Can I Put Pyrex on the Stove? | FAQ

Pyrex is made from toughened glass but cannot be used for stove cooking. Pyrex is great for the oven, microwave and dishwasher but is not made to be heated on an electric or gas stove. The only time I place my Pyrex on my stove is to let it cool after taking it out the oven. I don’t turn the stove on but it is a good place for it to rest.

There are many Pyrex products that are great for storage and cooking. This article will explore all you need to know about using Pyrex on the stove.

My oven baked lasagna in Pyrex is delicious but it is not ok on the stove.

Why you should not use Pyrex glass containers on the stove

Pyrex is made from toughened glass which is perfect for baking and microwaving. While Pyrex has some thermal shock resistance, they will not with stand rapid heating from a stove. Induction cook tops, electric or gas stoves are not suitable for Pyrex as they can blast rapid heat onto the container.

Putting your Pyrex glass container on your hot stove top can cause it to break or crack. Pyrex can be placed in very hot ovens but only when the oven has fully heated up. Cracking can also happen if you put the Pyrex in your oven while it is heating up. An oven that is heating up can blast high heat levels onto your Pyrex causing it to break.

Pyrex containers are perfect for baking or using in the microwave but not the stove.

Pyrex containers with plastic lids and your stove

Don’t be tempted to heat up your food in your Pyrex dish on your stove with a plastic lid. Silicone or plastic lids will melt while the Pyrex dish could break.

To heat up food in your Pyrex dish safely you can do this in your microwave if you want to use the lid. Lift a corner of the lid to allow steam to escape and heat the food in small bursts of 2 minutes until it is steaming hot.

Do not use plastic or silicone lids in the oven as they can bubble and melt. You can use Pyrex dishes with glass lids in the oven as they will be heat resistant like the glass bottom. You could place a whole pre-cooked lasagna back in the oven to reheat in your Pyrex dish. Simply remove the lid and preheat the oven.

Avoid transferring your Pyrex straight from the freezer to the oven as the rapid heat change could cause it to break. Instead, place the Pyrex dish in the fridge 24 hours before so it can reach fridge temperatures before reheating in the oven or microwave.

Using Pyrex frypans on the stove

Pyrex have started making frypans and these are available in some kitchen stores. These are made for the stove top and are non-stick. Pyrex make great quality products so if you are due for a new frypan, a trusted brand like Pyrex will always deliver.

Pyrex measuring cups and your stove

Pyrex measuring cups are a kitchen favorite because they are top quality, long lasting and are made from heat resistant glass. Pyrex measuring cups cannot be used on the stove top. These cups can hold boiling or hot water and are perfect for making jelly. Don’t be tempted to warm any liquids up on the stove because this can cause the measuring cup to break.

Using Pyrex on your stove FAQ

Can you cook with Pyrex on a gas stove?

You cannot cook with Pyrex on a gas stove but they will be fine in a gas oven. The gas heat on a stove will be too hot for Pyrex glass which can break and smash due to the rapid heat. A gas stove can heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit which is far to high for your Pyrex dishes. To reheat your food, put it in a preheated oven without the lid or microwave the food in short bursts.

Can I put a glass pan on the stove?

It is best not to put glass pans of any kind on the stove even if they are tempered. Toughened glass is made to go in preheated ovens or microwaves but are not suitable for stove tops. Electric stoves or induction are not made for glass pans so avoid using them. You could transfer the food to a frypan if you want or heat it up from the base.

Can Pyrex be used on electric burner?

You cannot use Pyrex on an electric burner as the toughened glass will not withstand the high and rapid heat. Modern electric burners heat up to a high heat rapidly which can cause thermal shock and break the glass. Always heat up food in Pyrex in the microwave or in the oven. Do not use the plastic or silicone lids in the oven but they are fine in the microwave.

Can you boil Pyrex glass?

Pyrex placed in the oven with liquids or melted cheese can boil safely. Just make sure the oven is preheated and your food and dish will be fine. I cook lasagna in my Pyrex dish all the time and the thick cheese topping always bubbles and boils. This is fine for the dish because it can withstand high temperatures above normal home oven temperatures (more than 300 degrees Celsius),

Can I Put Pyrex on the Stove? | Summary

You cannot put normal glass Pyrex containers, bowls or measuring cups on the stove. While Pyrex have made frypans that are fine on the stove they are hard to find. Your regular Pyrex containers are not safe when exposed to the high and rapid heat of a gas, electric or induction stove top.

Pyrex containers are fantastic for cooking or reheating food in the oven or microwave. Just always remember to preheat the oven before putting it in and don’t use the plastic or silicone lids in the oven. When reheating in the microwave always lift at least one corner of the lid before heating to let steam escape.

Happy cooking.