normally would and


Pureed food including apples, pears, or even apple sauce can be frozen in sandwich bags to use at a later date. When you make large batches it can be easy to freeze a family size meal amount in your freezer bag to defrost for another night’s meal.

Sandwich bags are perfect for freezing purees if they are sealed well and labelled. Save time and make large batches then freeze them for later.

Single serves of meat

To save money and time meat can be bought in large pack and then portioned out into sandwich bags. This is perfect if you live on your own or as a couple. Lots of packs of meat, particularly mince comes in large packs. Portion these out and freeze them ready for a single meal.

I also like to pre-make burgers from mince and freeze them in sandwich bags. They can be laid flat and layered in my freezer to save space. Single layers of burgers will defrost quickly and be ready to cook.

Freezing food in Sandwich bags – FAQ

Is it safe to freeze food in Ziploc bags?

Ziplock bags can be safely used in the freezer to freeze food. They seal well, can hold a range of foods and can be sealed flat. These can even be used to freeze soup. Take care to seal them well then layer them filled with the soup in your freezer. These can then be defrosted for a single serve for lunch or dinner.

Can you freeze baby food in sandwich bags?

Baby food can be frozen in sandwich bags to simply defrost at a later date. Freeze purees or mashed food in sandwich bags for single serve meals. I would always puree up large amounts of apple, pear, and apricots and freeze them in Ziplock sandwich bags.  I would freeze individual fruit types to give my babies the taste of a single fruit without mixing them together.

Are Glad sandwich bags freezer safe?

Glad sandwich bags are freezer safe and can store a range of foods from purred fruit, meat, sandwiches or even stocks. Glad make a range of sandwich bags but my favorite are the thicker zip sealed sandwich bags as they are easy to use. Choose eco friendly freezer bag options which contain plant based materials and will break down quicker.

What is the difference between a sandwich bag and a freezer bag?

Freezer bags are generally made from thicker material and have at tighter seal than a regular sandwich bag. Freezer bags are designed to seal tightly and avoid any splits or breakage in the plastic that could let air in and cause freezer burn on the food. The quality of the bag is also dependent on the price so choose a good quality freezer bag to freeze your food.

What can I use instead of freezer bags?

To keep food frozen safely use glass containers or Tupperware instead of freezer bags. Glass containers with tight fitting lids are great for storing full meals or single serves and will avoid the waste of using plastic. Good quality plastic containers including Tupperware are also a great choice and can be used over and over again. Just remember to label the outside.

Can I freeze food in sandwich bags? | Summary

Food can be frozen in sandwich bags and for the best, long lasting choice try freezer safe bags that zip closed and seal tightly. Try freezing sandwiches for the next week of school lunches or freeze family serves of apple sauce for another night’s meal.